Editorial Videoblog for December, 2022


Hello Everyone,

Firstly, Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday to You and Yours!  No matter where you live, no matter what religion you practice, and even if you don’t practice one at all, my Guides and I are wishing you all the happiness of this Holiday Season!  We have all surmounted the challenges of the last few years, and yes, we deserve this opportunity to celebrate. 

Let this Holiday Season be the Celebration of Life it was always meant to be!

My Guides show friends and families coming together; they show strangers sharing time and space together; they show wounds between people being healed; they show us all reaching out towards each other in a spirit of unity and acceptance.  They show me the love of mankind awakened this Holiday Season.

Find that love in your heart. Then allow it to spread outward to all those you encounter. 

Here’s a simple but powerful exercise I like to do, that’s easy for you to do too.  Close your eyes.  Mentally ‘see’ a point of light within your heart.  Ignite that point of light, seeing it become brighter and brighter. As it gets brighter, ‘see’ it expanding within your chest.  As soon as it starts to expand, you’ll become aware of a powerful stream of white light entering the top of your head and flowing into your heart.  The more you expand your heart’s light, the more light fills you from above!  First, fill your chest.  Then expand the brilliance by breathing it out to surround your body.  Then breathe it out further still to encompass your home.  Then your community.  Then your town.  Keep expanding that brilliant white light flowing from your heart outward until it encompasses all of the earth and all of the people who live on earth.  When you’re done, open your eyes.  See and feel what this exercise has accomplished.

You may feel calmer.  Happier.  Having spread all of this love throughout the world, you will feel loved yourself.  The space around you may look clearer, and brighter, and even have greater definition and depth.  Your physical body should feel more relaxed and it’s likely that any minor aches or pains you felt before you began are now gone.

Isn’t love amazing?  Let’s all do our part to spread that energy around all through the Holidays.  Do this exercise at least once a day.  If you are life me, you’ll do it several times a day.  In fact, every time you think of it, you might take a minute to do it.

Now watch the Law of Attraction kick in.  Become aware of the people around you being nicer.  Watch people seem to actually ‘wake up’ as they slow down and get off that rat-wheel we’ve all been running on for so long.

What a wonderful gift you will have given to everyone you know, even to the world, this year.

My friends, this is a glimpse of what you can learn in my Psychic Development class.  I would love for you to join me in January, when I will be teaching it again.  You can find out all about how to register, and how to get the best price, on my website.  Please visit www.sandyanastasi.com.

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi

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