Happy Birthday Sagittarius 2018

Generally, things are always done and seen as big for Sagittarius. This year is no exception but even more so. Until this time next year everything you do, and touch will be size XXXL. This will also apply to your weight, the way you come across to others and anything that you manifest between now and next November. Oh yes, and if you get a traffic ticket for speeding, the fine will be more than doubled! Make sure that anything that you do or participate in has some modicum of modesty and the application of reasonable limits. This does not exclude the tendency for others to blow things out of proportion as relate to you. Keep a fairly tight reign on your output whatever it is. 

Your responsibilities have also expanded in scope. Although being frugal is not your strong point, keeping a tight reign on your expenditures for this coming year is a definite must. This not only includes money but also your energy output and anything that you might consider a possession or ability.

Family issues concerning traditions and the home will be running at a high this month. Don’t allow yourself to overreact and don’t bite when you are either taunted or challenged by those you feel you have difficulty with in your family. Because everything outside the home is over blown for you, your family members may feel that you are negligent of their needs or requests. Go with the flow. Keep your composure and let that easy-going persona show a lot of wisdom and breadth in handling family issues smoothly and cordially.

If there are any health issues that are pressing, address them now. You have until January third to set things right before they move out of conscious direct control. This particularly applies to diet or any habit pattern that might be determined as a cause for illness.

If there are any relationships that are or were left “hanging,” this is the time they will begin to return for closure. Determine now how you would like to handle them. This will prevent you from being surprised by them in any inopportune or embarrassing times. Your preparation will insure that you have a quick response that reasserts your preferences and perspectives with them without having to explain to others more about your past.

With all the excessive influences rising like a tide, this will give you ample opportunity to choose what and whom you would like to apply nurturance to. Support from others always comes at a cost. You must choose wisely where you apply your support. This is something you will notbe able to avoid. Choose now whom you honestly believe should benefit by what it is that you have to offer. This will serve to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by the onslaught in the future that will come on like a beggars banquet…you being the meal!      

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