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Psychic Development

Discover Your Psychic Abilities. In these Psychic Development videos, you'll have the opportunity to do exactly that, and to improve your life in every way.

Sandy Anastasi

Sandy Anastasi has been successfully training students, teachers, and professional psychics worldwide how to open, develop, and master their psychic abilities.

Self Study at Your Pace

These videos are part of Sandy's Six Month Series Course - The Anastasi System of Psychic Development.  This is not the full course, additional study is required for certification. 

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Level One Preview Video

This is a preview of Level One of the Anastasi System of Psychic Development Course of Study videos that you will view during your study here with Sandy Anastasi.

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Psychic Development Videos

To purchase the individual psychic development videos, please choose from the videos below. The books for each course can be purchased individually as well on the Books page. The videos are available here in this format for self study at your own pace for Levels One through Six. For more information about the official Anastasi System of Psychic Development Certification Program and Coaching, please contact us.

VIDEO: The Anastasi System of Psychic Development Level 1: The Fundamentals

“Sandy has the ability to take the nebulous concept of developing an intangible ability and helps to awaken your inner potential.  This is a great introduction to the world of psychic development” – John Edward, Psychic Medium

The material in Level 1: The Fundamentals is critical in giving you a solid foundation and greatly increasing your chance of success with the more advanced skills you’ll learn later on in the series.


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VIDEO: The Anastasi System of Psychic Development Level 2: Energy and Auras

“By reading this book you will be able to form energy connections on a much deeper level… using a system that’s purpose is to evolve the world and the people within it.” – Psychic Channel  John Culbertson

Expand Your Psychic Abilities to See, Feel, and Work with Energy and Auras! In completing Psychic Development Level 1, you acquired the knowledge, experiences and skills that are necessary to successfully develop your psychic and intuitive abilities.

In Level 2: Energy and Auras, Sandy will show you how to see, feel and experience subtle energies and auras through various, easy-to-follow exercises and visualizations. This is an essential component in the Anastasi System of Psychic Development, a six-part series used by professional psychics the world over.


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VIDEO: The Anastasi System of Psychic Development Level 3: Tools and Toys

“In these pages are the words and exercises that can have a profound effect on how you see the world… use them wisely”! — Reverend, Dr. Ronald Tourville

In Psychic Development Level 2, you learned how to see, feel and experience subtle energies and auras, as well as use that skill to psychically connect to people and objects.

In Level 3: Tools and Toys, Sandy will teach you how to use a variety of divination tools that will strengthen these connections and open up new ones!


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VIDEO: The Anastasi System of Psychic Development Level 4: Introduction to Channeling and Mediumship

Expand Your Developing Psychic Abilities into the Amazing Areas of Channeling and Spirit Communication! The Anastasi System of Psychic Development Levels One through Three are the foundation for your psychic journey and lay the groundwork to rediscover your natural-born psychic abilities, such as how to develop a meditative personality, seeing and feeling auras, performing health scans, using a pendulum, and much more.

In Psychic Development Level 4, Sandy brings you to a more advanced level of focus, using tools you’ve already learned and coupling them with new exercises. You will learn how to channel, connect to the other side and to your guides, how to interpret messages and symbols, and how to protect yourself and your environment.


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VIDEO: The Anastasi System of Psychic Development Level 5: Developing Energy and Skill in Spirit Communication

"Among these pages you will find a plethora of knowledge that will help to unlock your own self-made boundaries. You will learn to expand your horizons, accept your experiences, and ‘tune up’ your awareness”! — Lisa Freeman, Professional Psychic Medium

In level 5, you will learn now to recognize and control your ego involvement, how to interpret symbols that come from spirit, how to separate your symbols from the client’s and spirits and how and why to remain disconnected from the client’s emotion.  

This level explains how to tell the difference between empathic and true spirit communication, how to raise your energy and keep it there and ethical issues in spirit communication.


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VIDEO: The Anastasi System of Psychic Development Level 6: Refining the Skills and Healing

“Chances are the psychic reader you use took this course”! — Ericka Boussarhane, International Psychic Medium and Radio Host

This level continues the work done with discussions and exercises focused on levels of spirit, planes of consciousness, clearing spirit, healing spirit, spirit attachment and soul retrieval.

One to on practicing will continue. Prior experience in P5 or its equivalent is required to get the most from the class. Fundamentals are NOT repeated.


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VIDEO: Seeing Beyond the Veil 

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER DEATH? – Have you ever had someone close to you die and wondered where they really went? Have you ever tried to contact someone on the “other side” or felt a loved one trying to contact you? This class is for anyone who has ever wondered what follows after death. You will never look at life or death in the same way again!


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