December 2018 Astrolights

We begin the month with Mars and Neptune conjunct in Pisces in the twelfth house.  This does not bode well for our ability to keep our impulses under control.

I expect the full Moon on the 22ndin Cancer to be a real doozey since Jupiter in Sagittarius, ruling both Sagittarius and Pisces, squares the Mars Neptune conjunction in Pisces. Whenever Mars and Neptune get together, there emerges a tirade of irrational actions.

By themselves, they create enough discord but with Jupiter augmenting the mix, the full Moon will be a hard influence to overcome. Since the Moon’s north node is in Cancer, ruled by the Moon, the best place for our attention will be in the activity of nurturance.

Since Jupiter is involved and with the combined added irrationality of Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces, we must guard against giving everything away under the expanded “demands” of compassion and must be wary of being taken advantage of by those who would attempt to make us feel guilty for not capitulating to “emptying our cupboard” in the name of that compassion. This fits in with the “tyranny of the weak” in our families and the invasion force approaching us through Mexico.

We are already hard pressed to take care of our own country’s unfortunate souls without letting our lifeboat become over crowed and sinking under our own weight plus that of illegals.

As a result of Uranus retrograding back into Aries, politics and finances are going through a reset. Out attention is once more turning toward our perceptions of independence and how we can keep our own ship afloat during the ensuing financial and political storm.

We should be asking ourselves, what can we do to save our resources while at the same time being pressured by a growing and indoctrinated part of our country that is screaming into giving up our sovereignty and demanding that we “redistribute” the wealth of our hard-won nation to those who haven’t even earned citizenship according to our laws.

Mars conjunct Neptune was a prime configuration in the chart of Charles Manson who deluded and perverted a group of people into activities that sabotaged their own humanity and welfare with a twisted set of values. We must guard against being swept away by the metastasizing social frenzy.

With Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun conjunct in the ninth house of Sagittarius, we are being called upon to realign our values with qualities that will cull our own spiritual growth while making sure that we retain enough personal resources to that end.

Their presence in the ninth house draws our attention to our responsibility as citizens to work on ourselves and our own growth rather than distracting ourselves away from being accountable for our actions, or inactions, through focusing solely on the welfare of others.

Religion has erroneously contributed in abundance to the delusionary requirement of putting others before taking care of our own responsibilities.

It’s time to fess up and not bury ourselves in the problems of others.   

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