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Sandy Anastasi offers her three session Mastermind video online course program for anyone starting their own psychic, astrology, tarot, New Age, metaphysical or energy healing business.

Attention Professional & Aspiring Professional Psychics, Channels, Mediums, Astrologers, Tarot Readers, Numerologists, Life Coaches, Metaphysical Teachers and Psychic Healers…

I have created a very special 3-part Mastermind online video course program just for you! 

You know it is not enough to be good at your work, it is not enough to be dedicated, and it is not enough to have a dream and burning desire to help people.  These things alone will not bring you success, no matter how much you and I wish they would…and as most of you have discovered the hard way.

I know that many of you reading this are working long, hard hours for such meager rewards that you must still hold a nine to five job to support your family and pay your bills.  To you it seems that no matter how hard you try, your dream profession remains a hobby.

It causes me great pain to know that so many of you have so much to offer, and the world will never know that unless you take the next step in learning to make your dreams a reality.
A woman wrote to me in response to a program I was offering teaching psychic development, and asked if I was also prepared to teach my students how to actually make money with this after they had made such an investment in time and money as my program demanded.  She very intelligently saw the flaw in just about every program offered world-wide today.  We teach people these wonderful tools, but there are very few places for our graduates to apply their skills outside their own business, and even though most people lack the skill to create their own business, most of us do not teach our students how to create their own business.

I intend to rectify that oversight in my three-part Mastermind online video course Program for professional and aspiring professionals in our field!

Over my 38 years as a professional psychic channel, astrologer, and soul coach, and as a teacher and business owner, I have seen some of the most gifted people with the greatest potential fail miserably and become soured on their dreams. 

They were unable to create and build their own business, or they failed to achieve the results they desired, or were unable to attract a clientele, or unable to charge the fees that would bring them independence, or they were unable to develop and gain the respect and recognition their practice required…most were unable to be successful in the field they had long trained in and desired most to succeed in!

I have graduated thousands of students from my various courses and my world-famous Anastasi System of Psychic Development.  Among these are some of the world’s greatest and most successful psychics, astrologers, and metaphysical teachers.  You would recognize many of their names.  Some, like John Edward, Psychic Medium and Creator of Evolve, have carried their dream into the world and changed the lives of millions.

In each of these cases I gave the tools but they went out into the world and used those tools to create their own successful businesses. 

How did they do it?  How have I done it?  That is what I intend to show you in this three-part series.

In Session 1 you will learn:

How to define who you are and what you do in a way that will attract your desired clientele.

Create your business model – I will show you how to review what you’ve already been doing in a way that shows where you can and can’t achieve success.

You will come away from Session 1 with a clear understanding of exactly what you want and with the beginnings of a business plan to build it.
In Session 2 you will learn:

How and where to find your best clientele and how to build your list and develop your clients, customers, or students to create a long term relationship with them.

How to set competitive and fair prices.

How to get past the fear of making money shared by so many in our field.

You will come away from Session 2 with the tools to start a successful business or to make the one you already have more successful, whether your desired business is intended to be online, a brick and mortar real world business, or a combination of both.
In Session 3 you will learn:

How to interconnect with other people in your marketplace to create mutual success.

What kinds of additional business tools you can use to grow your business.

How and where to find help online and off to promote your business.

You will come away from Session 3 with the knowledge of where your business can grow.

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