Kabbala Offer Extended a Few More Days



Hello Everyone,

Did you miss this great opportunity I offered in my newsletter?  I don’t want you to miss out on something this special that really could make a big difference in your life, maybe even changing it in all the ways you are dreaming of. 

So, I’m extending my special early registration offer on my life-changing Kabbala Pathworking class for a few more days, through June 20th – because that’s my birthday!  That will be my present to you!  Here’s the special offer again:  Go here and enter this code 100KABB.

You get an amazing $100 off through June 20th!  The class is normally sold for $597.  Right now, you can get the entire program for $497! That means, you get all the benefits of this program – the 24 weekly meetings, the online Paths that are set to music, the pre-recorded webinars for each path, the downloads, an Intro to Kabbala class, your online library and an active online private community, plus my book, kabbala Pathworking, and my guidance, as you travel the Paths towards your own Awakening to your Higher Consciousness all for a little more than $20 a week.  Nowhere else can you find a program that helps you develop your spiritual awareness this effectively, and almost effortlessly, for any price!  This early enrollment opportunity ends June 20th. Don’t wait!  Sign up now!

Many people have been waiting for a year or more for this class to run again.  I only teach it once a year, starting in July, and some years not at all.  So, this is a special and rare opportunity that you won’t find anywhere else.  If you are at all interested, you need to get off the fence and register, right now!  This class is limited in size and it will fill up.  Your Kabbala Pathworking journey begins on July 6th and runs every Wednesday for about 6 months.

Don’t worry about missing any sessions, everything will be recorded.  This is a life-changing program, one of the most important programs that I teach.  It is for anyone who is interested in their spiritual journey, and their own evolution.  Kabbala Pathworking is learning about the journey of the soul and the Kabbala through direct experience via guided visualization.  I use the Tree of Life as a roadmap to Higher Consciousness.  It is amazingly transformation for you, for your family and friends, and for your entire life in a good way.  That’ why so many students keep coming back, year after year to retake the live program, when they already have full access to their original program in their permanent library.  This program is that effective! 

Whatever your roadblocks, goals, difficult choices may be, the Kabbala will help you to gain perspective and see your own journey through new eyes.  The course is part self-study and part live online interaction with me and our group as you meet with fellow ‘travelers’ from all over the world.  This class comes with an online community group that is highly interactive and will help you to grow and evolve.  You will also receive a digital download of my Kabbala Pathworking book whose paper version sells for just over $20 on Amazon, along with the entire pre-recorded program in your own online permanent library where you can review the entire program over and over again. 

Still unsure?  Here’s a link to a free intro to Kabbala Webinar, where you can find out more about the Kabbala, also known as the Tree of Life, and how you can use it as a path to enlightenment just as many, many people before you have. Go here and enter this code 100KABB.

Love and Light,   Sandy Anastasi 


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