Monthly Specials for April 2023


I have two wonderful specials for you this April.

Here’s my first offer: 

    Most of us are overwhelmed and worried about our struggling economy and the high prices of everything. We are concerned about paying our bills, feeding our families, and worried about how we might meet unforeseen future expenses.  It seems, more and more, that our primary focus is money.  A secondary but related concern is what’s happening in the world, and more specifically, how it will affect us and our family’s and loved ones.

     If you find you are focusing far more than usual on how much money you have, how much you need, how to handle it, and how and where to get it, rest assured you are not alone.  Nearly every one of my clients, friends and colleagues is feeling the same thing you are.

     They are more than ever concerned about their debts, and how they can get out of debt and stay that way instead of falling deeper into debt every month.  They are looking forward to see what are, and will be, the greatest drains on their income in the future.  Many are even concerned about what their best route forward to earn the income they need is.  Does this sound like you?  Many of us feel we are being forced into taking actions and making choices we really don’t want to make. Our banks and our governments aren’t helping – they are in even worse shape than we are.

     You may be asking, what can you do, personally, to find your way through this financial confusion, to build your income, organize, pay down or eliminate your debts, and escape this yoke of financial fear?  There is no single, ‘do this, and you will be financially free’ solution.  Each of us needs to become aware of all of our individual options, and then determine which are the best.

     There is a path to your financial security, recovery and success that my Guides and I can help you to find.  We have the ability to help you to see your financial future.  Seeing the future is our Super Power.

  With our help you can begin to see the steps you can take to survive this economic collapse and transition, to become financially whole, and to not just support yourself and your family, but to flourish and even go beyond where you previously were.  We can help you to find your way through the fear, loss, and debt, and begin to see the opportunities that surround you, instead. We can help to make YOUR financial path forward easier than you thought it could be, warning you of potential pitfalls along the way, and alerting you to potentially successful actions, all by using astrology, tarot, and channeled insights from my Guides and yours.

     My Guides and I have coached and guided people like you through their changes in life, business, and work, successfully, for over 40 years. My clients range from statesmen and celebrities to bankers, business owners, housewives and nine to fiver’s.  All have benefited from their sessions with me.  Now I’m offering you the chance to get the same guidance, and I’m reducing the cost for you.

     That’s right.  While everyone and everything else in our world is going up, I am reducing the cost of this session with me because I believe in you, and I believe in the successful path our world is on.

     I am offering this unique reading special for only $250.  That is $50 off of my regular rate for a half hour channeled reading.  This offer must be purchased between April 1st thru 30th, and openings are limited, so call or email NOW if you want to be assured of a spot.  As you are reading this, I am already booked over two months out.  Don’t wait, or you may lose the opportunity to get this life-altering session with me and my Guides. You can use the reading, once purchased, any time between April 1st and December 31st, 2023.  You can even gift it to a friend who you know would benefit from it!  Purchase this reading on my website and my assistant will be in touch with you to schedule it. Use code APRSESS50 to get the $50 off discount.

Here's my second offer:

Many of us are looking for a way to gain extra income while we are also helping others.  There has never been a more important time to be able to do this!  I have had many, many people take my Tarot Reading class and mere weeks later, begin to do Tarot readings for others that have both helped those people and earned much needed income for themselves at the same time.

     My Beginner's Tarot class is a wonderful and fun class that teaches you to read tarot cards in an easy to learn way, and once you become skilled, tarot reading will become a life-long skill that enables you to help yourself and others, while also adding to your income.  My tarot class is available online as a self-study video class.  When you purchase the class, you get the entire program delivered to you lesson by lesson (there are 6 lessons) and the lessons will be stored online, permanently, in your very own library!  You can access the program from any internet-ready device so you can study from anywhere.  You also get a digital copy of my Tarot Reader's Workbook that will also be stored in your library for easy reading, and you get invited to my Tarot Community on my website where you have many other students to practice with and exchange insights with.  My Tarot Program is always available for $297 and at that price it's a real steal already.  The Special I am offering this month makes it almost impossible to pass up if learning to read the tarot is on your bucket list!  My special offer for you right now is twofold -

1) Purchase my Beginner's Tarot class between April 1st and April 30th and get it for $50 dollars off! That means your cost will be only $247 for the entire program!  This program will pay you back many times over if you are willing to put the time and effort into really learning this skill!  There is a real need for people who can help and guide other people and the tarot is one of the best tools to help you do that!   Just use this special code to make your purchase on my website NEWTARO50  
*  When you purchase my Beginner Tarot Reading Program you receive 3 pre-recorded Q&A sessions that will be an amazing help as you learn the cards!

 2) If you have already purchased my Beginner Tarot Reading Program and want to get the Advanced Professional Tarot Program, that program is also available for $50 off during the month of April only.  USE CODE ADVTARO50

     Did you know that payments through my website use Paypal?  That means that not only can you use your own credit card for payments, but you can alternatively use Paypal Credit that offers you a payment plan to pay off your purchase over six months with no interest!

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