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Hello Knowledge Seeker, Welcome to my Magical Candy Store of Metaphysical Information!

I am Sandy Anastasi, Psychic Channel, Intuitive Astrologer, Soul Coach and a teacher of metaphysical studies for nearly 40 years!  From the beginning my classes have been student-driven.  That is to say, after each class my students took with me, they wanted more.  And so I created the new class they asked for.  And then another, and another.  My classes are both researched and channeled material, and the motivation for their creation has always been the student’s need.  Your need.

Having 40 years worth of material that translates to thousands of audio classes and many video as well, in all areas of metaphysics including Numerology, Tarot, Astrology, Psychic Development, Divination, Tea Leaf Reading, Palmistry, Herbs and Incenses, Oils, Psychic Healing, Stones and Crystals, I-Ching, Kabbala, Metaphysical Philosophy and even real Magic, requires a monumental feat to organize into a useable body of information.  And here it is.  In the only format that could really gather all this material together in a fun and easy way to learn and explore.  A membership site.  Just for you!


Benefits of Membership

Several times a year, you'll join Sandy in her live Membership Coaching where you can ask questions about any of the courses you are studying in the Membership area. You'll also receive lots of extra goodies like - - a 20% discount on a reading with me during your birthday month! VIP Members Ask Lisa for the CODE to receive this discount.


My signature classes sold elsewhere on this site are a fabulous education in themselves.  They are the Anastasi System of Psychic Development, The Tarot, Parts 1 and 2, Psychic Protection Tips, the Evolution of Consciousness Webinar Series,  and multiple Astrology programs that can take you all the way to becoming a professional astrologer, and more are being added all the time.

But students who’ve already taken them, or people who are just getting their feet wet in metaphysics and don’t want to go that deep yet, want more.  And they want community.  And they want a connection to me and my staff.

That’s why I created this membership site.  Most of the classes are taught by me, but you will also find the occasional class taught by John Maerz who helped me found our original school.  Many of our series classes bounce back and forth between us.  Some classes are team-taught.  There are no college credits for any courses on this site.  But there is the opportunity to learn things beyond your wildest fantasies.

Joining the membership site is easy.  I recommend the yearly membership because there is so much information to learn that it could take literally years to go through every course listed.  Or you can join for a month to check it out and upgrade to the yearly membership at any time.

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Here’s what your membership includes:

   -  Immediate access to all the MP3’s and MP4’s in the membership area.

   -  Access to our Members Only Community.

   -  An exclusive invitation to attend my Coaching on any classes here.

   -  Direct access to me and my staff.

   -  Special Members Only bonuses and discounts throughout the year including - a 20% discount on a reading with me during your birthday month!  VIP members ask Lisa for the CODE at checkout to receive this discount. 

   -  As our membership grows, so will the benefits!


Psychic Development and Protection
Psychic Protection and clearing
Automatic Writing
Sex and Energy
Crystal Gazing
Psychic Self-Defense
Dream Workshop
Astral Projection
Seeing the Aura
Feeling and Reading the Aura
Past Life Regression
Meet Your Guides
Meet Your Higher Self
Bonus - Winter Solstice Ritual MP4 video - Ceremony

Tarot Addendum Courses

Basic Tarot Card Reading
Kabbala Tarot Layout
The Crowley Tarot
Tarot and The Keys to Karma


I Ching
Using the Pendulum

Tea Leaf Reading
Shortcuts for Psychic Readers


Psychic Healing
Aura Diagnosing and Balancing
Healing with Color
The Healing Process
Healing with Magic
Staying Healthy and Healing with Astrology
Self Healing Meditation
Introduction to Energy and Reiki
Bonus - Aromatherapy MP4 Video


Numerology for Beginners
Numerology for Astrology
Numerology and the Rays
Numerology, Astrology and the Name
Advanced Numerology
Bonus - A Spiritual Look at Numerology - MP4 Video

Kabbala Mini Course

Introduction to The Kabbala
The Mystical Kabbala
Mythology and The Kabbala

Stones and Crystals

Mechanics of Crystals
Healing Properties of Stones


Applied Magic Part One
Kabbala Candle Magic
Advanced Techniques of Magic
Advanced Herbs and Oils
Ritual Magic
Magical Philosophy
Basic Candle Magic
Applied Magic Part Two
Magical Use of Stones
Introduction to Kabbala Magic
The Magical Circle
The Magical Wand
Bonus - Into to Numerology MP4 Video

Metaphysical Philosophy

Cosmic Law
The Myth of Atlantis
The Celestine Prophecy
Beginners and Chakra

Basic to Advanced Astrology (this is the equivalent of a college degree in Astrology that takes the student from novice to professional level)

Basic Astrology 

Intermediate Astrology 

Interpretive Astrology

Retrograde Planets



Mutual Receptions

Lunar Nodes

Lunar Phases

Decans, Numbers and Sabian Symbols

Progressions and Returns

Talent, Ability and the Rays

Counseling Skills

Relationship Charts

Interpreting Progressions

And much, much more like:

Relocation Charts

Horary Astrology 

Midpoint Astrology

Pathworking the Rays

Interpreting Aspects

Lesser Known Bodies Series

Chiron the Healer

Vulcan the Forge

Fixed Stars

Energy Patterns and Aspects

Minor Aspects

Karmic Astrology

Medical Astrology

Nodes and PreNatal Eclipses

Pluto in Scorpio

Pluto, the Family and Karma

Saturn in Pisces

Pluto in Sagittarius

Astrology for Yourself (Transits)


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