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Sandy Anastasi is pleased to present Private Coaching Programs in the areas of Astrology, Business, and Psychic Development.

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Purchase your Coaching Session here with Sandy Anastasi or one of her Coaches in the subjects of Astrology and Psychic Development. Once payment has been received, we will contact you to confirm the type of coaching session that you would like to have along with booking the time and date for your reading.

One Introductory Session


This is a one time Introductory  session to meet your coach and discuss your goals - for new clients only.

Choose from the selections below (Astrology or Psychic) to purchase this session.

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Monthly Package


Choose from the Coaching selections below (Astrology or Psychic) with the exception of MasterMind Coaching with Sandy. 

Once payment has been received, we will contact you to confirm the type of coaching that you would like to have along with booking the date for your session. 


Coaching with Sandy


Sandy Anastasi introduces her three session Mastermind Coaching program for anyone starting their own psychic, astrology, tarot, New Age, metaphysical  or energy healing business. 

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Private One on One MasterMind Coaching with Sandy Anastasi

Attention Professional & Aspiring Professional Psychics, Channels, Mediums, Astrologers, Tarot Readers, Numerologists, Life Coaches, Metaphysical Teachers and Psychic Healers…

I have created a very special 3-part Mastermind Coaching program just for you!
You know it is not enough to be good at your work, it is not enough to be dedicated, and it is not enough to have a dream and burning desire to help people.  These things alone will not bring you success, no matter how much you and I wish they would…and as most of you have discovered the hard way.

I know that many of you reading this are working long, hard hours for such meager rewards that you must still hold a nine to five job to support your family and pay your bills.  To you it seems that no matter how hard you try, your dream profession remains a hobby.

It causes me great pain to know that so many of you have so much to offer, and the world will never know that unless you take the next step in learning to make your dreams a reality.
A woman wrote to me in response to a program I was offering teaching psychic development, and asked if I was also prepared to teach my students how to actually make money with this after they had made such an investment in time and money as my program demanded.  She very intelligently saw the flaw in just about every program offered world-wide today.  We teach people these wonderful tools, but there are very few places for our graduates to apply their skills outside their own business, and even though most people lack the skill to create their own business, most of us do not teach our students how to create their own business.

I intend to rectify that oversight in my three-part  Mastermind Coaching Program for professional and aspiring professionals in our field!

Over my 38 years as a professional psychic channel, astrologer, and soul coach, and as a teacher and business owner, I have seen some of the most gifted people with the greatest potential fail miserably and become soured on their dreams. 

They were unable to create and build their own business, or they failed to achieve the results they desired, or were unable to attract a clientele, or unable to charge the fees that would bring them independence, or they were unable to develop and gain the respect and recognition their practice required…most were unable to be successful in the field they had long trained in and desired most to succeed in!

I have graduated thousands of students from my various courses and my world-famous Anastasi System of Psychic Development.  Among these are some of the world’s greatest and most successful psychics, astrologers, and metaphysical teachers.  You would recognize many of their names.  Some, like John Edward, Psychic Medium and Creator of Evolve, have carried their dream into the world and changed the lives of millions.

In each of these cases I gave the tools but they went out into the world and used those tools to create their own successful businesses. 

How did they do it?  How have I done it?  That is what I intend to show you in this three-part coaching series.

In Session 1 you will learn:

How to define who you are and what you do in a way that will attract your desired clientele.

Create your business model – I will show you how to review what you’ve already been doing in a way that shows where you can and can’t achieve success.

You will come away from Session 1 with a clear understanding of exactly what you want and with the beginnings of a business plan to build it.
In Session 2 you will learn:

How and where to find your best clientele and how to build your list and develop your clients, customers, or students to create a long term relationship with them.

How to set competitive and fair prices.

How to get past the fear of making money shared by so many in our field.

You will come away from Session 2 with the tools to start a successful business or to make the one you already have more successful, whether your desired business is intended to be online, a brick and mortar real world business, or a combination of both.
In Session 3 you will learn:

How to interconnect with other people in your marketplace to create mutual success.

What kinds of additional business tools you can use to grow your business.

How and where to find help online and off to promote your business.

You will come away from Session 3 with the knowledge of where your business can grow.
If this is something you want to do you need to apply as soon as possible so I can determine if you are right for this program, and if it is right for you!

Types of Coaching

Sandy offers MasterMind Private Coaching. She is also pleased to present Astrology Coaching with John Maerz and Psychic Development Coaching with Lisa Freeman. Read the descriptions below to determine the type of Coaching that you would like to have and then click on the Buy Now button above to make your purchase.

Astrology Coaching

Anastasi Astrology Coaching with System Teacher John Maerz

I’m an author, professional speaker and coach with specializations in astrological, psychological and other esoteric disciplines. As an Emotional Troubleshooter I’ve worked as a case manager with teen substance abuse and in social services in child protection.

I’m a seasoned personal coach, adviser and lecturer and with a diverse background in the human potentials field incorporating metaphysics, personality influences, shadow work, nutritional needs, creative expression and personal desires while uncovering innate abilities and hidden potentials for my clients.

I’m dedicated toward raising awareness and share my own unique understandings and perspectives about life’s journey and meaning.

I recognize the need for balance and accountability on our mental, physical and emotional levels as well as fulfilling our spiritual potential through our individual experiences.

Beyond psychology and as a teacher my experience extends to metaphysical areas with astrology being my strongest and original discipline.

Currently, I teach the Anastasi System of Psychic development with Sandy twice a year and have been on both radio and TV in New York and Florida.

I’ve published five books. The most recent is entitled “ENERGIZING SELF-TRUST: 7 Steps for Reclaiming Your Power.”

It not only covers ways to reclaim your power but also covers exposing and disarming childhood patterns that inhibit our ability to regain and use our Self-Trust & Confidence. It is applicable with or without the assistance of a therapist.

Psychology figures heavily in my work as an astrologer. My other works are in tarot, I-Ching, numerology and mediumship. 

Since I’ve recently retired from “9-5 conventional” work, writing, teaching and learning, the loves of my life, are now in full swing.

I currently live and work in Sarasota, Florida with my best friend, Mickey, my 12 year old half blind Pekingese dog. We have great conversations and come to great realizations together!

Here’s what your Astrological Coaching Program fee will get you each month:

  • Two – one hour personal consultation either in person or via phone with me
  • The Astrology E-book that corresponds with the level you are working on
  • The downloadable MP3s that corresponds with the level you’re working on
  • E-mails with in-depth answers as needed for each level answered by me
  • An invitation for membership on a PRIVATE astrological Facebook page for students and teacher’s only!
  • An e-mail test, when you are ready for the astrological level you are working on which will keep you informed of your progress*.

*Once I have concluded that you have passed the given test for the specific astrological level you’ve been studying, I will grant you a green light to proceed to the next level.

There is a per level fee of $550 for the Astrological Coaching Program.

Please note, you are not bound to a specific length of time to complete these levels.

This is a program geared to fit into your personal lifestyle needs.

Psychic Development

Anastasi Psychic Development Coaching with Lisa Freeman

Hello! My name is Lisa Freeman and I am a fully certified teacher of The Anastasi System Of Psychic Development.

“I am passionate about combining my 56 years of life experience, skills, creativity, formal education and Intuitive Awareness to bring you to the next level in your own life!” YOU are the only thing holding you back!

I began my journey that led my teaching this series of intuitive development courses, many years ago as a child, having experiences with seeing things, hearing things, feeling things… just like You.

In my college years I was drawn to Psychology, Counseling and Child Development, and then later in life after leaving a marriage that did not serve me well, and a dead end job, I needed to expand my personal knowledge and find ‘who I really was’… not who others wanted me to be. I was led to Sandy Anastasi, as you have been led to me, and I began on my own personal journey by taking this very course that I am now teaching to others. I was that ‘long distance student’, just like You!

I fully understand the discipline and encouragement one needs in order to complete this program without direct classroom instruction which is why, as your Coach, I am always available via e-mail to help you along this path!

Welcome to The Anastasi System Of Psychic Development Coaching 

This Coaching program is designed to work with students studying the Anastasi System of Psychic Development via E-mail correspondence in which a student may acquire a certificate of completion from Sandy Anastasi and the Anastasi System without actual in-person instruction. All PD Levels are studied via downloadable MP4 video of Sandy’s live classes, (included with this package), the corresponding E-book for each level, and e-mail correspondence with me.

There is a per level fee of $550 for the Anastasi System Of Psychic Development Coaching program. Please note, You are not bound to a specific length of time to complete these levels. This is a program geared to fit into your personal lifestyle needs.

Here’s what your coaching fee will get you each month:

  1. This package includes Two – one hour personal consultations via phone, with your Coach, Lisa Freeman
  1. The Psychic Development E-book that corresponds with the level you are working on
  1. Sandy’s downloadable MP4 Video that corresponds with the level you are working on
  1. E-mails with in-depth answers as needed for each level of study answered by your Coach, Lisa Freeman
  1. An invitation of Membership for The Anastasi System of Psychic Development PRIVATE Facebook page. For Students and Teacher’s only!
  1. An e-mail test, when the student is ready, per the Psychic Development Level you are studying, to be taken by you the student, which will be sent back to me for my evaluation of your progress*.

*Once I have concluded that you have passed the given test for the specific Psychic Development Level you have been studying, you will be granted a green light to proceed to the next level of study.

**In order to be awarded a certificate of completion from Sandy and her Psychic Development program, one must work with my coaching on all 6 levels. There is no time limit as to how slow or how quickly a person may study. This is a personal journey and one that can certainly work into your own time schedule. It IS required that you complete and pass each level’s testing before a certificate will be mailed to you. This certificate will be signed by Sandy Anastasi and Lisa Freeman

Special notice: People studying on E-Book, MP3, or CD can still purchase coaching, but will not receive a certificate.


Disclaimer and Release & Terms and Conditions

DISCLAIMER & RELEASE: In conjunction with my purchase and by signing in to my library, I am agreeing that I am at least 18 years of age, of sound mental capacity, and understand and agree to the following:

That the session(s), classes, training, information, materials, methods, worksheets, and attachments (hereafter referred to as "the information") taught and shared in this webinar/workshop/live event, or other form of training are designed for educational purposes only and may not be reproduced in any manner without specific written permission from Sandy Anastasi or a legal representative of Sandy Anastasi, Inc. I understand and acknowledge that "the information" does not in any way provide a monetary guarantee of any kind nor is it intended to be considered financial or medical advice, medical diagnosis or medical treatment. Sandy Anastasi, Sandy Anastasi Inc., and any and all associates shall not be held responsible or liable for claims of any nature inferred from these trainings or training materials, including but not limited to any medical related claims. I accept full and total responsibility for continuing with my own medical treatment and healthcare.

I have read and understand this agreement and authorize the session(s) to which it pertains. This release and waiver is part of the consideration to Sandy Anastasi Inc, SAinc, The Astrological Institute of Integrated Studies, and Sandy Anastasi and all other contributors.   I understand this information would not be provided without this release and waiver. On behalf of myself, and my heirs, representatives, successors, and assigns, I release and waive any and all claims in conjunction with this session or program that I or they now have or may have in the future against Sandy, her employees, contractors, and agents, as well as all persons and organizations advising, promoting, sponsoring, hosting, or otherwise involved with this session or program; and their heirs, representatives, successors, and assigns.

I hereby grant Sandy Anastasi Inc and any and all associates the unlimited right throughout the Universe to record my voice and photograph or videotape me at any time during  webinar/training/workshop/live events. In addition, I grant Sandy Anastasi Inc and any and all associates full permission to use my name, voice recordings, written words, voice and/or video testimonials, in any form of products, as well as in  sales and marketing materials both on and offline including, but not limited to, audio, digital, and/or physical products, and I grant Sandy Anastasi Inc and any and all associates the right to publish, distribute, and/or sell these materials in any form.



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