Editorial Videoblog for April, 2023


Hello Everyone,

     Last month I talked about Pluto moving into Aquarius, and I promised that this month I’d give you my thoughts on what kinds of things I think Pluto will bring into all of our lives during the 19 years it will be moving through Aquarius.  I also recommended that you keep a journal from March 24th, when Pluto first moves into Aquarius, and June 2nd, when it makes its first retrograde.  During that time, you’ll be able to get a quick look into the types of things it will bring into your life over the next 19 years.

     One of my favorite astrology resource books is Rex Bill’s “Rulership Book”.  Essentially, this book is a simple list of things associated with each sign, and each planet in the zodiac.

     Here is a list of some of the things Rex Bill associates with Aquarius.   I believe these are many of the things we will see Pluto bringing its magic of transformation to during the next 19 or 20 years.  In fact, we are already seeing many of these things being researched and created or transformed:

     Acquaintances, friendliness, sociability, and social affairs, including those for highly sensitive people, also lectures, clubs, architecture and art. Congress and senate, freedom of thought and free will; philanthropy, and grants; also, revolution and reform.  Science, research, exploration, chiropractic, psychology, astrology, nuclear and quantum physics, waves, gases, electromagnetic energy, etheric energy, auras and energy healers, aeronautics, cars, batteries, light and lightening, photography, mechanics, motors, motorcycles, movies, radio, television, and wireless. Health concerns and research include water, allergies, anemia, the lymphatic system, arteries, including hardening of them, weakness of the heart, blood and body fluids, eyes, sight, skin sensitivity, ankles, shins and legs. Special focus may be on certain places including Brighton, England, St Louis, Missouri, Saltsburg, Austria, the Holy Land, Palestine, Arabia, Los Angeles, Michigan, Polynesia, Russia, Siberia and Prussia, the Pacific Ocean, the Red Sea, the Black Sea, and the Caspian Sea.

     We’ll have to wait to see how well Rex Bill identified all these areas Aquarius deals with. So far, I think he’s doing pretty well! Remember, his book was published a long time ago, so we should add some things to this list that didn’t even exist back then, like digital currency, cyber security, blue tooth wireless technology and all of the amazing inventions that have become part of our everyday lives.  Many of these are the very ‘tools’ that will bring about the future transformation of our world.

     As you’ve been reading (or watching or listening) to this editorial, what thoughts have come to you about your own life?  What do you see Pluto transforming and revolutionizing in your own world?  I’d love to hear about that.

      I have an ‘Open Community’ that you become a member of automatically when you sign up for my newsletter.  I would LOVE to read your comments there, about yourself, and especially about what YOU think Pluto in Aquarius will bring into the world!  Just go to my website, www.sandyanastasi.com, click on the ‘library’ tab, and you will see the Open Community listed right there.  Click on it and start writing!  It’s a direct way to connect with me and our other members too!

Love and Light,
Sandy Anastasi


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