Editorial for August 2022


Hello Everyone,

This month my editorial is about pathways, passages and choices.

As most of you are aware right now, our entire world is in a state of change unlike anything we’ve seen since most of us have been alive.  If you listen to the mass media and most of the social networks, the sky is falling, most of us will die or at least have our lives destroyed, and it will be a miracle if we don’t starve.  I choose not to listen to the mass media, and rarely engage on the social networks unless I see something uplifting and heartfelt.  I choose to listen to my Higher Self, to my Guides, and to my inner intuitive guidance instead.  That has never let me down.  I seek to support the forces of good as I seek direction from my inner wisdom.

What we are really experiencing, my friends, is a change of the ‘old guard’.  The old is giving way to the new.  As we evolve and grow, that experience is inevitable, in the world, and in our own lives.  Your own personal choices will make growth easy, smooth and rewarding, or difficult and fearsome.  Change may be inevitable; but how you choose to move through it and master it is totally up to you. 

Many people don’t realize that it is always in the midst of change that the most amazing opportunities present themselves.  Again, it’s up to you if you choose to act on those opportunities.  Some people will be so closed minded that they will not even see those special opportunities the universe places right in front of them.  If you are to see the whole picture, you see, you have to give up trying to control the narrative.

What I mean is that each of us has evolved certain patterns of behavior and certain life expectations that cause us to always respond and react the same way we always have in certain situations whenever they come up.  These behavioral patterns get us into living our lives ‘unconsciously’. Those automatic responses make daily life easier; but in a crisis situation, or when major life decisions are involved, they get in the way. 

When we step back from any situation, and consciously change our point of view, and step free of our automatic response system, a broader perspective immediately appears that gives us more, and often better, options.  This is particularly evident when we are dealing with a problem in our lives that must be solved.  It’s typical for people to handle problem solving by falling back on their past experience when solving the same, or a similar, problem.  But as soon as you fall back on a past response pattern your focus narrows and excludes often obvious solutions that could be right in front of you.

Consider for a moment that you may have locked yourself out of your home. Your automatic response pattern may be to retrieve the spare key from it’s hidden place by the door.  If the extra key isn’t there you may panic because your focus is so locked into an old pattern of behavior.  But as you mentally step back and observe the whole situation you become aware of many options that a moment before were closed to you.  You may recall the spare key in the car, that your mom or girlfriend has a key, that you left your back door open, or that your husband or wife is due home in just a few moments and can open the door for you.

In our life experience right now, those of us who choose to see the bigger picture that gives us more, and often better options, are going to be the most successful as we move into the future.

 In a reading I did for a client recently we talked about opportunity.  My client didn’t feel that she had many opportunities to improve her life.  She kept waiting for them, but they didn’t come.  Meanwhile, her astrology chart that I was working with showed opportunities for growth and advancement all around her.  There was an obvious distance between what she felt her reality to be, and what I saw it should be, in her chart.  After some discussion it became obvious that she didn’t know what she wanted in life.  Her ‘pattern of response’ was to follow someone else who was pursuing what they wanted, and support their journey. She assumed that following the path someone else set for her would bring her happiness.  She had never even given consideration to the fact that she had her own life path to pursue.  She wasn’t making any of her own choices and had no goals that reflected her own desires.  She kept waiting for those opportunities for her own happiness and fulfillment to come, but they couldn’t.  In focusing her energy on the fulfillment of everyone else’s dreams, the opportunities that were there just for her couldn’t manifest.  When they did appear, she couldn’t even recognize them as her focus was elsewhere. 

If this sounds like you in any respect, it’s time to get in touch with your own desires.  Most of us come up with a list of things in our lives that we don’t want, when asked what we do want.  That’s not the same as getting in touch with our real personal goals and desires.  So, for the moment ignore those things you would change if you could…and focus instead on who and what you want in your life, the quality of life you want, what kinds of things you want to do, see and have in your life.  Do you see how freeing it is to focus on your true desires, unburdened by those things that always make you feel pushed down and held back?

It is universal law that your focused desire be fulfilled.  But the universe cannot fill conflicting desires that cancel each other out, nor can if fulfill wishes never made.  If you don’t know what you want, opportunities will never come to you.  If you are only supporting someone else’s life journey, not only do your own opportunities not come, but if you are inwardly wanting something different than them, you may be cancelling out their opportunities as well.  If you are following a path in life that someone else has set for you, and that does not reflect your own true desires, again, opportunities cannot come, because you are not on your own journey. 

When you are on consciously on the path of your own desire, and willing to see the big picture, no longer locked into unconscious patterns of behavior, the obstacles in your life will fall away and your path forward will be filled with constant opportunities.  Then, your biggest struggle will be to choose which ones you want to pursue.

We live in a time of great change, and also of great opportunity.  Seeking your own opportunities requires first that you define your own desires and the path in life that you most want to follow.  Provided you are not conflicted as soon as you do that the opportunities you seek will begin to come your way.  Use your feelings to guide you to the options that will be the most rewarding.  If something feels bad, or tiring, or uninteresting, pass that option up.  Options that lead you towards your life goals will always feel happy and uplifting, or at the least, bring a sense of relief with them.

All the best on your own personal journey. 

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi

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