Psychic Development Tip # 49 – Manifestation


 As you practice developing all of your “clare’s”, and also your innate telepathic and empathic skills, you will begin to notice an increase in synchronistic occurrences in your life.  For example, you might be decorating your home and you are thinking of how to fit in a home office…and so you begin seeing different types of desks everywhere, a magazine article pops up showing how a murphy bed converts an office to a guest bedroom instantly, your next-door neighbor tells you about the home office she’s just created, and so on.  If you’ve been doing the work as you study these tips, I’m sure you are beginning to see an increase in the synchronicities in your life already!

 What does this have to do with manifestation, you might be asking yourself?  The answer is, everything.

You see, what is actually happening, is as you are directing your now powerfully focused mental, emotional, and vital energy towards creating that home office, the Universe is responding.  It is bringing to you all of the elements you would need to create that office.  This is the first step in manifestation.  It’s pulling back the bow-string.

The second step in manifesting, is to release the arrow of thought and desire.  You release it by knowing what you want, clearly and precisely, and then letting it go.  Yes, just like you did when you were learning telepathy by practicing your telepathy exercises.

When you focus with all of your being, directing your emotional, mental, physical, and vital energy towards your clear desire, the Universe cannot and will not resist. When you let that thought go, sending it out to the Universe, the Universe must respond. It will manifest what you want.  It will either put it right in front of you, or bring you the elements to create it yourself. 

If your desire is not manifesting, you have, yourself, set up resistance to it.  Perhaps you aren’t really clear about what you want.  Maybe you do want a home office, but you don’t really want to bring work home with you.  You just cancelled out your desire.  Maybe you want that sexy guy or girl to go out with you, but you’re not sure if they are the “one” you are supposed to be with.  You are blocking that date from ever occurring.  You MUST be clear about what you want.  There can be no confusion.  Another way you can hold back your manifestation is by not letting the thought go.  You must send it out with the sure knowledge that it will be yours.  There can be no uncertainty.  If you don’t let go of that thought, it will always remain just a desire, not something you have manifested.

If you have these synchronicities in your life, you are already a manifestor.  It’s easy to do it with the little things that don’t really matter.  Now do it with the big things!

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