Astrological and Psychic Predictions for February 2023



     February of 2023 is going to be a very interesting and important month. It will seem as if things in the world, and in your personal life, are moving forward more slowly than you would like them to.  You will be dealing with many restraints and responsibilities. Partnerships and alliances are newly forming or are being revisited.  Finances are likely going to be your primary concern throughout most of the month. 

Here’s what’s happening for the Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius):
If you are a Fire Sign, you are going to be concerned with your financial situation, as well as with your work, talents, and career potential, all month long.  You may feel as if the weight of the world is on your own shoulders.  It will seem as if everyone is looking to you for guidance and direction.  What an awesome time to learn and use your leadership skills! Please have patience with your friends, family members, associates, and life partner, if you have one, as no one will be moving fast enough for your timetable.  It’s easy to find fault right now so you will have to work at diplomacy.  If you have children, this will be a very emotional time for them, so expect disruptions to your routine.  They will require a lot of your time and attention.

Here's what’s happening for the Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo and Sagittarius):
If you are an Earth Sign, this month your primary focus is also going to be on money. This is a good time for learning the ropes of a new setup for your finances, creating a budget for your family, re-organizing a business, and even creating a Will or refinancing or selling a home or property.  It’s a good time for travel, especially if it’s connected to work or business. It’s important this month to pay attention to details.  It also may be the right time to create a partnership or propose marriage.  You are feeling a shift in the very foundation of your life.  You might be thinking about or even making a move of your home, business, or work, or contemplating renovations in one or more of them.  Most importantly, this is a month for planning.

Here's what’s happening for the Air Signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius):
     If you are an Air Sign, February will be filled with strong emotions, and intense activity.  You’ll be reviewing finances and likely tightening the belt a bit. If you have children expect dynamic action and challenges to your authority.  In love relationships you’re going to have to meet your partner half way.  A change of job or career is possible and you will be called on to utilize talents, abilities and skills you may not have used for a while.  If you work in the health field you’ll be overworked. There will be challenges.  If you aren’t a health worker, expect health issues to arise in your home and family.  Surgery may be involved for you, your spouse or partner, a special pet, or a woman who’s important to you.

Here's what’s happening for the Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces):
If you are a Water Sign, finances will be on your mind.  Old issues and people, or past obligations you’ve overlooked or forgot are likely to pop up, and need resolution now.  It’s important to clear the deck for the future.  This month you’ll be taking actions that will direct the future of your career and life goals.  Attention to detail is a must.  How you handle things will make all the difference in whether your dreams and ambitions will manifest.  You will need to utilize skills of perception and communication to reveal what is not visible as well as what is. It’s important to have a secure foundation to support the torrent of activity you are experiencing.  Changes in your family and your work can create unexpected upheavals in your environment.

Now let’s look at what’s happening this February for each Sun Sign:

There is action all around you this month, Aries.  It’s a good month for travelling, for work or pleasure, or even changing your job or your residence.  Look for opportunities to bring healing and wholeness to areas of your life where it’s needed.  If you have children, expect them to need extra attention right now.  They have earned your respect, just as you should command theirs.  Love relationships should be extra special this month as you find the time to focus on one another.  Expect challenges at work that you can easily resolve with diplomacy.  Avoid politics.  If you are a meditator, you will find your practice very enriching this month. If not, it’s a great time to learn!  You also need time to yourself this month, to get in touch with ‘you’ amidst the chaos around you.

You are still moving through a lot of unexpected shifts and changes this month, Taurus, and a great deal of it will be very emotional for you.  It’s important to go with the flow.  There is a lot of help and support coming your way but if you resist it cannot come.  What you want and are looking for is available, but you may have to make some major changes in your world, to get it, because it is not available to your where you are currently at.  The future you desire may require a change in residence, career, or life partner.  How much are you willing to change, in order to grow?  Once you step into the flow of events that are ready and waiting for you, you will be amazed at how smoothly things progress.  You need to work on your trust issues.

Expect February to be filled with activity, and your emotions to run high, in both good and bad ways.  Impatience is your enemy right now and can get you into trouble. It’s also important to not jump to conclusions, and to listen carefully with all of your senses when talking to others. If you have children that live a distance from you, this is a good month for a visit.  It’s also a great month for anything that has to do with learning, or higher education.  If you travel this month, it is likely to be for business.  Anything you are involved in that involves psychic work, creativity, spirituality, or video, will do well right now.  Something you have desired for a long while is about to manifest itself in your life.  An old part of you is dying, and a new you is emerging.

February will be a month to focus on your own finances, and to decide how and where you want to earn your income.  Past choices have left you with either debt or responsibility that must be worked through.  Now is a good time to set up a business and a financial plan.  Honesty and directness with yourself and your loved ones is important, as is clarity of both vision and speech.  The healing you desire in your life can only be attained by making different choices than you have been making.  Help and or advice may be coming from a man who you see as an authority figure, or from some agency or institution. There are a lot of control issues and power struggles in your life at the moment that are interfering with your mental clarity.

     You are the carrier of a heavy burden this month, Leo.  It’s a good time to remember that when we remember that we carry our burdens by choice, they are easy to bear.  They only become difficult when we see ourselves as the victim of circumstance.  You bear great responsibility in the midst of great change, both in your own life, and in the world.  You are learning about yourself, and you are learning to be a leader.  Old decisions are coming around again; financial actions are being revisited.  Someone is offering help and support.  Are you too proud to accept it? Pay attention to the details of your finances this month.  Your assets are greater than you think they are.  Be patient just a little while longer.  It’s too soon to see clearly.  Playtime is coming.

Your emotional focus this month will be on your career and life goals and ambitions, Virgo.  The time to act is NOW.  Just don’t let your impatience make you volatile or you’ll cause yourself some unnecessary problems.  In career and matters involving your life goals, a partnership will be helpful.  An old pattern is returning.  Be sure to catch it. Finances are very important at the moment, and you need to pay attention to details.  Don’t let your emotions get in the way of your good sense. Issues concerning children, and also health concerns, are another major thing you will need to deal with.  How you organize things, and timing, are crucial.  The structure of your home and work environment will give you the grounding you need to stay in charge.

You are feeling more in charge of your financial picture now, than you have been for a long time.  Old cycles are coming around again in your life, but you are ready for them and are making them work for you this time.  Issues concerning children, or the child of your heart, and also family concerns involving a woman, and possibly a man connected to her, are on your mind this month too.  You will need to exercise your Libra diplomacy to maintain peace of mind.  This month you are experiencing a Grand Trine in the Air Signs, and that may cause your mind to overwork, creating problems where there are none.  Keep that in mind and investigate before you get emotional.  This month promises some enjoyable social activity as well.

This month you are emotionally concerned with finance, with business investments, and with Government activities, as you investigate, discuss, plan, and orchestrate your way through the current maze of activity you are working your way through.  At home your world is filled with responsibility.  It’s possible you are working from home this month, or thinking of forming a home-based business.  Some of your plans may involve future travel or a move, either of your home or business.  Old patterns and people are returning into your life.  This may keep you a bit on edge, but it also let’s you know where you are at in the cycle of your life.  What comes next?  Look back, and your history will tell you.

This is a great month, Sagittarius, for putting your thoughts and ideas on paper, where you can easily organize them.  What are you formulating?  Is it a book, or a financial plan, a business plan, or simply organizing your desires?  Sometimes you need to see things on paper, or discuss them, in order to get your future plans right. Money and financial issues have attracted manipulative people and situations to you.  Now you have the opportunity to plan in such a way that these things no longer exert control over you.  Daily life this month can be emotionally stressful.  Do what you need to, to relieve the stress.  Bring play back into your life.  That is your way of healing yourself.

You may be tightening the belt a bit this month financially, Capricorn.  Travel or other social activities, or perhaps just a generous Christmas, have got you a bit over your head at the moment.  It’s a good time to create a financial plan; it’s also a good time to help someone else out with theirs, or even to develop financial planning of some sort into a business!  Health issues, your own or someone close to you, will take a lot of your attention too, as we move into the month.  It’s possible you, or that other person, may be considering some kind of surgical procedure.  Be wary of a person emotionally close to you who may create a lot of stress for you.  It may be the right time to create a little distance in that relationship.

This is your month, Aquarius!  Happy Birthday!  Are you considering travelling for your birthday this year?  Visiting your distant children or other relatives or that special person you love would be a good plan.  Whether you travel or not, though, there is probably going to be a lot of social activity around you all month long which you may find a bit trying.  If you have children, definitely plan time with them or your grandchildren.  You need to bring that inner child back within yourself, and there’s no better way to do that, then to enjoy your time with children.  Regarding finances, you may be getting ready to make a large purchase.  Be sure to do your due diligence and pay attention to all the details. 

Something is going to be making you just so very happy this month, Pisces!  It may be a wish or a dream fulfilled, or just the clarity of the vision itself, but a sense of happiness surrounds you.  At home things are very active, and there may be a bit of volatility there.  Have patience, this energy is short lived and by the end of the month you’ll be able to easily work through those issues.  You may be considering some travel, or a move of your home or business, as part of your dream.  If that is so, right now things are beginning to order themselves in a way that will make that work out for you.  You’ll spend quite a bit of time this month alone in your own space, and that will be good for you, as you organize your thoughts and create a game plan for the future.

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