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What's Coming in 2023
Thursday, December 8th
7pm Eastern 

My most highly developed psychic gift has always been precognition; that is, foretelling future events.  My "What's Coming" webinars for the past several years gave amazing insights into each coming year and helped prepare for the inevitable ups and downs encountered.  So, I am expecting this year's webinar will do the same! I hope you will join me in this year as I use astrology, tarot, numerology, and channeled messages to give you a glimpse into 2023.  My Guides are Astrologer's, so expect astrological predictions directly from them

Here's what we'll cover in this webinar:

1) An overview of the astrological chart for 2023, showing the primary challenges, focuses and triumphs we can expect in 2023 worldwide.  This will include spiritual, social, political, economic, and climate and earth-change commentaries by my Guides.

2) A look at the United States birth charts, showing how the US will be affected by and involved with the world in 2023.

3) A discussion by my Guides of what all this means to you.  We will discuss personal and world-wide impacts.

4) A look at the end of 2022 year eclipses and what they foretell about 2023.

5) An overview of what 2023 will look like for YOU through your Sun Sign, as my Guides and I give an overview of what 2023 will bring for each zodiacal sign.

6) A Q&A will follow the webinar.

This webinar will only be $25 to attend online on December 8th, 7pm Eastern Time. Anyone registered will get a recording. 


What's Happening in 2023

Sandy's Predictions for 2023.  LIVE Webinar Event on December 8, 2022. 7pm - 8pm Eastern     $25


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