Astrological and Psychic Predictions for December 2022



Welcome to December, 2022!  Firstly, I want to wish you a wonderful and joyous holiday season, whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, or any other special day of this glorious season.  This is my own very favorite time of year.  This year, December and the holiday season promise to be filled with the true spirit of Christmas, with six planets in Jupiter-ruled signs promoting the energy of giving, sharing, helping, serving, and loving. 

Here’s what’s happening for the Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius):
It’s likely that a move of your home or job, or perhaps a trip for pleasure and/or to visit family or friends, is on your agenda this holiday season. You will benefit greatly from the changeup in the energy. You’re working hard to plan for the future, and expanding your efforts towards the dream you are focusing on. Obligations and responsibilities at home and at work conspire to hold you back.  This has your rethinking your present situation, and is encouraging you to take your next step, whatever it may be.  Every fiber of your being says, “It’s time, now, to move forward”.  An opportunity to heal yourself and others is at hand.

Here's what’s happening for the Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo and Sagittarius):
Flexibility and speed of action aren’t your strong points, but you need those qualities right now if you are to benefit from the energies around you right now. These can be both positive and negative. You must be open and ready for whatever comes your way, and be able to make quick decisions.  This month things will be coming at you in a fast and furious progression, ranging from health issues for you and/or family members, to changes in your home and work environment, to unexpected financial ups or downs.  Depending on your choices and actions, this could be your best month of the year!

Here's what’s happening for the Air Signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius):
Things in your world are beginning to move forward after what seems like a long period of inaction.  Health, environment, and relationship issues have been disturbing your well-being for a good portion of the year.  This month healing conversations will occur, making solutions formerly out of reach, now available. Actions that earlier in the year seemed fraught with obstacles, are now doable.  Conversation has cleared the way to actions that are mutually enjoyable and acceptable.  Travel for or around the holidays is a good possibility this year.

Here's what’s happening for the Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces):
This will be a busy, emotional, and probably stressful month for you as you focus on family (or family of choice) and the need and desire for personal freedom and the ability to pursue your own goals.  It’s likely you’ll spend most of the month making everyone around you happy, and that does bring you happiness too.  But remember that you’ll become resentful if you don’t give to yourself as well as everyone else.  Make sure your own needs are met before giving away the farm, and you’ll have a great December.  Focus on slowing down and enjoying what you have now.

Now let’s look at what’s happening in December for each Sun Sign:

This month finds you focusing on repetitive patterns in your life, Aries, including old ways of handling finances, work situations, even stressful situations.  An opportunity to change old patterns and create new, more rewarding ones, is available.  First, you’ve got to recognize the pattern. Then get in touch with whatever’s holding you back.  Don’t be afraid to face your fears. Then change your reaction pattern! Pay attention to your dreams. An opportunity for tremendous growth and change is at hand if you choose the challenge.  Finances can be scary.  The only way forward is to trust your intuition.  It is very strong right now.  Once you decide on a course of action things will move forward very fast as you eliminate those blocks you once created.  Happy Holidays!

This will be an unusual holiday season for you Taurus, as you juggle unexpected surprises at every turn.  It’s a good thing you are a multi-tasker and so talented at so many things!  You will need all of your skills to keep up!  Keeping up all those traditions and obligations with family, friends, and work, is not going to be simple as it seems everyone has ideas of their own, and there may be huge distances to traverse if you are to keep everyone happy.  Do be sure to look back a lot at your eclipse journal – it’s going to help with those decisions and activities you choose to participate in.  If you are married or partnered there will be some important responsibilities regarding their family. Try to spend the holiday at home this year, even if that means missing a few faces. 

It will be a good idea to spend the holidays at home, or at least close to home, this year, Gemini.  With transiting Mars in your first house, you’ll have lots of energy to deal with everything that’s going on, and you’ll need it!  Try to have patience with the rest of the world though, as it will seem to you that everyone and everything around you is moving at a snail’s pace.  You will have an opportunity to do some travelling, or perhaps your mate or partner will as travel options seem to be connected to them, or work.  Be sure to organize and plan ahead regarding work and worldly obligations, as things you failed to plan for can easily consume all of your time and energy.  Expect a return of some old friends or issues, that will manifest in a new and good way.  Happy Holidays!

If you have children or fur babies, you’ll be spending a lot of quality time with them this month Cancer!  Some travel, perhaps even a cruise, would be an excellent option for that Winter vacation you’ve wanted for a while.  Changes in your home and family are likely during the coming year, so now is a good time to enjoy those traditions that are extra special to you.  Health concerns for a family member or close friend who lives a distance from you needs attention, and you should watch too, for changes at work as something big is in progress.  You could be changing jobs or even getting a promotion.  Sudden changes are affecting a relationship with a close friend or group of friends, in a good way.  Look for positive opportunities there.  Happy Holidays!

Plan on staying home for the Holidays this year, Leo, and you are bound to have both company and an enjoyable time.  Important things are brewing regarding some career opportunities, or perhaps a special life goal is coming to fruition.  Be ready to act to bring your dreams about!  You will be having some financial concerns too, so it’s a good idea to spend less this year than usual.  There are too many possibilities to be sure what will manifest, so stay on top of things as they come about.  Don’t take your eye off the ball, as they say, and trust your intuition, and you cannot go wrong.  Having the patience to wait is going to be the hard part.  Meanwhile, health and healing issues are all around you and must not be ignored.  Your business success may be linked to them.

Relationships of all kinds may prove especially draining this Holiday Season, Virgo.  Be sure to carve out some space for yourself.  Time alone will be at a premium!  But the up side is that you will also be experiencing some wonderful and fulfilling family time, and time with that very special someone in your life as well.  Communication is a big part of everything you are doing right now, a lot of which will be irritating to you as it will be covering old ground.  Be patient.  So much of what you are setting in motion right now depends upon the proper flow of information.  Planning is more important than taking action at the moment.  Find something to do that will ground your excess energy and tension.  The pressure won’t be off until after the holidays.

This is a healing month for you, Libra, as you tap into your intuition about a situation or condition that has been bothering you.  Symptoms appear to be other than what they are, so the only way to determine the true cause is by noticing everything and bringing your intuition to bear.  If you utilize your intuition strongly in your field of work, you’ll do well this month. If you are thinking of cruising, or moving to or working on or near the water, you’ll also do well.  You are being led back to the past, to a relationship or perhaps something you used to enjoy doing.  That person or thing is a link to a future endeavor that will work out well for you.  Be cautious financially this Holiday Season as there may be sudden surprises.  A nice windfall may come your way too!

Travel will be especially rewarding this month, Scorpio, and you may travel back to a place that holds good memories, or to somewhere you’ve long longed to go to.  Expect sudden opportunities to come up this month as well; these may come through an older female or your life mate or partner.  You will be lucky in love this month, and lucky in life as well, because your intuition is particularly sharp all month.  Surrounding yourself with good friends and family of choice for the holidays will bring happiness.  Staying close to home on the holiday is where you’ll want to be.  Sudden shifts and changes in day-to-day activities and home or work projects are opening new doors of opportunity that you won’t want to miss.  Enjoy a Happy Holiday!

This is your month, Sagittarius!  Happy Birthday, and Happy Holidays!  A lot of things are bubbling to the surface from your past this month, perhaps even from your early childhood.  Flow with it.  Think of now as a good time to purge things no longer needed.  You have an urge or perhaps a need to travel, and your natural wander-lust is kicking in too.  But you’ve got so much going on at home that you’re going to find it hard, if not impossible, to get away.  Health issues for yourself, or your mate or partner, or an older relative are going to be a priority this month too.  Find some time to spend with friends, and don’t be surprised if an old friend or two don’t pop up for a holiday get-together! It’s a great time for a creative project and perhaps creative financial planning too!

Friends and family of choice will be very important this Holiday Season, Capricorn.  Expect to spend a lot of time alone, though, between those holiday gatherings.  That time for future planning, and for healing and freeing yourself from the issues of the past.  You’ll be involved with all sorts of communication this month – from social interactions to teaching or speaking or even writing.  Your mediumship ability may even kick in! You are incredibly creative right now and your intuition is good.  Powerful connections with people that cover great distances may occur.  Keep your eyes open as your creative skills may attract some great opportunities to bring in extra money.  What you do now moves your career and life in a new direction for the coming year.  Enjoy the Holiday!

You are discovering and developing your creative and intuitive talents Aquarius, and may be on an internal journey of spiritual exploration as well.  If you wish to develop a new source of income or even a new career that stems from any of these things you are working on, now is a good time for that.  This month your home will be a sanctuary for you.  A project you’re working on may bring both joy and a sense of security.  You may very well be launching a new home-based business that is so enjoyable it doesn’t even feel like work. There is travel around you during the holidays, and you may be visiting friends, relatives, or a place you’ve been before that feels comfortable for you. There is an opportunity right now for healing some old wounds that are family connected.

This is an emotional month, Pisces, as you deal with old issues resurfacing for the Holidays.  You are developing new ways of dealing with them, along with new ways of communicating with friends and family members.  Major changes are occurring in your relationships.  You are on the cusp of a major life and/or career change.  Financial considerations will be the determining factor in how and what you choose to do.  There is a good possibility that you’ll be moving both your work and your home within the next year.  Plan carefully and think ahead and remember that even small decisions right now can lead to major shifts next year.  Your eclipse journal from Oct. 11-Nov 22nd will be a great help.  Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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