Sandy 's Monthly Specials for February 2023



  • 1. This month is the perfect time to celebrate February by honoring Valentine’s Day with a special reading by me and my Guides for you and your soulmate, life-partner, or any other person whom you’d like to explore your relationship with! Together, my Guides and I can help you to unlock the key attributes that only you and your loved one share, to make both of your lives better!  We can help you to identify and remove roadblocks to lifting your relationship to that special place you know is possible, and help you to find creative ways to move through unexpected events and situations that make it hard to relate the way you know you want to! If you don’t understand one another’s differences, how can you resolve them?  Let me and my Guides help!  

    If you are having difficulty understanding your partner and their needs right now, this reading with my Guides and I will help you to do that too.  Is your relationship at a crossroads, facing a major life-change or big decision?  My Guides and I can help put all the variables into perspective, so you can move forward in a way that works well for you both. You deserve this special reading.  It will be recorded for you so you can share it, along with the astrology charts I use for it, and you may choose to experience it alone, or both you and your partner can both be present.  The reading will be done on telephone or GoToMeeting.  I only offer this special reading once a year.

    This is not my compatibility reading listed on my website.  It goes much deeper and involves actual coaching from my Guides and I. It’s an amazing and life-changing experience that will give you the great insight into your relationship and your partner and your life together, that you need now. Don’t miss out.  Register for it now.  It will only take about a half hour of your time, and it’s only $300.  Or, if you want a longer, even more in-depth session, reserve an hour for $550.

If you are alone right now, but would like to be in a relationship, this reading may still be exactly what you need!  Did you have a special relationship partner die recently, or did you break up a special relationship in the past that has left you confused or perhaps without closure?   Perhaps you’ve never been in a relationship and don’t understand why? This special relationship reading with me and my Guides will help you to resolve and dissolve blockages, resistance, and grief you may be holding. 

When my assistant contacts you to set up your session, just let her know if this reading is just for you or for you and another person, the type of relationship, and the birth data (day, time, month, and year of birth) for yourself and the other person, if there is one.  If you don’t know the birth time(s) we’ll use a solar chart based on sunrise.  It will be accurate for this reading.

2. My guides and I are looking forward to helping you celebrate your very best, most perfect Valentine’s Day this year!  Let’s spread the love!

  • Would you enjoy reading a fully downloadable PDF of a computerized astrological Spiritual Path Report about 'you'? One that you can refer back to again and again for insight and guidance?  You can have it, and my assistant will email it directly to you!  All you need to do is email my assistant at [email protected] and ask for your Personal Computerized Astrological Spiritual Path Report!  Be sure to include your birthday, birth time and place of birth. The cost is only $29.95. Click here: Readings with Sandy Anastasi and scroll down to where it says Astrology Reports.

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