Astrological and Psychic Predictions for July 2022


Let’s begin with a general overview:

There’s going to be a lot of focus this month on ourselves.  That means your own body, mind and spirit, first…then that of your family…then that of your locality and even your country.  Here in the USA it’s going to be a very important and patriotic 4th of July!, that may be celebrated in many countries in the greater world as well!

Here's what is going on for the Triplicities – the Fire, Earth, Air and Water Signs:

If you are a Fire Sign – an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius,
you are going to be travelling, or thinking of travelling, or vacationing…maybe you are even thinking of making a move of your home or your workplace.  This will be a month filled with lots of physical work too as you spruce things up at home and finally feel like you are getting caught up with yourself!  Things can get a bit emotional for you too this month, as changes in the health and well-being, or perhaps the living circumstances of people you love, come into your awareness.  Spend time this month doing the things for yourself and your family that you truly love and will give you lasting memories.  Your creativity is high, your well liked and appreciated at work.  July should be a great month for you!

If you are an Earth Sign – a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, you will spend a lot of time this month reviewing your finances, skills, and work options.  You have many opportunities available to you – but sometimes the over-abundance of offers or ideas, especially when they all require you to make some radical changes and decisions, can overwhelm you into inaction.  This time make a point of overcoming your inertia, and move forward.  Talk to as many people and authorities as you think you need to, but ultimately make your own decisions!  Find time to spend with good friends and your significant other, if you have one. It’s easy this month to get into an all-work and no-play attitude that will bring you down emotionally.  Spend time with the people who bring you ‘up’.

If you are an Air Sign – a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, you will find yourself unusually reticent this month.  You need alone time.  Vacationing at home is a good idea.  You will be concerned about changing finances and events that are beyond your control and realize that for you, now is a good time to step back and do more observing than acting.  Record your dreams, find time to meditate, and pull out those brain entrainment recordings that have been gathering dust on your shelf.  It’s time for a new plan.  You need to tap deeply into your own subconscious so that it can percolate to the surface.  Gather information, and let your subconscious organize it.  Then you’ll be ready to take action to achieve what you really want.  You can implement your new plan.

If you are a Water Sign – a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, you will be on a roller coaster ride of emotion and activity all month!  Lots of past people, situations, and events are coming back into your awareness.  Some are good and represent returning positive opportunities, some are not good and either need to be ignored or resolved.  Neptune is a big player for you astrologically this month, and it can either bring clarity to your thoughts, or it can lead you into repeating old patterns that led you to emotional and perhaps even physical disaster.  Tell yourself it’s time to break the old patterns.  No repeats.  If something looks like a repeat, consciously change it to something better. It’s time to move on with eyes wide open, and see the Truth for what it is.

Now let’s take a look at what’s going on for each sun-sign individually –

Aries -
You will require a lot of personal space and freedom this month Aries, and that may lead to some relationship issues with your significant other, and with friends.  Expect to spend significant time at home, either working on home projects or entertaining.  Home and family, or issues surrounding them, will be on your mind and parents, as well as both male and female family members, will seem to be drawing a great deal of your time and energy.  Avoid allowing all that pressure to make you volatile.  Put your energy into those projects. You are dealing with both inner and outer conflicts all month long.  When you resolve your inner ones, the outer ones will fall away.  To do that, follow your own heart and your own inner voice.

Taurus -
Keep your eyes open for the opportunities you’ve been waiting for this month, Taurus.  Good things are coming your way!  You may find you studying something new, or reviewing and strengthening things you already know.  There will be a lot of social activity this month. Expect a lot of support and even good advice, if you need it, from family and friends.  Old, difficult situations from the beginning of the year may pop up again, but you’ll be seeing them in new light, and they will be far easier to deal with now.  This is a good month for putting your head together with friends, family and colleagues, to plan and organize your ideas. You’re likely to consider everything from travel to health concerns to pets and everyday life issues.  It will be an interesting month!

Gemini -
You will be somewhat more assertive this month than you usually are, Gemini, as you focus on your finances and your personal assets and skills.  Your attention, and your financial concerns, are split between your home and your career.  It’s important to include your life-mate or partner in your planning, and make sure that you are in agreement.  Now is the time you can iron out the things that could cause future problems.  Better to talk about those unpleasant things now, then deal with the results of your unvoiced complaints or fears later.  Take time to make sure your legal issues are all in order too.  Family time spent at home will be very enjoyable and fulfilling. It’s a great month to focus on those home projects you’ve been dreaming of.

Cancer -
Happy Birthday Cancer!  This is your month! Expect it to be an emotional one, filled with interactions with family and friends.  It will seem to you like everyone knows where you should be, what you should be doing, and even who you should be doing it with.  A little self-assertion is going to be needed if you are to do and be what YOU want this month! There are a few things you’d like to do or have that you may need to wait on due to financial limitations, or due to your partner or a female friend or relative putting some limitations on it.  Don’t let that concern you, some things are worth waiting for!  There seems to be a tug of war about travelling or staying home – your heart says home, at least for the moment.

Leo -
You’re going to be doing some deep soul-searching this month, Leo, as events and situations bring up things from the past and awaken old fears and worries.  What do you truly want? Once you are clear on that it will be easier to sort through those uneasy feelings.  Record your dreams.  They are giving you lots of good insights all month.  Relationships seem to be stagnating.  You need to reach out and expand your horizons to stimulate some new activities, at home, at work, and in your relationships. This is a good month to work around the house, or even move your work into your home.  Monetary income earned from working at home or involving homes can increase your personal income significantly. Your creativity is high all month. Don’t forget to play!

Virgo -
You will enjoy spending time this month with friends and family, and your children, if you have them, Virgo.  You will also be focusing on your career and life goals, with more attention than usual on how to increase your income from the skills and abilities you have in your tool-bag.  It may be time to stop thinking about that thing you’ve always dreamed of doing, and just do it!  Keep your plans and work ideas to yourself for the time being, until you are ready to act on them, as there is someone close to you who would tryp to talk you out of them, or at least manage to undermine your positive spirit about what you want to do.  You’ve been this route before, it will feel familiar and comfortable to you.  You can do it!

Libra -
Career and changing life goals and ambitions are on your mind this month, Libra.  It seems you are doing some re-evaluation concerning the direction you chose to take at the beginning of the year.  You may be considering some travel opportunities, or involving yourself in more things socially than you usually do.  If you have children, or that special ‘child of your heart’, you might expect a visit from them, or you may have a need to help them out financially or in some other way.  Your psychic ability is strong all month, as is your creativity – but there is something blocking you from using those skills.  Could it be emotional issues that keep coming up? What a good time to resolve those old issues!

Scorpio -
You will either be making travel plans, or doing some travelling this month Scorpio.  Powerful emotions are connected to this, so go with the flow, do what needs to be done, and enjoy the moment.  Travel with your significant other or a special friend is your desire, but there may also be travel connected to your work or some other responsibility. Finances are on your agenda too.  You’re especially concerned with financial planning and organization.  You might even be thinking of purchasing a new full or part time residence, or renovating your present one.  This is also a wonderful month for learning, meditating, astral travelling, and travelling the internet, either for work or pleasure. 

Sagittarius -
This is a good month for travelling, and making travel plans, Sagittarius.  If you aren’t travelling yourself, you can expect some visitors who come to see you!  If you have been thinking about relocating, or helping a friend or relative to do that, this could be the month that occurs.  This month is also a good month for launching that creative project you’ve been thinking about, at home or at work.  You are receiving recognition in the workplace, so it also is a good time to ask for that raise!  There may be some concern about your health, or the health of someone you care a great deal about.  Set some time aside for financial planning, especially regarding your home and family.  There may be some unexpected household expenses you should include in that plan.

Capricorn -
You are focused this month on relationships of all kinds, Capricorn, but those that are work, or career related, or concern your current life direction, will be most important.  There are opportunities to bring healing to a home or work relationship that has caused you some aggravation.  Expect the pot to be stirred before healing can occur, and don’t let your pride get in the way.  It’s important to see the big picture and not get wrapped up in the minutia, or what you want to achieve cannot happen.  Creative opportunities are coming your way and can lead to a desired change in your home and family situation.  Communicating your ideas and your goals is very important this month, as many people important to your plans may be making plans of their own.

Aquarius -
Your own health, or that of someone close to you, may be an issue this month, Aquarius.  Don’t set minor things aside.  Deal with them now and avoid major issues later.  Emotionally you are involved in day-to-day activities, some of which could be a lot of fun, all month long.  This is a good time to spend time with your significant other catching up on home projects, or at work, re-organizing and updating your workplace.  If you’ve been thinking about getting a pet, this is also the perfect time for that!  If you’ve been thinking of changing jobs or careers, this is a good time to further your plans, but probably not the best time to make that move.  Unexpected changes brought about by family members you’ve no control over will cloud a lot of things this month.

Pisces -
This will be a great month to engage in all your creative projects, Pisces, and you’ll find time to spend with the kids too, if you have any.  You might even be hearing about an upcoming birth or important celebration of some kind, regarding a family member. You will also be putting a lot of energy into a special relationship this month, perhaps giving support to a close friend or your significant other.  There seems to be a lot of pressure on that person all month long, and you can help.  Amidst all of this activity, seek to find some time and space for yourself. There’s a project you’ve been working on that can’t be brought to fulfillment unless you find a new approach.  You’ll need quiet time by yourself to find the solution.

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