Editorial Videoblog for October 2022


Hello Everyone,

This October promises to be a month to remember.  Firstly, the solar eclipse that marks the final days of 2022 and heralds the incoming 2023 year is on October 25th.  That eclipse is in Scorpio, and so deserves special attention from all of the fixed signed people in the zodiac.  If you are a Scorpio, a Taurus, a Leo, or an Aquarius you are a fixed sign.  Of course, all of us non-fixed people will also be affected by this eclipse, although perhaps not as intensely.

I advise everyone to keep a journal from October 11th through November 22nd.  Record your emotions, dreams, conversations, and events that transpire that are out of the norm for you.  Things that stand out in your mind, for whatever reason, should be added to your journal.  Do that for the people around you whose life choices could affect your own too.  If you do that, you will be getting a good look at things that will be coming into your life for the next six months, and that may lead you to make major decisions that will lead to life change.  I can’t tell you how important your journal will be, and how often you’ll be consulting it for help and guidance.

The rest of the transits for October look interesting too.  At the start of the month the moon and mars will be in opposition, which sets the stage for an emotionally volatile 31 days.  A grand cross in the mutable sign ensures social chaos.  The eclipse loosely opposes Uranus and the N. Node in the natural zodiac’s money house.  That talks about our shaky financial system.  This could involve the banks, the stock market, gold, silver, crypto currencies, the Governments financial system, even World finances.  Anything can happen!  But since the N. Node is involved, ultimately it will have a positive effect.  A fixed T-square focusing energy into the fixed sign Leo says that the ’right’ thing will be done according to laws, social pressures, and conscience.

Obviously all of this pertains both to your personal life, as well as to the greater world around us.  We live in changing times, for sure, and its about to get very interesting.

I think we’re all going to be looking forward to a nice, traditional, old fashioned Halloween celebration on October 31st, but I don’t know if we are going to get it. Pluto in Capricorn will have just gone direct, and it will be conjunct the Moon.  That likely means there will be some major announcements and occurrences in the political and financial sector that will have people in an uproar. 

I am planning on being home for Halloween, and I’ll be doing my favorite thing – giving out candy (and eating some of it too!)

If you’d like to know more about what’s coming for the World as well as all of the Sun Signs in 2023, sign up for my “What’s Coming in 2023 webinar” that I’ll be holding live online on December 8th, 2022.  If it’s as accurate as last year’s was, you won’t want to miss it!

     Love and Light,

     Sandy Anastasi

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