November Astrological Predictions 2018

Sandy's November 2018 Astrological and Psychic Predictions


A rare month of introspection is ahead of you Aries. Your outward focus is on what you want, and specifically what you want from or for that person who is closest to you. Or perhaps it's on the person you wish to be closest to you. Saturn is about to cross your solar midheaven and that indicates a major change is coming into your life as a result of choices you are making now. Are you thinking of renovating your home, or of moving? Changing your job or retiring? Changing your relationship patterns with family members or friends? But you've got to face down your fears and insecurities to take the leap to get what, or who, you want. You've got to be willing to leave the things and Speople that no longer fit into your life behind. Can you do that? We are entering the Holiday season now, and for you, this years holidays will be a bit stressful. Take time to truly get in touch with what YOU want. That knowledge will see you through.


Expect some revelations concerning friends this month Taurus. Your third child, if you have one, will also have some interesting surprises for you. But don't worry about this, because these revelations and surprises will in some way bring healing to both of you! You will likely be experiencing a strong emotional desire to understand, to help, and to bring healing to some very important situations in your world. At work things will be a bit crazy all month and it's likely you'll be asked to produce more, do more, be present more than you'd like. The good part is, they are recognizing how important you and your work is. At home you are concerned with the small things as you get ready for an active Holiday Season. You may feel like the workhorse at home too! If you've got pets, they will be the focus of lots of love this month for sure. You may find yourself travelling this Thanksgiving, or perhaps someone special is making the journey to see you!


Your emotional focus is on work and career issues much of this month Gemini. An opportunity for healing and letting go of many past issues you are currently holding onto is at hand, regarding both family and outer-world things. Your creative side is expanding and a project you are working on or want to work on is ready to take off. If the opportunity to get involved comes your way, take it. It could be exactly what you are looking for. Your romantic side is shining forth as well so if you're single it's a great time to meet that right person, and if you are already involved, well, there's no time like the present for a little romance! Some travel is indicated during the month but this may be for work or to fill responsibilities. There are financial issues around you and possibly legal ones as well that need to be addressed. Don't drag your feet. Your significant other may be taking some financial steps that are important to your future together and have a positive affect on your relationship.


With the affects of the summer's eclipse's still influencing you, your focus is still heavily on your relationships and on your personal finances. That said, an opportunity to travel for the holidays is coming and would be a good option for you. It can bring some much needed healing. Home and family remain at the top of your list all through the Holiday Season and this month especially you should expect some very enjoyable times. For some time now you've been considering a big change in your life, and it is now time to launch that change. It seems to involve your daily life experience, your health, your work, and your relationship with someone important. Go ahead and take the step. This is the right time.


Your life seems to be a constant journey of course correctons lately Leo. This past summer's eclipse in your solar house of money has you thinking about all your options for changing your financial base to something that works better for you than what you are currently doing. Right now the tension of your work and your financial focus is palpable. That's because it's time to start acting on your dreams and ideas. Yes, you think it's too soon. Yes, you think you haven't established enough of a track record yet, Yes, you fear to take this next step. But the universe is saying NOW. Do you hear it? The thing is, sometimes the opportunities that come to us as a result of our thought projection don't come at what we think is the 'right time'. That may very well be the case now. Remember, you have been planning and projecting for a long time and the powers that be may just have a little better insight into the right timeing to launch the next step of your dream than you do! On another note - travel on or around the holidays is likely this year. Enjoy!


If you have kids yourself or your mate does, or you have someone or something you think of as your child, there is a lot going on with them this month. There is heavy family responsibilty around you all through November, Virgo. There may also be some health issues you need to get on top of for yourself, or for a relative. On a lighter note, your finances are doing well and you are investing in or learning something you truly enjoy. A lot of short distance travel is indicated all month, perhaps to spend time with friends or family. You need to work at your relationship right now, if you are married or living with someone as emotions seem to be running high and it's very easy right now for misunderstandings to develop. If the air is not cleared, these could lead to long term issues. If they are addressed now though, they could bring healing to you both.


There are changes all around you Libra, as you pursue a personal dream and walk the shifting sands of your relationships at the same time. Something you dearly wish to achieve is dependent upon a female friend or relative. Attention to detail, writing, speaking or teaching skills are needed. It's likely your writing or teaching skills will be lucrative this month. Also November will be filled with great entertainment, romance, fun, and creativity if you let yourself go enough to have those experience you've been wishing for. If you've got children though, pay attention to the oldest. There is a huge amount of action around that one, and it would be wise for you to know what's going on even though it's likely to create some major emotional tension. It would be a great time to travel to visit a friend or relative if you can find the time to get away.

November is a somewhat introspecive month for you Scorpio. You frequently find yourself in the position of being the observer. Expect a lot of activity at home all month. Much of your emotional focus will be on creating future plans with your significant other, if you have one. Likewise, it's likely your mate will be overwhelmed by career responsibilities all month. You may also be involved in a major project yourself at work or at home or both, so don't expect a quiet beginning to your Holiday Season. Strong emotions seem to be at play around you all month, and you may find your temper short. At those times a retreat into your man-cave or she-room might be a good idea. Finances still have you down a bit. Plans you've set in motion regarding them haven't materialized yet. Don't let your current impatience force you to act before you are ready. You've only to hold on a few more short months before that cloud of restriction you feel around you lifts. Travel opportunities, both long distance and short, are also a good likelihood. Enjoy!


Travel to visit a friend or relative is a very good idea this month Sagittarius! Plans you've worked on for a long time are coming to fruition. A lot of tension surrounds a friend or sibling who may need your help and/or support. You may receive a visit or make one to help resolve some problems there. Do pay attention to your communication this month Sag, as you are more prone than usual to putting your ever ready foot in your mouth! That's especially important around siblings and close friends. If you have children get ready for some surprises. Plans made may change, unscheduled visits may happen. Get ready for some unexpected news as well! Finances are critical right now. Make your plan of action and stick to it.


Your focus for much of the month is on finances and career issues. Opportunities for growth, expansion and travel are arising all around you through connections you are making with friends and organizations. Your past skills and actions and people from your past are resurfacing. They are opening both powerful emotions, as well as major growth opportunities for you. You may feel like you are on a seesaw, doing a balancing act, through much of the month. Ups and downs involving your family throughout the month will cause your attention to slip back and forth between family and career. Here is a word of caution to not let family matters interfere with projects you've been working hard to bring to fruition. Distant friends who have resurfaced may visit or you may visit them. You will be emotionally volatile all month. There especially is tension between you and a female, and it may involve money or financial planning. Whether all this has good or bad results depends upon your control of your emotions. Get ready for a wild ride and a very interesting launch of the Holiday Season.


Tensions in your marriage or in a powerfully emotional relationship you have are running high. Be honest with yourself. Trust your emotions and your intuition, but be cautious regarding the actions you take. This is not the time for knee jerk reactions or letting your emotions carry you away. The transiting sun is very close to your solar chart midheaven - that means that this is a wonderful time for new beginnings of all kinds for you! Make those new beginnings intelligently, with thought, guided by intuition. It is likely that something major is getting ready to shift regarding your career and also your home and family. Think through what you want and follow your own guidemap. The time to take action is here - but make it your own action, not that inspired by someone else. Expect that you will be travelling quite a bit during the Holiday Season.


Money and financial planning are strongly on your mind this month Pisces. Maybe that's why the workaholic side of you is so visible all month. You seem to have faced your greatest fears and come out shining. What else is there to lose? Travel or travel plans are all around you, and it's likely that some of that travelling will involve business or some major and important communications with friends or siblings. Regarding career, you may be stagnating or frustrated at the moment, but by the end of the year that will change. Doors are opening through friends. Look at your past achievements and realize that all the hard work has been like money in the bank - paying you little in return at the moment, but delivering big as you move into the future. The future is almost here! Expect strong emotions and perhaps issues involving the health of a relative or close friend to be an issue soon, and probably at exactly the wrong time. You have some big choices coming up soon. Trust your intuition and you'll do fine

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