December Holiday Specials for 2022


Do I have a wonderful line-up of special offers for you and everyone on your gift list this year!  Here they are:

Offer #1

 What’s Coming in 2023 webinar  My Guides and I are presenting a special webinar giving predictions for the 2023 year right here online, on Thursday, December 8th, at 7PM!  It’s only $25 to attend, but attendance is limited, so sign up right away to make sure you reserve your seat for this annual event.  If you miss the live webinar, don’t worry, you’ll get the recording, as will everyone who attends live.

Last year my Guides made predictions that amazingly foretold told so much of what has happened in our lives, our nations, and our world, during this eventful 2022 year we are now ending.  They talked about weather, earth changes, politics, health issues, personal and world finances, and more.  Those of you who attended last year know how amazingly accurate most of those predictions were!  I can’t wait to hear what my Guides are going to tell us about what’s coming in 2023!  I feel it’s going to be a great year! This webinar  will give you a really good look into the coming year, both globally and with an overview for each zodiac sign.

Offer #2

My Second Holiday Special for December – 

This is the last month I am running my VIP Membership Drive this year!  After December 31st, you may still join, but you’ll miss out on the gift I want to give you.

Membership costs only $20 per month or $197 per year and allows you to enjoy all the privileges and perks of this amazing VIP program!  Right now, those who register between December 1st and 31st are going to get a very special gift from me!

My gift to you for becoming a VIP Member this month is my “Twelve Ways To Open Your Own Gifts” webinar, on MP4 video.  This is one of the most loved classes in my Evolution of Consciousness Video Series.  That 6-month long course sells for $297, and the individual classes are not available separately – except for this gift I am giving you now when you become a VIP during our membership drive this December!

Shar’on Lynn Wyeth, former well-known radio personality and host of “Luminescence, Common Sense Spirituality” was one of our VIP members prior to her untimely death last year. Shar’on spoke very highly about the VIP program -

“Sandy’s VIP Membership program is one of the best metaphysical educations you can get on the web, and for an amazingly low price. If you are on a budget and want to study tarot, astrology, numerology, kabbala, psychic development and more, you should join this community - there is nothing better for the price anywhere.”

So, what’s holding you back? Perhaps you need to know more about what you get by becoming a member?  Let me tell you…

- You get access to OVER A HUNDRED MP3 audio classes covering tarot, astrology, metaphysical philosophy, magic, numerology, crystals, psychic healing, psychic development, psychic tools, and more, all in your own online library that you can listen to anywhere and on any device.  Keep track of your progress as you learn!  What’s more, is all of these classes are FULLY DOWNLOADABLE! You truly will OWN this library of metaphysical studies on audio for less than $1 a class!

- You get a quarterly in-person group call with me where you can ask me questions as you study. 

- You get a private community where you can discuss your progress, ask questions, and find partners to work with, that is monitored by my assistant Lisa and I.  This direct access to me and my knowledge is worth many times the cost of the program!

- You get early notification of new classes and special events I am offering.

- You get special discounts on many events and classes with me all year long.

- You get to attend special events that are open to members only.

Every class I taught or team taught since 1983 is contained in this library on MP3, so you can learn and study anywhere! People begged for years for me to release all this information!  Even my much talked about Magic Series of classes, available NO WHERE ELSE, can be found here!

Honestly, if learning and developing a truly great foundation in nearly every area of the metaphysical field is one of your bucket list items, you NEED to join at this amazingly low price because the material in this membership part of my website will have you learning and growing and evolving for years to come. I can assure you, there is nothing like this available anywhere else!

Don't miss out.   Join NOW and get your special gift.

Here's the link to become a member (and remember, when you become a member, between  December 1st and 31st, you get my “12 Ways to Open Your Own Gifts” web-class, free, as my gift to you! 

Offer #3

Right NOW, before December 31st, is the right time to sign up for my 2023 online Anastasi System of Psychic Development. There are so many reasons to sign up now. Here are just a few.

First, you get a big discount.  There are six multi-session classes in the series, and you save the cost of more than one whole class by registering early.

Second, this class is limited in size. The earlier you sign up, the more likely you will get in.

Third, I only teach this course live, online, ONCE A YEAR. The class begins on January 25th and runs through May. There are six levels, that take you from total beginner to accomplished psychic-medium, and also it includes my 'Seeing Beyond the Veil' class that contains information that all psychics, channels, and mediums, should know.

Fourth, if you sign up for the entire series NOW, I am going to gift you with my Psychic Protection Tips Online Course. I am giving you this extra gift because I think it is so important for psychics to have a very good understanding of psychic protection.

If you have been considering developing your own psychic gifts, if you are ready to give yourself the ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS PRESENT, that will keep giving to you for the rest of your life, SIGN UP NOW!

Whether your interest is casual and you merely want to read and understand your family's emotions better, or if you want to become a better partner to that cherished someone, or if you already know you are psychic and want to expand your abilities and find a supportive community, or if you want to go all the way into the deepest journey of self-discovery you've ever taken, to learn how extensive your psychic intuitive gifts are and explore all the things you can do with them to improve your life in every way....even if you aspire to one day become a pro, you owe it to yourself to learn from someone with the best ethics, values, and experience, who's taught some of the most well-known names in the psychic field, who's been actively teaching for over 40 years, and who really wants you to be one of her next students! There's no time to waste. This class is filling up. Really.

This is your last opportunity to get ALL the perks for early enrollment, and the last time I am offering my very best discount for the class. It’s the early enrollment full pre-pay option. That option lets you buy this $3000 course for only $2,225!  What’s more, if you purchase it NOW, I am offering a special 2-pay option so you will be billed $1,112.50 a month for December and January.  We must receive your final payment before the class begins on January 25th.  To get the 2-pay option contact Lisa at [email protected] and she’ll get you started!  This great option gives you almost two full classes FREE!

Or, sign up now at the regular price on my website HERE


My fourth Holiday Special Offer to you is my YAAG Reading Special. This is a MARVELOUS gift to give yourself, and an incredibly thoughtful gift to give to another. I only offer this reading for a short period each year, and the spots fill up very fast!

My Guides and I will lay out your life, month by month, from January through December 2023, so you will know what is coming into your life month by month throughout 2023.

This is the best way to start the New Year because it gives you the chance to take advantage of opportunities because you will know in advance they are coming. It gives you the ability to manage your life and your world in such a way that you can avoid most of the major potential pitfalls coming your way in the New Year.

You will know which things and people are important to focus on, and which you can let go. I really can't overemphasize just how important getting a YAAG reading done at the start of each new year is. Do this for yourself in 2023. You will be SO GLAD YOU DID!

You can have your YAAG reading for only $300 now.  There are a limited number of spots available for this reading, and when they are filled the reading will no longer be available.  Your YAAG reading must be completed by February 28th.

 Change your life for the better in 2023!  Sign up for your YAAG now!  My YAAG reading makes a great gift too

Offer #6

By Popular Demand I am offering my Reading/Coaching Package special.

I have many clients who wait all year for this special package to be offered.                           


When you purchase my
 6 Psychic Coaching sessions package (of 1/2 hour sessions), you can purchase it for only $1,250 through December 31st!   

To get this option contact Lisa at [email protected] and she’ll get you started! 

(You can book your readings whenever you want any time before December 31st 2023! I suggest you book well ahead; although my clients who have purchased packages have priority, there is still a waiting list.  Many people book their year of readings out at the beginning of the year to assure they get their reading or coaching when they really need it!)

Please Have A Wonderful, Awesome, Loving, Wondrous Holiday Season! From my family to yours, I wish you peace and prosperity in the year to come!


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