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How to Read Tarot

Have you always wanted to learn how to read Tarot cards? This is your opportunity to learn how to read the cards in six easy lessons

Study with Sandy Anastasi

Six Week Tarot Reader Beginners Course with renowned astrologer psychic and tarot teacher Sandy Anastasi

Tarot Reader's Workbook

This course includes The Tarot Reader’s Workbook as a free PDF download. Each week you'll work through the book  with the videos.

In this class you will learn about the Tarot, you will learn the meanings of all 78 cards both upright and inverted, and you will learn how to do simple, accurate readings.

Here’s what the program includes:

Sandy is world-renowned for her unique ability to simplify complex concepts, organize them into great and easy to follow lessons, and to make learning them fun and easy.

In the Tarot Reader’s Online Class Sandy is going to teach you the meaning of the cards in a way so simple she’ll have you doing readings after the very first session.

Sandy believes that the way to learn is to ‘DO’. You’ll be ‘DOING’ readings before you know it!

There are many Tarot reading classes and books available. What makes this class different is that you get to apply what you learn immediately.

Sandy doesn’t just go over card meanings – she teaches you how to read the cards in a way so easy and natural you will almost just absorb the knowledge.

Sandy has a profound respect for this ages-old divination and psychic development tool. She is a font of wisdom about the Tarot. This is your opportunity to learn from the teacher who has taught the teacher’s. Sandy hates the word ‘Master’, but that is the only word that suffices here. Sandy is a true ‘Master’ of the tarot and its wisdom.

And along the way you will absorb the incredible philosophy of life that underlies the cards and makes them such a wonderful tool to work with.

You will learn that the cards are far more than a divination tool… they are a teacher that educates you in the ways of the Universe, and of life itself.

During this six week program,  you'll receive a lesson on video with Sandy as she explains how to read the cards including what each card in the Major and Minor Arcana mean.  

Each week you'll have exercises to do from Sandy's teaching on the video along with exercises in the workbook that will quickly have you doing Tarot readings of your own! 

Ready to Read the Tarot in Six Easy Lessons

This is your opportunity. Begin reading Tarot cards today!

Special Note from Sandy

I'm Sandy Anastasi, Psychic Channel, Intuitive Astrologer and Soul Coach and of course, I am both a tarot reader and teacher.

"I have found a way to teach you to learn the tarot that makes it so fun, so easy, so enjoyable to learn, that you almost won't even realize that you're in a class, and you attend right here, online! I teach this class as I do all of my classes".

When I teach, I give it all I've got, so that no matter how you choose to use the tarot, for self-study, for an evolutionary guide, or as a professional reader, you're going to be well prepared.

Folks, I want to tell you about a very special way to learn the tarot with me. I've taken my world renowned "Tarot Reader's Workbook" that's available on my website and also on my author page on Amazon.com, and my equally renowned 6-week beginner's tarot program developed to accompany the workbook and I combined them into a program that's gonna knock your socks off!

I'm so glad to see you here checking this out, because the tarot is so important. It is an awesome step in your personal growth and evolution. That's what it is to become a student of the tarot! The tarot is more, far more, than a divination tool. Yes, we can use it to tell the future...but it's also often used for meditation, for self-understanding, and for connecting with your Higher Self and your Guides. It's been used to help you to direct, to remember, and to interpret your dreams. It's been used to tell you about your past lives and to better understand the events of this life. It's been used as a portal to other worlds, places and times. One thing is sure, working with tarot cards is both developmental and transformative for you no matter how you choose to use them.

For many, study of the tarot cards is an evolutionary step, a personal journey of transformation, and a life-long pursuit. For others, it's all about doing readings. How you, yourself, ultimately use the tarot will be your own choice.

My own study of the tarot began all the way back in 1979. I've used the cards ever since in my psychic readings for clients, and when I coach my clients too, and it's still a great guide for me in all of the work that I do. I use it to explore any and all aspects of my clients lives, and my own life too!

Through the tarot I've been able to make better life choices for myself, and I've helped thousands of clients to do that too. I've even worked with the occasional client who brought their recorded reading to their psychologist to help with their treatment. Be assured, you are about to learn, in this program, one of the greatest tools that we metaphysicans and intuitives possess.

The course of study I developed isf a 2-part program. Part 1 is the foundation for your learnings in the tarot. Any real study of the tarot starts, as this does, with learning a little about the history of the tarot.

So in this 6-week program you will first learn a little bit about the cards. Then we'll explore a widely held theory about where and how tarot card reading began. We'll discuss how the tarot cards may have developed into today's many different decks of cards. The one I work with myself and recommend to my students is either the Rider-Waite deck or one of it's many, many 78-card clones.

In this beginner level class with me you're going to be establishing the best foundation in tarot that I can give to you. To that end, you get to study and learn the cards by studying and practicing with small groups of cards at a time. I believe in learning by doing. So as you learn each group of cards we'll be doing sample mini readings right from the start. The sample readings in this program were supplied by real live students in a real live class! I am using the sample readings with their permission. I am going to show you how easy it is for you to learn and remember, by doing. There is no rote memorization in this class. You learn by doing, and by having fun! You're going to learn how to do all of the card readings by actually doing them yourself.

Before long, you're going to be practicing at home on your friends and family or even online with a Facebook partner! Yes, you're going to be invited to a special Facebook group when you join this program. You're going to have so much fun with this. You'll be part of a supportive group learning to do the same thing you are doing. That is so important to have, especially when you're studying anything in the field of metaphysics. Before long, you're going to be a tarot reader! By the 6th class, in fact, if you follow the materials as they are presented and continue to practice, I would call you a tarot reader. With still more practice, you'll even become an excellent one.

In a nutshell - here's what you're going to be learning in my first level tarot reader's course:

1) You learn about the tarot, it's history and how it works, and why it works.

2) You learn the tarot card meanings, both upright and reversed.

3) You learn a simple and then a complex Celtic Cross spread.

4) You learn how to ask questions.

5) You learn tricks of how one card can influence the meaning of another and how to actually read the cards!

*That's for real. In your first class you will do your first reading. By the end of six classes you will actually be able to read the cards like a pro!

6) You can post your questions on the Facebook group that you'll be invited to join.

7) You can pactice and exchange readings with fellow students on our special Facebook group.

8) You can post your question on this program online under the lesson when you complete it, and read the questions, answers and comments of past students archived there.

9) You can ask me any questions on your studies live during my monthly free Psychic Hour. Yes, I'm open to questions on my Psychic Hour about anything!

10) You can ask your questions live during my monthly Office Hours just for students of my various programs.

So, to get started with your online study tarot class it's so, so simple.

Just click on the link below!

This beginner's tarot class is going to walk you through one easy lesson at a time. Lessons are released weekly into your own online library on my website. You can keep up with the weekly class or study at your own pace, on your own, in the comfort of your own home.

If you feel you would like additional personal coaching to help you learn the tarot or go into it more deeply I can arrange that for you in addition too, with my special tarot coach for this program.

My friends, you are in good hands! Do you want to learn to read the tarot? You have come to the right place.

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Learn to Read the Tarot in Six Easy Lessons

This is your opportunity. Begin reading Tarot cards today!


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