Astrological and Psychic Predictions for April 2023


Astrological and Psychic Predictions for April 2023:

April promises to be a very intense, emotional, and active month everyone! Pluto begins the month just seconds into its new sign Aquarius (the zodiac’s humanitarian) and there are 4 planets in Aries, (the sign of action and war).  On top of that, the solar eclipse on the 20th is at 30 Aries/0 Taurus. Saturn moved into Pisces last month, where it will spend the next 2-12 years causing us to either feel victimized, or to help those who are. It’s more important than ever to know who you are, what you want, and where you want to be right now, because that will be the best way to stay grounded with so much going on around you. 

Money and stuff can solve a lot of the problems you and everyone else is experiencing right now, but it’s likely to be in short supply this month.  Squabbles and even out and out wars, both personally and internationally could easily erupt.  We are going to need to count on Pluto’s humanitarian aspect and Saturn’s desire to help and heal to balance out the feisty energy around us.  Don’t forget to keep a separate eclipse diary from April 6th through May 19th.  That’s going to show you where your life will be going for the next six months or so!  Enjoy a happy spring and a Happy Easter.

Here’s what’s happening for the Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius):
If you’re a Fire Sign your energy is off the charts all month long, causing impatience, frustration, and irritability.  Nothing is going fast enough for you, except your emotional tendency to explode. You may take out your pent-up emotion on those around you if you don’t find a healthy outlet for it; Some of you might even make yourselves physically sick.  This is a good month for taking up a class at the gym, for working outside, or starting a home project.  In fact, you might do several of those things so that when one stalls you can pour yourself into one of the others.  You are likely to feel like the whole world is resting on your shoulders through much of the month.

Here's what’s happening for the Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn):
If you’re an Earth Sign you will be watching your finances carefully this month, concerned with the radical ups and downs happening in both your world and the world around you…you will be ready to look at new ways of handling and tracking your finances, at new opportunities for your work and career, and it’s likely your being on the alert for good opportunities will pay off, so keep it up.  Your intuition is really tuned in, and many of the things you’ve long been expecting that may affect your lifestyle and livelihood are getting ready to come about.  Your planning will pay off.

Here's what’s happening for the Air Signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius):
If you’re an Air Sign your social world, your thought processes, and the ways you use and perceive communication, are turning upside down.   All of these are undergoing a major transformation that has you feeling a bit at a loss.  It may be a good idea to cultivate an attitude of listening until you can figure out what’s going on.  Emotionally you may be feeling like you are doing and saying all the right things, but people aren’t responding the way you expect them to.  If you cherish those long-term friendships and close family relationships, remind yourself it’s time to listen, not talk.  The world you knew is crumbling, to be replaced by something better, if you can allow that.

Here's what’s happening for the Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces):
If you’re a Water Sign, April will be a very emotional month for you as a Grand Trine is happening in the Water Signs as we launch the month.  It will be very easy for you to get carried away by the emotions of others.  Be careful to not allow yourself to become defensive as that will likely lead to emotional arguments you will be sorry you engaged  in. On a more positive note, this month can also be a great time to share happy social occasions with friends and family members, and even for re-igniting an old flame if you are in the market for romance.

Now let’s look at what’s happening in April for each Sun Sign:

You should be feeling like a powerhouse this month, Aries.  This is your month!  Happy Birthday!  If you have the opportunity to travel, you should take it as there is a good flow of energy for that this month.  You’re in the flow emotionally, which should lead to a lot of happiness.  If you’ve children, expect some happy times with them.  If you are inclined to romance, you’ll find it for sure.  Avoid conversations and interactions with contrary people, as that can easily pull you into their emotional roller-coaster ride and that’s not where you need to be this month.  New financial opportunities are presenting themselves.  You’ve got to be on the ball to recognize them and to move fast enough to put them to work for you.  Have a wonderful Easter/spring holiday!

Some changes you’ve been expecting, maybe even counting on for a while are beginning to occur this month, Taurus.  There is pressure around you that is putting a strain on both your day-to-day life and activities, and also on your primary relationship.  There may be health issues for you or your significant other, or for someone close to you that you feel responsible for.  Pay attention and don’t let those issues slide.  An opportunity or financial windfall that you did receive or perhaps almost got  in the past, is repeating.  It’s rare when a second opportunity presents itself in life.  Don’t miss this one!  Sometimes you have to risk what you have to get what you want.  Have a Happy Easter, and a wonderful spring.

You may wish to travel this month, Gemini, but it’s a good month to stay close to home.  Home projects can be very enjoyable. You’ll want to check on finance, banking, business, and legal issues important to you this month.  If you have children it is wise to pay attention to your second born.  Your intuition is powerful all month long.  Definitely pay attention to your ‘inner voice’ in all of your social and business dealings, and especially when striving to hear ‘truth’.  Friendships will be important this month. A friend may help to open some important opportunities to you.  Conversations are likely to be very emotional.  Avoid competition with siblings and close friends.  Have a Happy Easter and a wonderful spring.

Some old family patterns are returning this month Cancer, which could make the upcoming holiday and this spring more enjoyable for you.  This month’s eclipse is in your house of career, so pay attention to opportunities on the job, and regarding the life direction you have chosen.  Finances and employment should be high on your list of things to pay attention to.  Be sure to be aware of your unconscious ‘response buttons’ as your current home and financial situation is tending to press them all too frequently and you need to be in control of your reactions right now.  You may also be feeling like you want to run away, but you’ve no place to go.  That feeling will pass.  It’s a old emotional pattern you are outgrowing.  Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

This promises to be an emotional month for you, Leo, and one in which you will be exchanging close confidences and experiences with either your significant other (if you have one) or a close female friend or relative, or even both.  Travel or travel plans should be in the works, and you could even be considering a change of residence or employment.  Finances are somewhat confusing at the moment.  It’s best to listen, then do your own research and trust your own inner guidance.  The Grand Trine in the Water Signs this month is putting pressure on you, causing you to feel emotionally stressed and that you need to move fast towards or away from something.  Actually, you need to slow down and move at your own pace.  Have a Happy Easter and Spring.

If you’ve been planning a trip to somewhere your heart wants you to travel to, or a move of your residence or your job, this month is a good time to do that, as finances are looking good for you!  Things you’ve long been waiting for are in the works, and you will have many opportunities coming as a result of sudden changes. Decisions and choices you make right now will result in an expansion of business opportunities, career changes, and beneficial partnerships in October.  Financial insecurities make it easy right now for you to be pulled into a career or business path that may affect you emotionally and create responsibilities you  won’t like. Look before you leap!  If you can, travel for the Easter and Spring Holiday!

This month you could be considering a change of residence, or possibly renovating your home.  It’s a good month for future planning. Living near water or traveling to a place near it would benefit you.  This month’s eclipse and a whole stellium of planets fall into your relationship house, indicating that April will be a time of creating new relationships, reassessing some old ones, and lots of social interactions with friends, relatives, and your significant other, if you have one.  Emotionally you may feel torn between two people you want to be with, or two places you want to work or live. Sudden changes in finances can be expected.  Be wary of hidden health issues for yourself or for someone you have responsibility for.  Have a Happy Easter and a Happy Spring!

This month’s eclipse falls in your house of health, astrologically, so it is wise to keep an eye on health matters for yourself and those friends and family members, and pets, you love and care for.  Travel associated with health matters may happen this month.  It is likely to be an emotional month for you as the Grand Trine in the Water Signs occurring now affects you directly.  Home, family, finances, business, and health will all be affected by that energy.  That can either create a wonderful, easy flow that will bring good things your way relative to all those things, or if you allow yourself to be distracted or pulled into someone else’s drama, it could create out of control chaos in your life.  It’s up to you!  Have a Happy Easter and a Happy Spring!

Artistic and creative pursuits of all kinds are available to you in your home space right now.  April will be filled with visits and interactions with children and grandchildren, if you have them.  There is also a powerful and emotional interaction with a female who lives or works a long distance away.  Expect sudden ups and downs regarding the health of a female friend or family member, or your significant other if you have one.  Avoid gossip with friends both at work and at home as that can easily lead to emotional stress.  Meanwhile, it’s likely that between family and friends your social calendar will be full this month.  Enjoy a Happy Easter and a fun-filled Spring!

There is an expansive feeling about your home this month, Capricorn.  It may be your turn to host the holiday gathering, or you may be a favorite destination spot for traveling friends.  You may even take a few short trips yourself, although it is likely you’ll be home for most of the month.  If you desire to change your residence, this could be a good month to do that as financial investments tied to the home are definitely a possibility right now.  Health issues for yourself or someone close to you may be a concern, so keep an eye out and be aware of any limitations they may set on you as you move forward with some special plans and dreams.  Have a Happy Easter and a joyful Spring.

This is the year you will be making major changes involving your home and family, and also your career and life path.  This month is the month many of those changes may physically be initiated.  Or at least, it is now that you are telling friends and family about them.  This would be a very good time for you to begin a business, or enter into a business partnership with a friend or sibling.  It is also an important time to it with your financial planner, if you have one…and if you don’t have one, it’s a good time to get one!  Travel is likely this month and it will probably have a lot of responsibility and strong emotions attached to it.  Issues with children, yours or those belonging to someone close to you, are likely.  Enjoy a Happy Easter, and a Happy Spring.

Financial concerns are your primary focus this month, Pisces.  It’s time to launch your dream, whether that is the purchase of a home, or a business, or traveling or moving to someplace new.  Careful planning is required, as well as future-vision.  An opportunity will present itself that allows for all of what you have worked for.  Do you have to courage to step forward?  Be wary of this month’s Grand Trine in Water, that is stimulating your unconscious fears, your insecurity issues, and home and family conflicts.  It seems it’s always when we are about to break free to pursue our greatest dreams that the Universe tests us be bringing back into our lives those things that most drained our energy.  Avoid them and you’ll do fine!  Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

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