Psychic Development Tip #47 – Developing Clairaudience


Clairaudience, or ‘clear hearing’, is one of your most powerful and helpful psychic gifts, yet it is very misunderstood and often overlooked.  As with all of the ‘Clair’s’, all of us already have this gift inborn, most of us have experienced it even if we don’t know it, and all of us can develop it to a high level of skill.

There are two types of Clairaudience.  The obvious one is that you hear something with your physical ears that sounds like the voice or sound is coming from a source outside yourself, but no one else around you is hearing it.  The reason I say it’s obvious is that when it happens, you definitely recognize it as it’s happening.  Many people will hear their name being called, when there is no one else in the house, or just as they are awakening from sleep, when they are alone.  This can seem so real that you find yourself turning the house upside down looking for where that voice came from.  When this happens to me, I try to recall the last dream I was having before my name was called, or the last thought that was running through my mind if I was awake, as sometimes that voice is your own Higher Self or your Guide drawing your attention to something important.  Sometimes, it is just an alert to pay attention to something that is going on in your life in the near future.  Sometimes it is actually a living person saying your name to someone else, distant from you, and you overheard it with your Clairaudience.  How do you know which thing it could be?  Practice and research.  Sometimes you will only know after the fact, and sometimes not at all.  Sometimes as this type of Clairaudience is developing, you find yourself hearing things you wouldn’t normally hear – for example when listening to music, one instrument may stand out and you can follow it through throughout the music…or you may hear unusual sounds in one room of your house that draws you to it, and you find something there that needs work.

The other type of Clairaudience is harder to recognize, as it is internal, more of a ‘telepathic hearing’.  That voice can easily blend with your own and so is easily overlooked.  But sometimes it can seem like you are having an actual conversation with someone, in your mind.  The key that it is not you talking to yourself in your head, is that the other voice is lighter, like it’s coming from a long distance away, and you feel it as much as hear it.  I personally experience this type of Clairaudience frequently in my channeled readings for clients, and also when I am doing automatic writing.  I will ‘hear’ the words as they are being written or being spoken.  This type of Clairaudience is frequently used by your Higher Self and your Guides to communicate with you, as it takes less energy on their part than actually energizing the vibration to make an audible sound – even one that only you can hear!  This type of Clairaudience allows you to communicate with both wild and domesticated animals, plants, and even insects as it combines telepathy, empathy and feeling into your internal audible hearing.

As with all of the ‘Claire’s’, the way to develop Clairaudience is to first recognize it when it happens, and pay attention to the feeling you felt when it happened.  It’s like riding a bicycle.  The more accurately you can recall the feeling, the easier it is to reproduce the experience.  The more frequently you reproduce it, and give it recognition, the easier it is to access this skill and develop it.

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