Psychic Development Tip # 50 – Centering Yourself


Psychic Development Tip # 50 – Centering Yourself

One of the most important things to learn if you want to be able to develop, control and use your psychic abilities to their utmost, is to be able to center yourself and remain centered.

What do I mean when I say ‘center yourself’? I mean that you should be able to place yourself in a mental and emotional state where you remain undisturbed no matter what is going on around you.  When you are properly centered in yourself, you will not be distracted from what is real in your world, or from what you are focusing on to accomplish or achieve.  You will not be disturbed by someone else’s emotional outburst, or a newscast, or even chaotic things going on around you in your environment.  You will be able to remain steady and focused in any situation.

A person who is completely centered can meditate in a busy train station, can do psychic work under any conditions, and can see with clarity exactly what any situation really is, and therefore can make better life decisions than the average person can.

I think you will agree that it makes sense to learn to center yourself and achieve all the benefits you can gain by being centered!

We all have moments of being centered in ourselves and in our lives, so it is easy to know how that feels. When you are at peace with yourself, usually by yourself, not pressured about anything, having nothing of importance on your mind, and when you are present in the moment…perhaps outdoors in your garden listening to birds, or petting the cat…you have achieved that feeling of being centered.

When you are centered in yourself, there is nothing outside pulling on you.  More importantly, you are not allowing anything outside to pull you from your center.

The most important factor involved in remaining centered is to do just what I’ve helped you to do here. To know and recognize how YOU feel when you are centered.

The next thing you MUST do, is to learn to recognize the difference in how you feel when you are centered, verses how you feel when you lose that very perfect state of awareness.

If any time you recognize that you have been pulled out of your centeredness you remember the mind and emotional state you are in when you are centered, i.e. – petting the cat in the garden, that memory can pull you back to your center.

Here are some other tools that will help you to center yourself quickly and remain centered no matter the stresses around you:  meditation, martial arts (especially Chi Kung or T’ai Chi Ch’uan), and deep diaphragmatic breathing as in the Yogic ‘Great Breath’.

There are also some wonderful protections that you can use to keep discordant energy ‘outside’ of yourself.  My two favorites are burning sage, as the Indians did, to clear my aura or energy field of anything that shouldn’t be there, and putting myself into a blue energy balloon or bubble of protection.  You’ll find both of them in my Psychic Protection Tips program and also online on YouTube.



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