Astrological and Psychic Predictions for June 2023



 On June 2nd Pluto retrogrades reactivating issues relating to the sign Capricorn; it’s fitting that we also celebrate Father’s Day this month, as Capricorn rules the concept of fatherhood.  Government, big business, money, leadership and power-oriented issues will be major concerns as will be things like responsibility and justice, both in our own lives and in the world.   A Grand Trine in the Water Signs at the beginning of the month makes for a somewhat turbulent and emotional time but also gives heightened intuition and strong empathy and concern for others.

Here’s what’s happening for the Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius):
If you are a fire sign you can expect healing to be occurring through your own actions in some important area of your life.  If you’ve been experiencing financial problems or difficulties in your job, there will be an opportunity to address and fix the issue.  Likewise of there are misunderstandings or other problems in your primary relationship or with your family, you’ll have the chance to rectify the situation. 

Here's what’s happening for the Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo and Sagittarius):
If you’re an earth sign, some of your deepest fears are going to be stirred up at the same time that some of the most amazing opportunities are being presented to you. It may be time to push past your fears and take a leap of faith.  In spite of the tensions and stresses you are experiencing you know that good things are coming.  Friends are very important right now.

Here's what’s happening for the Air Signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius):
If you are an air sign this is an important month to get organized, to get your finances in order, and to determine what you want your future direction in life to be.  Whether you have a job or not, you’ll be hard at work doing something.  Finances are a powerful motivator at the moment, and some creative handling of things will be needed. 

Here's what’s happening for the Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces):
If you’re a water sign you are experiencing a grand trine in the water signs this month so it will be easy if you aren’t careful, for your emotions to carry you away.  Do yourself a favor and take a breath before doing or reacting to anything without thinking first.  You’ll be glad you did.  That said, your energy level will be high all month long unless you let yourself fall into a bad emotional state, or empathically connect to someone who is emotionally out of balance.

Now let’s look at what’s happening in June for each Sun Sign:

Don’t be afraid to speak up this month Aries.  The way you are seen depends upon how you present yourself, so communication is of the utmost importance right now.  If you are married or in a strong relationship its important to give your life-partner a lot of support right now.  A turning point in your own career, or that of your mate, is at hand.  Decisions are important and must be discussed.  Healing yourself is an important job this month, and family and home responsibilities can make that easy or hard, depending on how you handle them.  Don’t be afraid to share and delegate. 

The transiting moon is in your opposing sign as we start the month, Taurus, and that will draw emotional focus to all of your important relationships all month long.  The solar eclipse in April set things in motion for some conflicts that are now developing.  It’s important to talk, and to be on the same page as your mate and/or partners, especially regarding financial and business affairs.  A new game plan is required.  Some wonderful opportunities are available to you right now, but they will only be good for short term benefits unless you are willing to make some very big changes.  All of your talents and skills will be required to be successful with this goal.

This is your month, Gemini!  Happy Birthday!  This promises to be an action-packed month.  You may be travelling on or around your birthday, or perhaps someone of importance to you is visiting from afar. Travel may also involve work.  Your creativity is also high this month, so it’s a great time to work on some projects you’ve been thinking about.  Emotionally you are likely to want to stay close to home during your birthday month, working on those personal projects, and dealing with home and family concerns, so you may have to do a bit of a balancing act.  If you have children or fur babies, expect a lot of interaction with them.  Old health issues for or around you are returning and should not be ignored.

Issues concerning friends and family members have you doing some soul searching this month, Cancer.  Plan on spending a lot of time at home, or dealing with things around your home and family, all month long.  You seem to be caught in the middle between people. This could be your mate and his or her children, or  your own children, or between a friend and your or their children; and as soon as one issue is resolved another erupts to take its place.  The only resolution to these things is to make your own rules and take your control back.  Meanwhile, working around the house, or remotely, will bring you a lot of happiness, and if you are seeking to sell your home or a piece of property - this is a good month for that.

Mother issues appear to be all around you this month, Leo, whether you are involving with your friends, or siblings, or your mate or partner, you are going to be dealing with those mother issues. Some actions and decisions you made at the beginning of the year are being revisited.  Now is your chance to revise your actions if you so choose.  Regarding some dealings with friends and siblings, some legal documents may need to be discussed or drawn up.  Or perhaps it’s just important to have everything you are mutually planning put into writing.  If you have or are writing a book, this is a great month for that.  In general, keeping yourself in a flexible position regarding work and career is desirable at this time.

It's time to take action on some of those ideas you’ve been thinking about, Virgo.  Changes in either how you handle your finances, or where your money is coming from need to be done now, if you are to make your ideas work.  With the transiting sun on your solar midheaven and close to mars, planet of action, it’s clear that the time to act is now and that you are beginning to see the big picture clearly.  Your actions now have the power to alter your life direction.  Be clear on your goals and aspirations and follow the dream.  Time to make your decisions, take charge, take action.  Include others in your plan if you require their support and or input.

This will be an emotional month for you, and much of your emotional concern will have to do with your finances and specifically, where your income is coming from. Old emotional patterns in relationships seem to be resurfacing and also cause emotional concern.  Remember, changing your reaction changes the pattern, if you don’t like it.  You may be thinking about travelling, or perhaps someone coming from afar for a visit.  Long distance communications are all around you.  You may be on the internet a lot, or working in the communications field, or writing a book.  All of these are beneficial options for you. 

With the transiting moon in your sun sign as the month begins, Scorpio, it’s likely that you’ll be wearing your heart on your sleeve this month.  It’s going to be an emotional one.  This moon position develops and expands on last month’s lunar eclipse in Scorpio.  In fact, this entire year has been focused around specific actions you want and need to take, and timing that action perfectly, to achieve your goals.  Your focus this month will be on travel or a move, on finances, and on relationship and business partners.  It is time to set the ball rolling.  Time to take action.  You need to overcome fears of past emotional pain returning.  Time to move past that, to move forward.

This month’s transits bring a grand trine in Fire into your life, Sagittarius.  Expect that you’ll feel energized and focused, so if there’s something you’ve been putting off that you really want to do, this month is definitely the time to do it!  If you’ve wanted to travel or move, it’s a good month for that.  You may feel like you are flipping the page in the chapters of your life, moving on to new things as you let go of the old.  Home, family, and mother issues may pop up and be a strong distraction, but they are unlikely to slow you down.  If you have children, healing and understanding is coming into those relationships.  If you need a little romance in your life, this month something will bring it to you. 

This month highlights your daily life activities, your health, and any fur babies you may have.  Mars, highlighted by the transiting Sun, will energize all of these things for better or for worse. It may be time to put the time, money and effort into some of these things and get ahead of any potential problems.  A lot is also going on for you regarding your career and the overall direction you want your life to take.  You keep evaluating and re-evaluating and refining your goals.  Luck is with you this month in all things, including your finances.  This month you’ll get some positive feedback regarding certain actions you have taken.  Travel, interactions with children, romantic partners and good friends, are all very important and you will likely have to make some difficult choices.

On June 2nd Pluto, that over the last couple of months entered into your sun-sign, Aquarius, and gave some great insights into the future to come, retrograded.  That means that those glimpses into the future that you saw will be put off until 2024 and after, and beginning now you get the opportunity to resolve and remove any obstacles that you now realize may be in your way.  You have some difficult choices coming up, Aquarius.  It’s important to take action now, to take that chance that you so clearly see, to move your goals and dreams forward.  It seems that Father’s Day, or perhaps the time period around Father’s Day this year, will be especially important and something will be occurring that influences the choices you will be making.

Your primary focus this month, Pisces, seems to be on your home and family, and your actions will likely be directed by powerful emotions, and financial concerns.  Your strong intuition is screaming to take action.  It’s time to follow that directive, but make your next moves in your life journey intelligently.  It will be all too easy for you to be carried away with emotion this month, especially since you may feel that you are being bombarded on all sides with information that is telling you what to do, that may not sync with your own intuitive insight.  Here is one of the big tests of your life right now – do you listen to the voice of others motivated largely by fear or desire for control, or do you follow your own powerful insight and intuition.  Are you ready to trust yourself?  That is the real question, isn’t it?

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