Astrological and Psychic Predictions for June 2022


Happy Father’s Day, everyone! Mars is the planet that rules generative action-oriented male energy and it’s conjunct Jupiter, the planet that expands everything, as we begin the month!  How auspicious for our Father’s Day celebrations!  Since Mercury is retrograde as we begin this month, even though it quickly turns direct, all month long you’ll need to be careful about communications.Let’s take a quick look at what’s going on for the Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable Signs to give you an overview of the month for your sign.

Here’s what’s happening this June for the cardinal signs.  These are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn:This is a very important month for you, if you are a cardinal sign, as your home and family, and your work, career, and life direction, is expanding in some way.  Interestingly, the needs of the family propel you forward and hold you back too.  You may be traveling, or even moving your work or your residence.  This is a month for action. It’s time to let go of the past and move on.  You may need to be somewhat secretive about some of what you are planning, to avoid opposition; you should also expect some unforeseen roadblocks that you will have to navigate.  Don’t be hesitant to ask for the help you may need. Ultimately your challenges will be surmounted and you’ll be successfully moving in the direction you want to be.

Here's what’s happening this June for the fixed signs.  These are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius:Pay close attention to everything having to do with communication this month, if you are a fixed sign.  That includes things like computers and the internet, but also things written or spoken.  Remember, once something is said or sent it cannot be retracted! Your unconscious mind is very active and you may find yourself blurting out things you normally wouldn’t share, or you might even inadvertently insult someone.  Likewise, your dream life will be very active – that could mean lots of daydreaming, as well as out of body experiences and even pre-cognitive dreams at night.  Money matters will occupy a lot of your attention all month long.  You may find yourself giving advice to another person or even teaching or training someone else.
Here's what’s happening this June for the mutable signs.  These are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces:

Social activities will be especially creative and rewarding this month if you are a mutable sign.  Be careful though not to overindulge, especially when participating in functions at work or with the family!  Likewise, you may begin to wake up concerning the activities of certain friends, colleagues or family members.  Some reassessment might be needed, and may bring disillusion with it.  Health issues are on your mind – these may be your own, or those of another person close to you.  You might even be thinking of a career in the health or service field, which would be good for you.  Do your best to avoid gossip this month.  Right now, its time to observe and not take action on the conclusions you draw.

Now, let’s see what’s happening for the individual signs:

It’s up to you this month, Aries.  It’s time to act. Do you have the courage to step forward?  The whole month will be emotionally charged for you, but that’s good, because it’s going to be exciting.  Important relationships are being created at work, and if you’re single, and looking, that could be a good place to meet your special someone, or even to make a new friend!  If your career is in a health or service field, you’ll be making good connections that can improve your position.  You may also be concerned with your health or that of someone close, that you have a strong emotional bond to.  This is also a good month to begin that business you’ve been thinking about – and with the right partner, if you would like one.  Some quiet time at home to recharge is a must right now too.

Taurus -
Saturn retrogrades on the 4th, Taurus, and that’s going to bring back a lot of issues you thought you’d laid to rest earlier this year.  Some will be things you’ve resolved to your satisfaction; others will be things you now realize you need to change.  That’s good!  You’re getting a second chance to do that!  Much of what’s happening all month long will concern your home, your family, and your career.  You are ready to make some major changes but you’re realizing that the foundation you created in your current situation is what’s holding you back.  You’ve got to be willing to make some sacrifices if you are to have what you want.  You deserve it.  You just need to plan it out well.  Financial security should be your top priority, followed closely by personal freedom!

This is your month, Gemini!  Happy Birthday!  This is likely to be an emotional month for you Gemini, with relationships see-sawing and unforeseen events causing lots of changes in your plans all month.  You may find yourself at odds with your significant other, or with a close female friend or relative.  Look forward to spending a lot of time at home, or even working on or around your home.  It’s a great time for all those creative projects.  It’s also a good time to do some financial planning, and for laying the foundation for a new career, hobby or skill you want to develop.  Pay attention to your dreams and record them.  Meditate.  Spend time alone, getting in touch with your thoughts. Something big is bubbling to the surface.  Don’t miss it.  It’s important.

Cancer -
You may find yourself especially emotional and even volatile all month, Cancer.  Transiting Mars and Jupiter are on your Solar Midheaven and are making a hard aspect to the Moon, which is your ruling planet, and your Solar Ascendent.  What that means is that you are going to be just plain irritable all month unless you can funnel all that energy into something constructive.  Vacationing, or travelling for work or to visit family is a good option.  Throwing yourself into your work is another good one.   If you use the energy properly, and pay attention to those feelings as they blast through you so that you can quickly turn them to something constructive, this can be a month of great healing, productivity, and success.

Leo -
Friendships, especially work friendships, are very important now.  It’s a good time to start a career, go for a job or career change, get a promotion, or even retire.  Friends will be helpful or challenging, sometimes even one of your obstacles. All of this is about your growth and expansion into a new version of yourself.  It’s important to work on having clarity concerning what you want out of a career, and what you want out of life.  Use your Eclipse diary that you started on April 15th all the way through to the end of the April, as a reference and guide.  You got important insights into what the movie of your life will be about for the next 6 months, and even about some important life changes you’ll be making.  Is it time to get married?  Have a child?  Travel?  Your diary will show you.

Virgo -
It looks like you’re going to be making, or at least considering making, some major life changes this month, Virgo.  Your financial situation, including how you handle finances, and also concerning finances in any partnerships (including marriage and business), will be shifting in some way.  Be alert as to what changes will be most beneficial. Legal issues, if you have any, are on their way to a positive resolution.  A change of location of your home or work may be planned or even underway. Perhaps you’ll be doing a lot of travelling soon.  Expect sudden changes regarding plans, and allow extra time for all of your undertakings.  If you’re married, keep an eye on the health and well-being of your in-laws.  Be sure to include them in your celebrations this year.

Libra -
Healing relationships, especially regarding those with women, or your life mate, makes this month special, Libra.  Start by resolving unfinished or uncommunicated financial problems.  Do what you need to do and say to set yourself emotionally free from past issues that are holding you back from personal fulfillment.  Travel, either for personal or professional reasons, is a top priority this month. If you have children, some problems your oldest is facing may need to be addressed.  Health matters, for you, your fur babies or a close relative, should be addressed immediately as they can quickly escalate. Pay special attention to drug interactions.  This will be an emotional month for you.  You’ll need to balance at home family time with your career and personal time.

Scorpio -
Balancing relationships with personal freedom may be challenging this month, Scorpio.  It may be hard to fulfill all the roles expected of you at this time.  Finances and travel are both powerful focuses for the month.  The needs of family members and especially an older person will impact your activities.  Expect sudden changes in your work or home environment.  Pay attention to present and future health and lifestyle requirements.  You are making some big decisions and setting priorities.  It’s a good time to pay attention to improving health matters. That may be your own, someone from your work or career, or that of a family member or pet.  It’s also good time to take care of things left hanging and to do some brainstorming regarding finances.  A business partnership could work out well right now.

Sagittarius -
Pay attention to your dreams this month, Sagittarius.  They are giving you important insights all month.  Likewise, your intuition is powerful right now too.  Much of your attention is consumed by your life mate or a close personal friend.  Pay attention to health matters.  Prepare for unexpected turns of events and significant opportunities.  Changes are happening in your daily activities, both at work and at home.  Discussions will reveal new skills and opportunities that can easily lead to a new career, and even a new direction in your chosen life path.  If you are single, this is a good month to meet your special someone; if you have children, good things are coming to them, and through them, to you.  The financial picture is brightening for you.

Capricorn -
Your creativity and your productivity are particularly good this month Capricorn, which means June should be a wonderful month for you!  There is major focus all month on loved ones, especially siblings and children – even those children that are your creations.  Your creative talents can easily lead to unexpected opportunities, and be surprisingly lucrative.  Likewise, if you have children, expect a lot of interaction with them, and some nice surprises too.  A change of, or to, your residence or that of someone close will give you an additional opportunity for creative expression.  It’s a good time to be you if you are a designer or architect or are building a house.  Likewise, anything you do with communications will do well this month.

Aquarius -

 Expect sudden changes and opportunities regarding your home and family that will lead you to make some big decisions this month.  You may move your home or work, or both.  You may have someone, perhaps an older relative, sibling or child, move in with you, or vice versa!  Think carefully regarding any changes you make, and consult appropriate professional advice.  You could easily be making long term commitments you don’t know you’re making, or haven’t thoroughly thought through.  Put all contracts in writing and have a legal professional review them.   This is a good month to develop a financial plan, and to put your dreams into motion.  It’s also a good time to meet someone special, if you are single, or to put some sparkle back into your existing relationship.

Pisces -

The transiting Sun is lighting up your home and family situation this month, Pisces, so that you can evaluate if your present situation is where you want to be.  What do you want your daily life to look like in the future?  Your relationships?  Your career?  Life responsibilities are forcing choices on you right now, so it’s important to see the big picture, and set your priorities.  You need to use your powerful intuition as you step forward.  It’s time to take action.  It may be a bit worrisome to you, as the future is cloudy and you are embarking on a new path you haven’t trod before.  Don’t let your emotions, or your past experiences, cloud your judgement.  Your path forward requires new relationships, both at work and personally, and new ways of handling finances.

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