A Year of Psychic Protection Tips


Psychic Protection

Each week you'll watch a video from Sandy showing you how to easily apply her techniques for psychic protection into your daily life and spiritual practice. 

Study with Sandy Anastasi

Become a true manifestor in every way!  This Course is your opportunity to study with renowned Psychic teacher Sandy Anastasi

Change Your Life

Sandy's videos are quick tips, each video is under ten minutes, so that you can learn quickly and easily apply these life enhancing tips into your daily life. 

Sandy's Psychic Protection

A Year of Psychic Protection Tips for you, delivered one by one each week here online.


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This course consists of 52 weeks of Psychic Protection Tips that can protect you from energy vampires and a variety of forces that drain your energy on a daily basis.

In the span of one year, you can change your life. 

Sandy offers these Psychic Protection Tips that can show you how to protect your energy.

52 Weeks of Psychic Protection Tips with Sandy Anastasi

Each week for the next year I am going to teach you a psychic protection tip that is easy and fun to use and that will immediately help to make your busy life much easier and more fulfilling! 

When you begin to feel how much less stressful all of your life activities are when you know how to protect yourself psychically you will wish you'd learned psychic protection years ago! 

Psychic Protection isn't just to protect you from psychic attacks and evil spirits like in the movies. It's to give you protection from everyday things that affect your emotional, physical and mental well-being.

Everyone is psychic even though most people don't realize it, and in our crowded society today it is almost impossible to not feel the emotional needs or telepathic pressure that other people generate. 

Because of that it's often hard to concentrate, to make life choices that are entirely your own and not influenced by someone else, sometimes it's even a challenge to stay happy and upbeat.  You are going to learn so much about yourself and your world, and the world of energy, as you study my tips.

That's why I started giving my psychic protection tips and developed this program for you.  You're going to find it's filled with practical and easy to apply tips that are actually fun and exciting to learn and to use. 

You'll soon be looking forward to your new tip each week.  I recommend that you practice your current tip often during the week, as the more often you use a protective technique, the better you get at doing it. 

And of course past tips are always available for you to review and to use over and over again. 

Let the learning begin! Love and Light, Sandy Anastasi

Sandy's Psychic Protection Tips

Study a Year of Psychic Protection

This is your opportunity. Study today with Sandy Anastasi!

""Thank you so much Sandi for your helpful and guiding tips! I absolutely enjoy your videos. Namaste" - Rico Sanchez"


""This is helping me so much ! Thank you ! You are a life saver". - Laura Saliba"


""Absolutely love this tip! This invocation was powerful for me. I was in a bad mood earlier so I tested it and honestly feel much lighter & cheerful a few minutes after!! Love these short and practical videos Sandy"!! - David Leal "


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