December Astrological Predictions 2018


Healing comes from unexpected sources this month Aries. This could be healing that you are hoping to receive for yourself, or for a loved one. It's important to focus on staying tuned into your intuition all month long, difficult though that may be at times. Trusting your instincts will help you to avoid many potential fopahs this holiday season! Relationships and romance, children, and your creative and fun activities, are your priorities this month, pretty much in that order! As long as you remain flexible and stay in the flow this should prove to be a magical time for you and yours.

Take care of minor health issues immediately so you can fully enjoy your time this month. Meanwhile, in the back corner of your active mind is the career issue. You know something is coming, but not what or when. Look for a change that will bring greater responsibility but also greater possibility after the first of the year.

Yes, it will involve negotiation, and politics, and some major changes that will require your family's support, and it may be a bit of a financial reach....and yes, there are family issues to consider too, but all that is in the future. For now, set all that aside and enjoy the spirit of the holiday, with the people you love. Make 2018 your best Holiday Season ever!

Are you just getting a new pet, or perhaps redoing your home or workplace? Perhaps you will release your desire to totally shift your environment by going nuts with Christmas decorations. However you do it, Taurus, you are bringing some light and joy into your day to day environment this holiday season. The result is going to be awesome.

People around you will be happier, and lighter, your home and workspace will turn into an upbeat gathering place, your family will be excited about everything your doing including the good things planned for the future. Will it be a move, or an expansion? No need to worry about that now though. Right now, you can afford to just be. You have been concerned with finances and balancing and redirecting their flow all year long. Now is the time you can finally take a breath, step back, and just let the energy of the season carry you.

This is a very healing time for you, and if you plan on enjoying it with your significant other doing something extra special, travelling for the holidays perhaps, expect things to go smoothly and be relaxing and happy. Let this season bring out your romantic side. Play like a child again. You'll find the experience to be exactly the healing you've needed!

This month is filled with swiftly changing people, things, and activities in and around yur home and perhaps your workplace as well Gemini. Be flexible and enjoy whatever ups and downs life throws your way and you will have a happy holiday season! Health issues for you or someone close, are a dominant theme of the season.

Look at those that problems that come up as opportunities for healing, rather than illness, and they will become exactly that. Some past opportunities involving home, family, and career are returning and may involve travel or communications, or both! Your emotional focus wants to be at home with family, but you need to keep an eye on things at work because some amazing possibilities are surfacing but will quickly pass if you don't respond in a timely fashion. You are in the process of redirecting or refocusing something of great importance in your life right now.

Much of that redirection needs to be internal before you are ready to move forward. You may be experiencing feelings of confusion, insecurity, or fear concerning your present life direction. All the more reason for you to work hard to get some good, solid grounding by putting some time and effort into the details at home and work that have been getting away from you. As you focus on the details the big picture will become clear. Happy Holidays!

Make this holiday season your most festive yet! If you have children, it is likely your events this month will all closely include them, and some travel may be involved. It's even likely you may hear from a 'kid' you have not heard from in a long time! It's important to work hard to keep communications clear this month, as what you think you are saying is not necessarily what people are hearing!

This applies to ALL forms of communication, but most especially contracts and dealings with people that may have future consequences. You seem to be having some struggles this month getting everyone in your world on the same page. If it's your lot to be the social director (and it probably is) you are in big trouble.

You'll end up giving all your time and energy to the one or two people who can't make their minds up or have other comittments they are trying to balance. Here's a suggestion just go ahead and let things play out as they will, being as flexible as you can be in order to accomodate everyone's needs, but follow a pre-determined plan that everyone knows about and can build into their OWN schedules in whatever way works best for them. That will keep you out of trouble, keep everone in the loop, and maybe even give you some time for yourself this month! Have a fun Holiday Season!

It looks like the party is going to be at your house this year Leo, or perhaps at your family's home. And either you are going to be doing some long distance traveling or someone is coming for a visit with you. Or maybe both?

This can be an opportunity for a great reunion and lots of fun, or a golden opportunity to open old wounds better left closed. It's all about how you decide to handle the communication with siblings and close friends. You are just too old to still be squabbling over mommy. Remembering that will set you all free to have a good time.

On another note - financial issues from the past need to be discussed until there is clarity regarding all parties. This may relate to either family or business Leo, but you will not feel emotionally secure or financially stable until you have that discussion. If children are involved they could be an unnecessary and negative distraction. Things at home, and regarding family matters, are changing and you are likely to be the one marshalling the changes in. Or at least overseeing them. Be compassionate yet direct and take charge. Be a Leo. And have a wonderful holiday season!

You are looking forward to an emotional and possibly over-sensitive holiday season this year Virgo. It is likely that either your own emotions, or those of a woman who has a strong impact on your daily life, are on a roller-coaster all month long.

The most important thing to find solid ground amidst all this emotion is to focus on facts and practical chores and discussions. Avoid flights of fancy and paranoia, especially where your significant other is concerned, but also in all your other relationships as well. In your current state of over sensitivity you can easily be reading things into, well, everything.

A great way to redirect this energy would be into social gatherings with friends and perhaps something creative and romantic with your significant other. Clear communication is of the utmost importance so f you think you heard something you didn't like - ask the person who said it what they meant. That will clear the air and forestall a lot of hurt feelings this holiday season. Take advantage of all the fun social options with friends that pop up because there are a lot of family obligations you will be meeting this holiday season that you may not really be 'up' for.

Go with the flow, put your hyper sensitivity on a back burner, and find your fun times on your own, or with some close or far friends, and you will celebrate a happy December! Enjoy!

Relationships, especially with women or your significant other, are somewhat turbulent all month long. Do your best to ride the waves taking the good with the bad and all will be well. The only constant this month is change.

Finances are looking up as something you are involved with begins to bring in some extra money. It's also the perfect time to start writing (or maybe finish) that book! Your creativity is at a high point right now. All month long you will be given to introspection, examining feelings you didn't even know you still had.

This is the ideal time to transmute negative emotions to something positive, and begin truly healing yourself. If you have children (or furrbabies) there is bound to be a lot of action around them. Pay close attention as there could be some health issues brewing and now is the time to forestall them, before they become major issues. If you are in a relationship expec lots of upheavals, shifts, and unexpected changes.

Family issues need resolution and can become a major point of contention. If you are single and looking, there are many exciting opportunities for short term relationships, but the long term soul mate isn't on the horizon yet. Spending the holidays at home or close to home will probably bring you the most enjoyment this year. Enjoy!

December is going to be a great month for you Scorpio as you follow some of your dreams, do a little traveling, connect with good friends, and open the floodgates to your creative side (and your romantic side too!). Even finances appear to be looking up!

You may have to be a bit careful what you say to people as communications are not as clear for you as you would like, and at home there is either going to be some discord or perhaps some construction going on that is somewhat disruptive to your normally quiet environment.

Now is a time of self-love and healing for you as well. Regarding health in general, your health is likely to fluctuate all month. The biggest things to look out for are nervous issues,or perhaps headaches or muscle aches. It's likely you are wishing to be home for your holidays, but won't be. Social obligations or other issues are likely to block that quiet Christmas at home you've been thinking about. But holidays spent with friends or extended family, or at another family member's home can be extra special too. I suspect this will be one of your best holiday season's ever! Enjoy!

You may not normally be given to introspection or self-analysis, but this December, for whatever reason, you are doing a lot of inward exploration Sagittarius. It is time to ramp up your dreams. To examine your feelings and desires, and to start creating a solid plan to begin to manifest your desires.

Emotionally your focus is on the outer world. It's on your career, and on the details of daily life, and on balancing family responsibility with the needs and responsibilities of work. You are just at the point though, where your actions, carefully planned, can begin to move you forward into the life you desire for your future.

Expect that the holidays will pass by smoothly, you will have an opportunity to do some healing on your creative self, and perhaps on someone else you are close to as well. Finances remain something of a struggle and soon it will be time to set a new foundation for how you are handling them. But that time is not quite yet here. Take this holiday season time, now, to connect with loved ones here and away, to rebuild relationships where it's needed, and give support where it's needed. Enjoy those friends and relatives who come your way, or whom you visit.

You are at a time of endings and beginnings in your life, finding your way along a new path that promises to be whatever you choose it to be. Put your joy and happiness into the moment you are in now, so that an even better future will follow. Happy Holidays!

Friends and groups figure powerfully into your future choices right now Capricorn. In December many opportunities are returning. Some involve travel, some involve communications, some bring social involvement...the question is, are you the same person who ordered these opportunities up to start with?

You have changed and grown. Which options does this new you choose? And you must choose carefully as you are truly being given the chance here to get back on track with your dreams and goals. Your decisions must be made swiftly for in the next month your life takes another turn, moves in another new direction, and personal responsibilities and time limitations will prohibit you from moving forward in some of these cherished areas.

Meanwhile, this most celebratory month of the year is also marked by change and perhaps construction, renovation, or even a major move at home. One thing is sure, family life will be eventful all through December. Your heart is going to be elsewhere through much of the month either due to travel or visitors from afar.

The remainder of the month expect a deluge of activities that will certainly keep you busy. Take whatever time you can salvage for yourself to do some deep consideration of how much responsibility you are ready to take on as you move forward into a new position or life journey after the first of the year. Happy Holidays!

Life has been a seesaw through much of this past year as you slowly have been sliding back onto your chosen life path. The light of the transiting Sun is shining powerfully on your career choices this month Aquarius. So where others are most focused on home and family matters throughout the holidays, you find yourself looking towards future career opportunities, reworking old ideas and options, rekindling old connections, and making plans for your future work or endeavors from the ashes of the past.

Travel and a possible relocation is likely - that could be for professional or personal reasons. Money is definitely an emotional motivator for you at the moment, and it is more than possible that some squabbles with a woman or a significant other could be developing. Right now it's impossible to tell truth from lie. Set the trap. Then you'll know.

The holidays at home will likely be quiet, but there is a good chance you'll be traveling to celebrate with siblings or friends through at least part of the month. Enjoy a Happy Holiday Season!

It's likely travel plans or even a move of your work or residence is on the dockett for this December. It's likely going to be a very eventful holiday season as you seesaw back and forth between two families, homes, workplaces, or wherever. The operative word here is travel. Both long and short distance. Likely to a place (or places) you've been before.

You are still doing a lot of healing work on yourself. What comes to mind is 'healer, heal thyself'. You truly can't be much use to anyone else unless you are whole first. Are you whole, or at least where you want to be, yet? Do you know where you want to be? It certainly isn't where you thought you wanted to be. Is your future plan still morphing or are you beginning to see it's emerging shape?

Emotionally your focus is on relationships all through the month. Most specifically, it's important for you and your life partner to be on the same page. Exchange of confidences and dreams shared is important. If you are single, it suddenly is very important to find that special partner! The important thing right now is that you are finding your inner motivation again. Transiting Mars is sitting right on your Solar Ascendant. It is definitely time for action. Have a successful and exciting holiday season!

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