Evolution of Consciousness

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Evolution of Consciousness

In this groundbreaking series of webinars, Sandy shares clear and defining steps that explain how our consciousness can awaken to higher levels of insight, understanding, and evolution. 

Study with Sandy Anastasi

Sandy Anastasi is one of the world’s most gifted intuitive and astrologers. This is your opportunity to learn from an experienced psychic who has spent years delving into and teaching these subjects objectively and subjectively.

Six Month Online Course

Six Months of Evolution of Consciousness Study with Sandy Anastasi. Each week you receive a new video to watch based on this pre-recorded series of Consciousness webinars created by Sandy Anastasi. 

Welcome to the Evolution of Consciousness Series

Six months of Consciousness webinars created by Sandy Anastasi.


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Evolution of Consciousness Series

Here’s what the Evolution of Consciousness Program includes:

In this groundbreaking series of webinars, I share with you the new Evolution of Consciousness.

I am going to show you that there is a clear and defining series of steps that every one of us follows as our consciousness awakens to higher levels of insight, understanding, and evolution.

By understanding and being able to clearly discern these steps in yourself and in others you will be able to track your own evolutionary path at this moment, and will find that as a result of these insights you have far greater understanding and patience with other people as well as yourself.

I have gained these insights over my 38 years of work and research. I will be referring to such wonderful sources as Abraham Hicks, Alice Bailey, and James Redfield, whose literary works have changed the lives of millions for the better.

Using these special insights I will share in this six month series of webinars how you will be able to apply the knowledge from these sources directly to your current life challenges in a way that helps you surmount them almost instantly.

I am very excited about this work we will be doing together.

I invite you to join me and take one of the biggest steps you have ever taken to bring change, growth and evolution in all areas into your life this year.

All you have to do is be present and listen. Some tips that you will learn along the way include:

  • how to identify all the places and ways you lose your energy.
  • meet your spirit guides and what's on the other side
  • the law of attraction
  • psychic vampirism and what to do about it
  • are you psychic?
  • You will even learn to embrace change as an avenue of opportunity.

In many of these webinars, I will also end the session with a brief guided meditation to help you reaffirm your personal goals for transformation and evolution and your ability to find and lead the most successful life for yourself.


Meet Your Guides

Changing Times

Meet Your Higher Self

Past Life Guided Meditation

Opening Your Chakras

Self Healing Rituals For Sensitives

Soul Consciousness and Kundalini

What’s On The Other Side

Are You Psychic

How And Why To Meditate

How To Manifest Your World

Exploring The World Of Psychic Vampires

Replenish Your Own Energy

What You Can Do To Take Charge In Your Own Life

Helping You To Succeed In Today’s World

Six Ways To Connect With Psychic Children In Today’s World

Finding Your Spiritual Path

What Your Dreams Mean

Our Psychic Pets: 7 Tips To Connect With Them

Three Ways Your Spirit Guides Help You Every Day

The Law Of Attraction

Seven Steps To Positive Thinking

Dark Forces

Heal Yourself

Twelve Ways To Open Your Gifts

BONUS – Introduction to Numerology

Enjoy this journey into the Evolution of Your Consciousness! 

Evolution of Consciousness

This is your opportunity for six months of weekly online video study with Sandy Anastasi


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