Astrological and Psychic Predictions for March 2023



March looks like an action packed and somewhat stressful month for us all, folks. Conversations can easily erupt into verbal arguments and threats of violence that are, thank God, unlikely to come to fruition.  Everyone seems to be feeling vulnerable, and most of us are only looking at what we have to lose, when we should be looking at all the wonderful growth opportunities around us, especially in the areas of personal development and personal financial growth opportunities. Potentials for healing home, mother, and family issues are available to all this month.  We just have to work together.

Here’s what’s happening for the Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius):

If you’re a Fire Sign person you may be feeling the need to travel, to move, and in all ways, to expand your horizons.  This will be a good month to sort out your finances, and you may be surprised about some nice windfalls coming your way.  If you choose to put your energy into changing or getting a job, developing a new skill, or starting a new career, you will be building the foundation this month for something that will prove to be very beneficial by the end of the year.  You are ready to pioneer your way into something brand new.  The only thing that may block your progress is yourself and your attachment to the old ways that no longer work.  Don’t be afraid to embrace your fire and step forward into the unknown.  You’re going to love it.

Here's what’s happening for the Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn):

You may be uncomfortable this month as your earthy energy likes comfort, consistency, stability, and to be in charge, at least of yourself and your living space, and you are not likely to get much of any of that this March.  Social chaos surrounds you all month with unexpected comings and goings, and visits, and both financial and people-initiated surprises. Some of the surprises might involve unexpected health issues.  You may feel exhilarated and confused and drained, at the same time!  This is a good month to let go of the reins, to ride the roller coaster, and enjoy the ride.  Don’t miss some important financial and/or career opportunities you are bound to get along the way. Some very important information is coming.  Discussions are deep and life changing.

Here's what’s happening for the Air Signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius):

Like just about everybody else, March will be a chaotic month for you Air Signs. For you that energy of change is likely to be affecting your home and family, and your finances, and it may be triggering a lot of fear responses for you.  This is a good month to get into meditation, for sure, though it’s unlikely you will do that.  Things you’ve been working on are coming to fruition but there also seems to be a lot of opposition involved so progress is likely to be uneven and stressful.  Nevertheless, if you are patient your goals will be realized as you work through the issues involved.  Keeping your temper in check will be important.  Nothing is happening fast enough for you, and your energies are divided.  Your intuition plays an important role this month in all you do.

Here's what’s happening for the Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces):

This should be a good month for the Water Signs who seem to be best able to get into the flow of things right now.  Focus will be on yourself, your home and family, and your financial issues that depend on other people or agencies.  You can depend on people from your past, or perhaps past experience, to help with the ups and downs you’ll be experiencing this month.  All month you’ll be feeling the energy of a Grand Trine in the Water Signs, which makes for an easy flow of energy for you, but can also mean that you get carried away in the wrong direction easily too.  So, it’s important to stay focused on goals.  Try to make this an at-home month.  You’ll be most productive that way.  You’ll also be wanting to spend more time with one particular person or group.

Now let’s look at what’s happening in March for each Sun Sign:

Aries: March will be an amazing month for you, Aries.  It’s time to clearly focus on what you want, and go for it! Your month may include travel, a visit from a female relative and or a romantic partner, and a big step forward in work or your career.  You may even be considering going back to school! The sky is the limit for you now, if that’s what you want!  There are wonderful opportunities around you now that improve finances, give you the recognition you desire, and further your life goals too. Finances will be a big part of your conversation, and it’s a good time to set up a budget and do some future planning.  You have a powerful focus on another person, and a situation similar to one past is developing. This could be good or bad, depending on how you handle it.

You brought the energy of change and transition into this year, Taurus, and many of those things you thought about are coming into your reality in March.  Your focus this month will be on home and family, and extended family issues.  There is a possibility some of those things will involve responsibilities that will require you to travel.  Be wary of being stuck in the middle of family squabbles, or becoming the meat in a tug of war battle!  Emotionally, you are ready for a change.   You have already distanced yourself from a lot of things you feel are coming, which is good.  Trust in your intuition.  It is a powerful tool for you this month.  Your biggest emotional concerns will focus around money.  Curb your spending, but stay positive.  A windfall is coming!

You should have lots of energy this month Gemini, and that’s good, because you’re going to need it!  This is going to be an emotional time surrounding home and family with all kinds of women/mother related issues. You may feel the need to clone yourself as your responsibilities require you to be in several places at the same time!  This can also be a very successful month for your career and life goals, especially if you are in an intuitive or a helping field, or the medical field.  Money, especially planning and organizing what you have, is important right now, so make that your number one priority, despite all of the social things you need to be involved with. Friends will be very helpful and can lighten your load, if you let them.  Old medical issues may pop back up.

This month finds you in the support role for others.  If you are to get what you want, you need to support your significant other, your friend, your colleague, your business partner or professional advisor regarding what they need from you, or you cannot get whatever it is that you want.  While you do this, you also have to play politics because they are, of course, more interested in fulfilling their needs than yours!  Don’t get stuck in the middle of any issues that belong to them.  Set boundaries.  Don’t be afraid to strike out on your own.  Big changes are afoot regarding your home.  It’s time to set yourself free.  Most of your time will be spent at home, but if you have the opportunity to travel, you should.  Something from your past needs to be resolved now.

Leo: This month requires putting your head together with a sibling, friend, or your team to bring about much needed change in your home or business situation, or perhaps both.  You are about to step into the seat of command, which will feel somewhat strange to you.  At home, health matters concern you.  At work, more responsibility comes your way.  Your situation is forcing you to set boundaries, and take charge.  You find yourself the adult dealing with all the children both at home and in your work space. You cannot ignore these social issues or you will be controlled by them.  Separate yourself. Only your objectivity can help you see the way through the problem.  What has begun will complete itself.  Nothing can stop it now.  Your task is to smooth the transition.

This is a good month to renew old friendships, to reminisce with siblings and close friends, and perhaps to deal with some deep seated feelings.  There will be some communications coming about finances and possible money. Some things misunderstood may come to light.  Actions you take now will set the stage for something you are planning for May.  A great deal of your time and energy this month will be used in support of your mate or partner. You are enjoying a Grand Trine in the Earth Signs at the beginning of this month, and that will help with some financial obligations.  Some unexpected travel or visitors may surprise you, too.  It’s important to pay attention to the organization of finances now.  Keep good records and have a good accountant.

Some major unexpected changes in your finances or those of your mate, partner, or business associate will bring about some very good opportunities for you this month. There will be multiple travel opportunities.  These seem to come about at the same time, unfortunately.  Regarding health matters – you, or someone close to you may be suffering from something either difficult to diagnose, or misdiagnosed.  Trust your intuition in dealing with all health matters this month.  Someone distant from you that you have a close emotional tie with seems to be going through a difficult time. This may or may not be the person with the health issue. You may consider a visit to see them. If you work on the internet, work will be more intense than usual this month.

Scorpio: March is a powerful month for you, Scorpio, filled with talk, arbitration, mediation, and responsibility.  Important decisions must be made.  You will have the support of your mate or partner.  Your partner’s fortunes are shifting,  creating sudden opportunities.  Although not unexpected, this is still likely to be a surprise. Careful handling is required and a great deal of patience.  A woman and a man both give good advice.  You may be building, renovating, or buying a piece of property.  Slow down.  Do it right. Your emotional focus this month will be on your significant other and your children. This could also be your fur babies or the child of your heart – that is, something you’ve created and love.  If you’re single, this is a good month for romance. 

There will be a lot of stress in your relationships with others this month, Sagittarius.  It will seem almost impossible to avoid arguments.  It’s a great time to through yourself into your work, to set your life goals, to address your own health and well-being. Distance yourself from all those who are hard to talk to, and you’ll have a better month.  Your biggest focus this month will be on taking charge of and organizing your finances, and setting up a future plan.  It’s a good time to budget for that future trip you are planning, and to arrange for the big sudden changes in both your home and your work that you know are coming. An older person or you or your significant other may be having issues with their throat. That will need medical attention.

Pluto is poised to exit Capricorn and move into the next sign of Aquarius as we begin the month.  You definitely want to listen to or read my editorial for March.  Keep a diary this month. In fact, keep it until June 2nd.  That will give you some very important insight into what will be changing for you!  I expect you will feel lighter, and a bit like a heavy weight has been lifted from you. That weight will return for a time over the summer, so don’t get too comfortable!  This month your rose-colored glasses are coming off, for good (that is, if you’re still even wearing them). Emotionally you’re focusing on children, and your creations.  If you’re single, it’s a good time to meet a ‘special friend’.  Pay attention to health matters, especially your own.

Pluto is poised to exit Capricorn where it’s been since 2008, and move into your sun sign, Aquarius, as we begin the month.  You definitely want to listen to or read my editorial for March.  Keep a diary this month. In fact, keep it until June 2nd.  That will give you some very important insight into what will be coming into our life over the next 21 years!  Yes, if you just caught your breath, just ask your Capricorn friends what a Pluto transit is like.  It will be life changing, for sure, in every way.  You will not be who you are now, when Pluto is done with you, in 2044.  Meanwhile, this can be a healing month for you, if you allow that.  Friends, family, siblings and all kinds of social activities are available to you, and you should participate.  You are setting up your future.

Pay close attention this month to your money, your finances, your assets, and your investments. Major changes, and with them, opportunities, are coming.  You don’t want to miss them.  Discussion with a female friend, sibling, or partner will reveal a means of achieving your financial dream.  At home you are seeking peace and comfort, but there’s too much going on.  Social activities, perhaps construction or renovation, all seem to bring discord to your environment.  Find a quiet place just for you.  Friends are very important to your future endeavors, and those friendships seem to be shifting right now.  The ones you want to keep need to be nurtured.  One has become divisive, pushing you out by making you the parent or mediator.  You don’t need that friend.

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