August Astrological and Psychic Predictions


Astrological and Psychic Predictions for August 2022:

There are some very intense things happening this month astrologically, folks, so hold on and get ready for an interesting ride.  The month begins with Uranus, Mars and the North Node in hard aspects to Saturn, Mercury and the South Node.  In non-astrology language, that means the month begins with a feeling of explosive tension.  It’s likely that the hard aspects that create a grand cross will hold the explosive energy of Mars and Uranus in check, but just barely.  By the middle of the month the explosiveness will give way to constructive changes.

Here's what’s going on for the Fire Signs – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
There is a lot of motion around all the Fire Sign people this month.  If you are a Fire Sign you may be travelling, moving your residence, or changing your job.  Even if you aren’t physically moving, you can expect that there will be a lot of changes around you, and that the entire month will be filled with constant activity.  You may experience setbacks and roadblocks that require you to be flexible enough to find alternate solutions.  It’s important to communicate your needs and to listen to others as well.

Here's what’s going on for the Earth Signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
If you are an Earth Sign, you’re going to be experiencing explosive energy all month long as things like the world currencies on a large scale and your own finances on a smaller scale take a new turn.  Open your eyes, don’t miss any of the great opportunities that should be coming your way!  Pay attention to the hidden agenda’s you will see unfolding, and exercise patience.  The choices you make now will be with you for a long time.  This is a time for both planning and action.

Here's what’s going on for the Air Signs – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
As an Air Sign your focus through most of the month will be on relationships and dealing with authority issues – that could mean the need to be assertive yourself, or dealing with the over or under assertiveness of others.  You will find you need to set boundaries.  This will be a tension filled month if you allow yourself to become involved with other people’s battles because everyone seems at odds with everyone else.  You may end up committed to more responsibility regarding something than you intended.

Here's what’s going on for the Water Signs – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
What an emotional month this will be for you if you are a Water Sign.  It’s going to be a month filled with intuitive insights, premonitions, and powerful internal guidance. You may feel at times like you are dreaming, and at others, that all your dreams are coming true.  It is extremely important this month for you to trust your feelings, to work hard to stay grounded and centered.  You will be challenged. Past people and experiences, good and bad, are returning and you must deal with them before moving on.

Now let’s look at what will be happening for each zodiacal sign.

Aries -
This month is a good time to focus on all of your relationships with others, Aries. You may be beginning a new relationship, or stepping back from an old one. Your family may be rearranging itself. Your closest friends’ lives are shifting.   It is likely that the action (or inaction) of your significant other and closest friends will have a major effect on everything you do at the moment.  You have some big choices to make. You have been working on yourself for some time, and you are ready to grow. Now is your time to choose to do that alone or set some boundaries so that you can maintain the connections to those you love.  You’ll be addressing some serious issues including anger control, honesty, and communication.  You can do it!

Taurus -
This month may feel a bit like you are piloting a plane landing on a runway during a snowstorm.  Things you’ve planned for or expected for a long time are suddenly here. You need to act swiftly, and yet pay careful attention to every detail. You must pay attention to establishing the right rapport and organization, to lay the groundwork for whatever you are doing or building.  A delicate balance must be established in spite of all the tension you are experiencing.  Communicating is crucial.  Look for creative solutions to problems that arise.  Oddly, this is a good month for beginning a special relationship, for reaching a goal, for working out at the gym, even for beginning a family.  You might even be doing several of these things at the same time! Have fun!

Gemini -
Your emotional desire will be to stay close to home and family this month, Gemini. That said, in all areas of your life you will be dealing with relationships issues – at home, at work, with your family and with your friends.  Many of your deepest fears are being triggered.  It’s important to talk instead of simply reacting.  Your intuition is particularly powerful this month, but so is your tendency towards paranoia.  Remember to stay grounded and remain centered.  Avoid conflicts and confrontations with authority figures.  In business or banking, be sure to get professional guidance and advice.  If you are buying or building a home, pay close attention to all the details, as some things may be concealed that you need to know about.  Trust your intuition.

Cancer -
Avoid control issues and controlling people this month, Cancer.  Expect someone to make a power-grab at work or at home, connected to your life-mate, partner, or boss.  It’s likely you’ll be spending a lot of time at home or with the family this month, and this can be an opportunity to bring healing and wholeness to some things.  You need a lot of time for yourself right now, so don’t be hesitant to take it.  Discussions with a close friend will be important.  Confidences exchanged may reveal some surprising things.  Issues with siblings may come up too.  If you have children there can be some big things going on with them this month that you need to be available for too.  It is definitely going to be a busy month for you Cancer!

Leo -
This will be one of those months when you feel like you need to be all things to all people, Leo.  There just isn’t enough of you to go around!  Set some boundaries, or you’ll find yourself losing your temper at someone, and you’ll probably regret it.  Your work and career appear to be more demanding than usual and some crucial things are happening that you need to be on top of.  At the same time, your significant other and responsibilities at home are demanding your attention.  Set priorities.  You cannot do it all.  Pay close attention to money and finances, and if you own your own business, to it as well.  Financial dealings are crucial.  Attention to the smallest details is imperative.  Any misinformation will cost.  Trust your intuition and get professional advice if needed.

Virgo -
This is a highly emotional time for you, Virgo.  If you are in a relationship, it’s important to connect and share with your partner as one of you seems to be creating emotional distance.  Whether intentional or not, right now that is causing harm to the relationship.  If you are single, this could be a good month to find that ‘soul mate’.  There’s a lot of energy around either a move or travelling this month too.  You might be travelling for vacation or to visit friends or family, or doing a lot of commuting with your work.  Expect sudden changes in plans, and since you have a tendency to be accident prone right now, do be careful and think before you act.  In your work, career or business old plans and ideas will come back into play.  This should be a good and productive month.

Libra -
This is a great month to spend some time on yourself, Libra.  Time focusing on your goals, your needs, your desires.  That said, you will have to fight for that time as it seems that a lot of other people want and need you right now too.  You are likely to focus energy on something you really enjoy and can make a successful career out of, or add to your existing work.  This is a good time to heal a relationship issue with an older person, or with your significant other, or even both.  Avoid getting into control games with a woman that could be connected to you through your family or at home.  Meanwhile, the balance between work and play is critical this month.  Pay close attention to financial matters and all financial dealings this month. Think opportunity!

Scorpio -

This month brings explosive energy your way, Scorpio.  Look for opportunities generated through your life-mate, your business partners, and your close friends as well as places, entities and people where you’ve invested time or money and established a foundation for growth.  Recognizing and acting on options as they present themselves is important.  Many will only come once.  Rely on that which is tried and true as many pitfalls lie before you.  Not every opportunity is what it appears. Travel or a possible move is in the picture.  This may be with a family member, possibly your life-mate. Keep your cards close to your chest until you are sure you have achieved your goals.  Your path involves working with someone who has advisors you may not know about.

Sagittarius -
You are surrounded by health, home, financial and family issues that you are compelled to act on this month, Sagittarius.  This may affect your home situation, as well as your work environment and those you work with. It’s a good thing you enjoy all that activity. Meanwhile, new employment and work options are coming your way.   Additionally, you have many financial decisions to make, that could change your life situation.  Pay attention to the details and try not to get too involved in control issues while being sure to look after your own interests.  Your heart is focused on freedom, and on travel, so perhaps you’ll take a trip with your spouse, life-mate or a close friend or family member. You could certainly use the break. 

Capricorn -
This month holds potential for making strides forward in your career, and bringing your life goals closer, Capricorn.  A female friend, or your life-mate or partner is exerting a powerful push that will help speed you on your way.  Your goal is beginning to gain clarity; it’s important to remain grounded through all the change and activity around you and in your world. Your creative endeavors are soon to bear fruit.  In romance, or in your creative or physical endeavors, you may attract a partner who wants to move faster than your comfort zone permits.  Set boundaries.  If you have children, pay attention to their situation and their current issues.  It seems like a lot is going on there, and if it’s not handled well, it could create financial problems for you as well as them. 

Aquarius -
You a tendency this month to get carried away emotionally by financial issues, Aquarius.  Your emotions travel the gambit from fear about the financial conditions in the world as well as in your personal finances, to elation about perceived opportunities.  Your key word regarding all these things is discernment.  You need to remain grounded, check your sources.  Read documents carefully.  Sign nothing that you haven’t had a qualified professional look over first.  All that will keep you out of trouble.  You should be paying close attention to day-to-day activities, health matters, and your work and career.  This is where your world is really bursting with opportunity. Don’t be afraid to return to something you’ve done before to help you step into your future in a good way.

Pisces -
Be aware that this month your life-mate or partner, or a close family member, may be going through some intense emotional issues that are a major and unwelcome distraction for you, Pisces.  You need to find a way to deal with those issues, while not taking your eye off the ball concerning the major things going on in your own life.  Something you’ve been working towards for a long time has great opportunities opening to it right now, and expansive, perhaps travel related or distance opportunities as well.  But if you don’t pay attention, even baby-sit your creation, you will miss those opportunities for growth. Communication is the key.  Avoid confrontation and making everything dependent upon your own action. Consider reorganization and or relocation.


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