Psychic Development Tip #48 – Clairalience


Clairalience is an amazing and much overlooked psychic tool.

It’s development in the beginner is often so subtle that it is easy to overlook.  You might, for example, find yourself reacting to a scent in the air as you enter a space, that is unpleasant enough to cause you to leave.  This might confuse you, as the friend that you were with smelled nothing unusual at all.  But if you did a little research, you might find that the place you were about to visit had a reputation for misrepresentation, malpractice, or even theft.  Your psychic sense of smell may have just given you a strong warning that saved the day.  Like all of the claire’s, the more you begin to recognize your psychic sense of smell or taste at work, and the more positive reinforcement you give it, the more powerfully it will begin to work.

Your clairalience can tell you if someone is good or bad for you.  As in the above example, it can warn you if a person or business is reputable or not.  It can tell you if something in the air or even in the food or drink you are consuming is toxic, long before that toxicity becomes measurable by scientific means. 

I remember in my youth as a Safety Engineer I occasionally worked with an Industrial Hygienist measuring toxic chemicals to determine levels of exposure in industrial plants.  Inevitably I could tell her what was in the air before the test was completed, even though the chemicals being tested for were scentless.  This is the value of clairsentience.  It is a psychic sense of smell and taste.

As with all of the claire’s, there is a receptive side to this psychic ability, which is what I’ve been talking about here, and also a projective side.  The projective side is less obvious still, but extraordinarily effective.  That is your ability to emit a scent that can either attract or repel someone.  This is, of course, closely linked to pheromones.  I can recall, myself, being so angry at a difficult situation created by someone deliberately seeking self-aggrandizement, that I emitted a noxious odor that only he and I were aware of.  I was amazed at how quickly he left the room and the situation quickly resolved itself.  So you see, in a psychic way, you have the same ability to emit a repellent that a skunk does.  Or to release a psychic scent of attraction.  You’ll note that my unstated anger was the trigger to release the repellent.  We all do that, even unknowingly.  Emotions of unselfish love and joy when focused on a specific individual will release the scent of attraction.

I hope you found this helpful and perhaps illuminating.  I’ll be back with another Psychic Development tip soon!

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