Sandy's November Editorial

Hello Everyone,
First off, I want to take a moment to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!  You may think of that as a USA or Canadian holiday but honestly when we celebrate Thanksgiving here, I celebrate it in my heart with the entire planet as my clients and students come from all parts of the globe.  
Thanksgiving is a VERY IMPORTANT HOLIDAY!  This November, make it a special one for yourself and your loved ones!
Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. Giving thanks is about showing gratitude.  Being grateful for the bounty life has given you is one of the first things necessary to create a positive energy flow.  The more you focus on what you are grateful for, the more the negative, unwanted things just drop out of your life and you begin to attract a flow of good, positive new things.  Gratitude is one of the most basic building blocks you need to have to start creating and then manifesting the happy and fulfilled life you want to lead.
This is why when I do my monthly Psychic Hours I ask each attendee who gets called on for a reading to tell the audience what they are most grateful for right now in their lives before we even start the reading.  When they take that moment to reflect on their life, to assess what feels the best to them about their life right now,  it totally changes the energy of that one individual to a light, happy, upbeat vibration. That helps keep the program positive and growth oriented, because the energy reflects back from all of the other people on the call to create a wave of positive feelings that translates to loving, healing energy that helps to manifest the evolution and growth of every person who joins the show.  Then those people who bathed in such good feelings on the show go back into their normal lives and for a day or two send out ripples of goodwill to everyone they meet. Such is gratitude.  It is contagious.  It is uplifting .  It boosts the speed of growth, manifestation, and evolution.
That’s how I see Thanksgiving.  That’s why I love to celebrate this holiday with the people I love most.  Over the years that’s sometimes been with family, sometimes with long term friends and family of choice, sometimes with total strangers who have come together to share.  
When I was a youngster we had very solid family traditions and even the Thanksgiving table looked the same year after year.  But as I grew older and people moved away or family members died or split off to celebrate in their own ways with new families, those traditions changed.  Some years circumstances arranged for me to spend Thanksgiving by myself.  I threw tradition to the winds.  I had vegetarian turkey slices and bought my trimmings from Bob Evans.  I turned on the TV and watched upbeat holiday movies and shows while I met and conversed with my worldwide friends on Facebook.  Those were some of my most enjoyable Thanksgiving celebrations.
I think if I were to define my appreciation of Thanksgiving, it would be with two words:  Gratitude and Sharing.  
How are you celebrating your Thanksgiving this November, wherever you are, and whoever you are with?  What are you, will you, be grateful for?  What will you begin to draw into your life through your loving, generous, positive outpouring of happy gratitude?  With your open heart, who will you share it with?  
What a wonderful start you are making towards elevating yourself and your loved ones, and by doing that, helping the entire planet to Evolve.  Because this is your first step. Shirley MacLane said in her classic book, “Out On A Limb” that she finally understood that you can’t change the world, you can only change yourself; but in changing yourself you take the first small step towards changing the world.  It must start with you....and it starts with finding that one small thing you are most grateful for right now.
Check out my new Evolution of Consciousness series.  If you followed my commentary, you are definitely ready to learn more.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Love and Light,
Sandy Anastasi

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