Psychic Development Tip #3 , Positive Thinking and Self-Responsibility


Psychic Development Tip #3 , Positive Thinking and Self-Responsibility for December 2018

Tip #1 on The Power of Positive Thinking and Self-Responsibility

The power of Positive thinking is perhaps the most important thing you will ever learn. It not only affects the speed and success of your psychic development, it affects every aspect of your life!

Most everyone these days has heard of the 'Law of Attraction' and understands the concept that you attract what you think. But it's one thing to understand a concept, and an entirely different thing to put it into action! In our society today, maintaining a constant flow of positive thoughts is HARD!

Most of us are surrounded by negative-thinking people, and negative patterns of thought are contagious. But so are positive patterns of thought! That's why this series of tips on Positive Thinking, that begins here, is so important. When you change your own thinking, you change the world.

This positive thinking psychic development tip is about self-responsibility. That's right. It's about self-responsibility. The first step in learning to control your own thought patterns and shift them to positive thinking is to accept full responsibility for everything you allow yourself to think. That means accepting full responsibility for every single aspect of your life, right now. We are all happy to accept responsibility for creating the good friendships we've attracted into our lives, and the promotion we are up for at work.

But very few of us want to accept responsibility for our teenage child who talks back to us or refuses to go to school, or the company we are working for downsizing and laying us off. Yet it's important to know that your thought patterns over the years have created all of these things. If you spend most of your time thinking about how much you hate work, or gossiping with your friends about the bad boss or the company you work for never doing enough for it's employees, why should you be surprised that the company is doing poorly, needing to cut back, and laying people off?

Just consider this. If you manifest everything you think, how much more powerful is group thought? Group thought has created the society you are living in. That is almost scary, until you recognize that positive group thought can change the world in an instant, and in a good way.

You would do well to seek out friends and groups that demonstrate positive thinking and problem solving, instead of constant negative complaining. At this stage in your development, when you are just awakening, it is important to have the support of other positive thinkers.

The powerful thing about becoming fully self-responsible is that you are able to reflect and accept all of your creations, good and bad. This should not be done with remorse or guilt - those negative emotions just feed back into the negative thought pattern loop and you get to create more of the same. Instead you should merely reflect in a way that allows you to see how the creation process works, for you. What's done is done. Let it go. Replace all those negative thoughts about your past creations with positive ones.

Each time you shut down a negative thought process and move it to a positive one, you not only feel better, you shift your future path in life to one of joy and happiness, and are able to create the life you want to live.

A very HUGE part of psychic development is learning to control which thoughts you allow yourself to think. There's no time like the present to start.

Since as I write this we are at the beginning of the holiday season, why not plan a holiday experience this year that gives you the joy and fulfillment your heart seeks. If others want to surround themselves with negative thoughts, like who didn't show up for dinner, change the subject, focus on all the great people who ARE there...or walk away from the conversation. Refuse to allow your mind, and hence your entire self, to be drawn into negative thought patterns. Set yourself free.

When you add the concept of being responsible for creating your own positive thought patterns to Tip #2 on Journaling, you have the beginning of a process that will encourage the development of all your psychic skills!

You are setting a great foundation for your future developing your psychic abilities to enhance your life, and for a better life.

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