Sandy's September 2020 Editorial


Hello Everyone,  

This editorial is an unusual, but very important one. It deals with the importance of eliminating fear from your life, and therefore from your vibration.

Simply put, when you are fearful, your energy field, often called your aura, becomes vulnerable to invasion. The result is that you feel tired, weak, unhappy, and negative as your very life force is bled away from you, leaking out through the holes in your aura that fear created, usually to empower the very person or thing that you fear.     

As a clairvoyant I can literally see the darkness that surrounds a person who lives in fear. Often that darkness can become so pervasive that it actually fills the whole environment where that fearful person lives!

Those reading or hearing this who are not clairvoyant can still see the fear radiating from someone by the stooped way they carry themselves, by the new lines appearing on their face, by the way their gaze tends to dart furtively from thing to thing, by the way their eyes have dulled, by the way the person's focus and concentration seems to wander, and often also by the way a formerly pristine person has stopped caring for themselves. The person overwhelmed by fear often seems totally self-involved, and in conversation keeps returning to the same subjects that are those they most fear, over and over again.

When someone feels trapped by their fears, they often draw into themselves, they no longer go out, they no longer reach out to others, often they turn to addictive substances to numb the pain that living in fear has created. Others begin to shun them and their fears begin to multiply. Eventually they live alone with their fears, and may even be afraid to turn away from the things they fear when offered freedom from them. They have become addicted to the very things, or person, or people or entities that they fear. When a fearful person reaches this point they have embraced what is called 'victim consciousness'.

We all know someone like this. Unfortunately fear can pass from person to person much like a virus, and can multiply easily from fear of one thing, to fear of many things. That is the reason we sometimes see whole families, or even groups of people, pulled into the same fear-based consciousness.

Fear is the most debilitating emotion there is. Fear opposes joy, life, and evolution. Fear makes someone feel utterly powerless. Fear drains the life from the person who is afraid, and from all the people they lean upon as well. Fear becomes a bottomless pit into which we pour all that we are, and for no reason at all, as you will see. 

Unfortunately, at this time in our world, most people are overwhelmed by worry, which is another word we use to talk about the things we fear. I strongly suggest you immediately change that word in your vocabulary to the word 'concern' which is a word that does not connote fear but rather where you are choosing to put your attention in case you need to act. The word 'concern' says "I am putting my attention here. To 'worry' says, "be afraid, something bad is coming".

When you think about it, those are two very different things, and your mind is in a very different place as you think about each word.  Worry is a reactive word. Concern is a generative word. HOW we think is every bit as important as WHAT we think.  What you think about and how you think about it controls your attention. Where you put your attention is where you put your energy. It's important that all of us stop giving attention to the things that we fear.         

We have become a fear based society, and that emotion has given rise to all sorts of bad things that we are better off without. Every bad thing that exists in our world right now is the result of fear-based thinking. Every good thing is the result of positive, self-aware, self-confident, self-empowered thinking.

What I am saying, is that fear is the root of all evil, and when we stop putting energy into fear we stop energizing evil and we allow all the goodness we should be experiencing in our world to flow freely.  That is not to say you should ignore your bills, for be concerned, but never fearful. Put what money you can into them, then let your 'concern' go, for now, consciously turning your attention away from money-based fears and towards something that brings you joy, and hope for happiness.

You'll immediately feel your mood lift and everything in your life will start to improve, including your finances. Opportunities to improve your situation, whatever it is, will begin to appear!

Remember I said that where you put your attention is where your energy goes? Well, the Law of Attraction tells us that where we put our energy and our mental focus creates the things that we attract into our lives. So when our mental focus and our attention and energy are on positive, upbeat things that make us feel happy, joyful, and hopeful, we attract all those good things into our lives. But when our attention is on what we fear, we can only keep attracting more of what we fear into our lives.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? And actually it is. Turn putting your attention on things that make you feel good into a habit pattern. Join me in changing our world together, right now.

Identify the things you fear. Often they are the things you find yourself repetitively talking about. Consciously change what you think about, what you talk about, and how you talk about it so that at least 90% of the time the things you think about and talk about make you feel good. If you absolutely have to deal with something that is unpleasant, find something good about it or the projected outcome of it that makes you feel good while you do it. As soon as you take control, your fears will begin to disappear, one by one. A quote from one of my favorite movies, DUNE, comes to mind, "Fear is the mind-killer. There is nothing to fear except fear itself."  That is a good mantra for us all.

Try doing this for 21 days with me to feel a real difference in your mood and the way you feel about life in general. Continue on for at least 66 days to institute a new habit of positive thinking into your brain, eliminating fear-based thinking patterns once and for all.

Let's change our world together!

Love and Light,
Sandy Anastasi

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