Astrological and Psychic Predictions for October 2022:



October promises to be a busy month filled with both opportunity and change.  We should all expect extreme emotions, both our own and other’s.  We will need to make a real effort towards communication and understanding.  Keep a journal starting on the 11th and continuing through to November 22nd.  It might be one of the most important things you’ve ever done, as that journal will give you a glimpse of what’s coming into your life in 2023.  Important changes are coming for you, and they are beginning now!

Here’s what’s happening for the Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius):
If you are a Fire Sign this month you may be both more physically active and also more emotional than usual. You might be feeling trapped.  Changes and interactions with friends will be beneficial. Your urge to move or change jobs or to just plain change your life is becoming almost unbearable.  What are you going to do about it?

Here's what’s happening for the Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn):
If you are an Earth Sign this month things may either go very smoothly for you, or conversely, they may feel totally out of control as the things you are working towards get away from your control almost as if they have a life of their own.  Last month you were pushing; this month you may be trying to catch up!  Keep your eye on the money, and expect some control issues at home.

Here's what’s happening for the Air Signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius):
If you are an Air Sign you are likely feeling the burden of responsibility this month, and this could make you very short tempered especially with other people.  You may be re-thinking some of the commitments you’ve made.  It’s a good time for a career move or even a step-up.  Friends and groups you belong to will be very supportive.  Remember to be careful what you say to whom, though.  Rumors can start very easily.

Here's what’s happening for the Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces):
If you are a Water Sign this month can be the one where doors begin to open for you in your career or regarding your aspirations.  Be cautious with your finances as they may go up and down radically this month.  If you’ve the opportunity to volunteer or work in a service or health-oriented field, or in business, it could be a good move for you.  Starting your own business that you’ve wanted to do for a while is an option too!

Now let’s look at what’s happening in October for each Sun Sign: 

This is a good month to heal old wounds and misunderstandings, Aries. If you or your partner are thinking of a career change, or opening a business together, it’s a good time to do that!  You may need to consciously slow yourself down, though, as you have a tendency right now to act and speak without thinking first, which might get you into trouble.  Emotionally you feel like you want to travel, or make a move either of your home or your job.  For some reason what you want is dependent upon another person.  Your eclipse journal will tell you what’s going on for that person for the next six months and that will help you to plan.  Keep an eye on your finances and the market.  Your investments, finances, and opportunities are up and down.

This month’s eclipse falls into your solar house of relationships, Taurus.  It’s important to be on the same page as your partner or spouse regarding what you both want, as next month’s eclipse falls in your sun sign which means change for you.  It’s coming. It may even be happening now!  You’ve been envisioning this for a long time.  Don’t let your fear of change thwart your dreams at the last minute!  Creative financial opportunities are all around you and you are finding this to be an extremely emotional time.  It may seem that things are moving too fast for you.  Relationships with people you work with are good and helpful right now.  Your concern over a health issue regarding someone close to you should work out well.  The key here is to communicate.

This will be an action filled and emotional month for you Gemini.  Mars is moving through your sun sign which can either bring a lot of physical activity your way and make you very energetic, or it can be very stressful.  Sublimating the emotional stress into physical action is a good idea, especially as it will make you easier to get along with!  You or your mate may want or need to travel, but something is limiting travel for you right now.  If you do travel at all it will likely be for work or business.  If you have children expect that you’ll be spending a lot of time with them, and with your family and your spouse.  Creative and social activities will be fun and enjoyable.  Time at home is good for you as you are experiencing the ‘hermit’ side of your nature.

Health concerns for someone important to you may keep you home this month, Cancer.  Whatever these issues are, they will be acute, they may require surgery or immediate action, but they will likely turn out well. There is healing energy around you right now.  Spending time at home will be good for you, and if your work environment feels like home, that will be good for you too!  Old friends or people you used to work with are likely to pop up, and there may be some offers on the table.  Ask yourself, “How do I feel about that?”  before you take a step backwards.  Remember, all that glitters is not gold.  Some opportunities that look too good to be true, really are. At least one of those ‘old things’ coming back may be something you deeply desired, like an old love.

Finances will be on your mind in a major way this month, Leo.  You may need some professional advice.  A friend or sibling can probably provide direction.  This month’s eclipse that also herald’s next year’s life choices suggest flexibility will be needed, along with good council.  A long-distance move, and/or a lot of travel may be a big part of your future.  A lot of internal healing is happening for you right now.  It’s not complete yet, but you are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Children, or the child of your heart, are a major concern this month, and you see where action needs to happen.  You’ve been planning for a year or more.  It’s time to move forward.  Close friends and siblings, if you have any, will be on your mind and will provide support.

Are you thinking of starting something new or going into business for yourself?  This could be a good month to do that!  Whether or not you do it, finances will be on your mind a lot this month, and this month’s eclipse will also cause you to focus on your financial future.  It may be time to write a Will, set up a Trust, or take other steps to protect yourself and your loved ones, financially.  Don’t waste time.  Follow your intuition and do it!  You may also be thinking of travelling or moving your work or residence.  Conflicts are present between you and another that are causing you to do a balancing act between your career, your aspirations and goals, and the home life you desire.  If you get clear on your own real desires, those conflicts will be more readily resolved.

This is your month, Libra!  Happy Birthday!  October heralds a year of change that is coming in 2023, so please be sure to keep your eclipse journal from October 11th through November 22nd!  What is changing, you ask?  Well, for the specifics, I would need to read your birth chart.  But in general, there will be healing of relationships, travel and perhaps a move, more freedom, learning, and financial changes that are powerful enough to alter your life direction.  Close friends and siblings will play an important role in your choices and your future.  You may find yourself more emotional and more argumentative than usual this month.  It may feel like you have to do everything twice for some reason.  Just be patient with yourself and others.  All will be well.

This month’s solar eclipse is the last of this year, and it provides insight into the coming 2023 year.  It just happens to be in your sun sign, Scorpio.  Apparently 2023 is going to be a very major year for you, and your journal that you keep from October 11th to November 22nd is going to show you what’s coming!  This month past opportunities, people, and relationship issues may be returning.  Finances and things you need to do surrounding them are a major focus all month.  Domestic as well as international travel and investment will be looked at. Issues concerning children, and relationships from the past need to be creatively handled.  It’s a good time to lay travel plans.  Friends and groups you belong to will be helpful.  It’s time to overcome some deep fears.

October is likely to be a very emotional month for you, as both your own emotions and those of a person you’re close to will be very volatile through most of the month.  It’s a good time to engage in a home project, or a physical activity that can ground some of that energy.  If you are in a relationship, your partner or spouse is struggling with something they cannot put into words, or with a medical diagnosis that is incomplete or incorrect.  Your intuition is very strong right now.  Trust it.  At some point, everything may depend upon it.  You are bringing wholeness and healing energy into your home this month.  Friends, and if you have children, your youngest child, will be very helpful. Travel is a possibility too – that could be you travelling, or someone visiting. 

Career and/or life choices that are important are being made this month.  Keep your journal!  Deep fears are being faced and acted out, and perhaps surmounted.  Health and healing are powerful issues that are and will be shaping your world. A great deal of your concern is on finances, assets, and perhaps legal issues.  You will feel confident that you have the correct people on your team to talk to and who can advise you well.  Things are beginning to move forward so quickly you may feel out of control, but you can trust the plans you’ve made and the future you’ve set up for yourself and your loved ones.  Expect major changes, radical shifts, and great opportunities to be coming soon, especially regarding finances.

If you have children, this month there will be a lot of interaction with them and perhaps some very intense emotional exchanges as well.  Travel and finances are on your mind an may be on your calendar of things to address as well.  You might even be considering a move of your home and/or work.  A change in career may lead you to the very thing you’d most like to be doing!  Communication is very important all month long and may lead to healing of some very important issues between you and someone you care a great deal about.  If you are married or living together, your partner is feeling like they are carrying the whole load.  Time to talk.

Financial healing looks like it’s coming your way.  Look for healing in your relationships as well.  This month promises to be a good one for you. If you have some irons in the fire regarding your career or life plans, now is the time to act on them.  Some major decisions soon have to be made concerning your children, if you have them (especially the oldest) or if you don’t, something which is a child of your heart.  In all legal issues and other documentation, it is extremely important right now to pay close attention to the details.  That means, dot your I’s and cross your T's!  Travel and or a move is likely, and much of what you are doing now is preparation for that. Expect the unexpected, and be prepared to act swiftly when the opportunity you are waiting for arrives.

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