September Astrological and Psychic Predictions


Astrological and Psychic Predictions for September 2022:

Expect September to be a dynamic, action-filled month, with a strong emphasis on health and healing, finances, and a lot of planning, discussing, and negotiation.

Here’s what’s happening for the Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius):
If you’re a Fire Sign you may find yourself travelling for fun or work, or both. Learning, either in a traditional or home-based setting, or in the ‘school of hard knocks’ is on your list this month too!  Expect a lot of social activities, and some powerful inner reflection concerning the friends and groups you are affiliated with, that you may be seeing big changes in.  Where and to whom you give is under strong scrutiny.

Here's what’s happening for the Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn):
You’re working with a lot of powerful energy and people this month, if you are an Earth Sign.  Astrologically speaking, a fixed grand cross is sling shotting you into an Earth grand trine.  In English, that means that bottled up energy is fueling your actions, to the point that you’ll feel a bit like you were just shot out of a cannon!  The trick is to not get stuck on the hamster wheel.  But if you don’t get worn out by your own momentum it’s a wonderful month for getting the things you want off the ground.

Here's what’s happening for the Air Signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius):
If you are an Air Sign you are also experiencing the dynamic energy of a grand cross intersecting with a grand trine.  For you this can turn out to be a month filled with constant arguments and then making up, or if you are more open minded and a decent listener it can be a wonderful month for laying plans and getting all the kinks out of various projects.  This energy is great for finances and career too, if you don’t get sidetracked into rebelling against the inevitable authority or arguing with your peers.

Here's what’s happening for the Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces):
If you are a Water Sign family and relationships will be a powerful focal point all month long, and after the dynamic activity of last month, you are going to feel a bit off as you slow back down into playing a waiting game.  Working and planning with others, especially regarding finances, group activities and travel, is a good way to move forward.  This is a good time, too, to give your mate, partner, friend, or family member the support they need.

Now let’s look at what’s happening in September for each Sun Sign: 

It’s likely that a great deal of your attention this month will be directed towards your relationship partner, romance, play, and your children, if you have any.  As always, there will likely be tension as you try to take some time for yourself and your own endeavors.  September is looking to be an intensely creative month for you.  That could be creative financial planning as well as in writing, music, or the arts.  You are starting the month off with a grand trine in the fire signs which will give you a lot of energy to work with.  Watch out though, because family and home issues can easily grab your attention, your energy, and your money, all month long. On a positive note, if you are renovating, buying or selling a home, this could all work out very well for you!

This is an interesting month for you Taurus.  The Universe seems to be setting things up for you to think deeply before deciding how you wish to move forward.  Are your values and your desires concerning money, things, and people, changing?  Better catch up with yourself before you find yourself in an unhappy situation, having all that you used to want, but nothing you desire now.  Look forward to spending a lot of time home, and possibly working on a home-based project.  Family needs and concerns will be important, and health matters too, for you or a close female friend or family member.  Try to spend time out of doors to keep yourself well-grounded.  Prepare for some old relationship situations to return. Be clear on what you want.  Take action.

You may feel somewhat over stressed this month, Gemini, as a transiting grand cross involving quite a few planets focuses through Mars, the planet that rules action.  That means that you are going to have way too many irons in the fire, and everything will need to be done at the same time.  Do your best to plan ahead, so that you can give each thing or person the attention it needs as it requires it, instead of doing a poor job on everything because you don’t have the time or energy to spare when everything hits at once. You need to pay attention to the details!  With all this stress, you may also be short tempered.  Please remember that when dealing with those you love.  Home, family, and the health of you, your pet and your loved ones will be important.

September promises to be an interesting and active month for you, Cancer.  It seems you will be the go-to person and need to assert leadership.  Emotions will be running high and confusion will have a lot of people running in circles.  Expect that your own emotions will be involved primarily with your home and family but outside conflicts and obligations can create a lot of chaos.  You will also be concerned with work and financial obligations.  A move of your home or work, or other financial shifts may bring about some changes, in a good way. Money or other things may be coming to you, but don’t spend it before you have it.  A wait is likely.  If you are thinking of changing professions, don’t be afraid to step into something involving communications.

You may find it difficult to move forward this month, Leo, doing so only in short little bursts of effort that quickly end as you get drawn into other people’s fires that need to be put out.  Expect that work will be a priority all month, whether you are home or at work.  You will cherish your time at home, alone, when you can find it.  Having someone you are comfortable with to share silent companionship with will be worth it’s weight in gold.  A lot is happening with your career, and a foundation is being set for something new and valuable.  To you, though, it may feel as if you are being blocked at every turn and that nothing is going according to plan.  Be patient.  If you have the opportunity to travel for either work or pleasure, do it.  It will give you relief from a lot of stress.

This is a wonderful month for home and family projects, Virgo.  The interaction of energy astrologically is going to keep your efforts directed towards your home anyway, so make the best of it!  It might even be that you are moving your residence, or moving your work into or out of your home.  It seems that something that’s been blocking you has been removed for now, so your efforts are going to take off like a rocket!  In spite of all this activity, there will still be time for some deep contemplation as you think about and plan your future, especially concerning finances.  Health and well-being for yourself and for those you love and bear responsibility for concerns you now, as you consider making some important changes.

Your intuition if excellent this month, so be sure to pay attention to it, Libra!  It’s also going to be a very emotional month, and a month filled with old concerns about money and your income.  Those very concerns may propel you forward to step into doing something for yourself that will be very beneficial.  Let your intuition direct your action.  When your needs are satisfied, so will be those of your close family and friends.  Friends are going to be supportive and helpful this month, and group gatherings will be especially enjoyable.  If you are married or in a relationship, this can be a healing time for you both.  This is also a good month for a move or renovation of your home, or an investment in a second home, or in real estate.

This month you will likely be more emotional than usual, and your usually good intuition is going to be through the roof, Scorpio.  That sounds great, but there will be increased tension along with that.  The energy is building up, with no place to go.  This is a good time to begin a workout regime to blow off stress, and to watch your health in general.  If you have an opportunity to travel, do it.   You are powerfully focused right now towards your life and career goals.  There is change and upheaval around you in the world, and at home and at work.  Flexibility is required if you are to achieve your desires.  This is the time to pull your arrow back and tighten the bow string.  Select your target.  Is this your life work?  Be patient in spite of the pressure.  Timing is critical.  Use your intuition.

This month is going to be both active and exciting for you Sagittarius, as your sun sign is at the intersection of both a grand trine and a grand cross.  Enormous amounts of pent-up energy are going to be released into your sun sign, and into you.  What will you do with it? Travel, with a friend or family member, or to visit one, would be an excellent choice.  So would educational or spiritual studies. Renovating or redecorating your home, or even moving your home or work are good ideas too.  Life activities are changing daily.  Now is the time to plan for what you want in the future.  Romance, play, relationships with children, all are changing to something new.  Health concerns both for yourself and someone older are also on your mind. 

Relationships of all kinds are your primary focus this month, Capricorn, as the astrological energies affecting your sun-sign create a chaotic vortex of energy that causes you to reach out to connect with many different people, for different reasons.  Your overall focus will be on money, on career, and on the groups, organizations and home structure that will best support these.  You may be looking for that ‘special someone’, or for a companion, or just to have a life better suited to the relationship you already have.  You may be looking for a business partner.  Past partners may return.  Old family issues come up for resolution.  A move or renovation of your residence will likely be under consideration. 

This is a wonderful month for social engagements, and both personal and business discussions, Aquarius.  Your brain storming may extend from investments, to banking, to digital currencies, to Wills and estate planning, to children and romantic interludes to personal needs and freedom.  It is going to be difficult to take action on any of these plans and dreams this month, though, because all require contradictory actions and efforts, and it seems, that as soon as you act on any one thing, something gets in the way to block or distract you. But if you consider this month as a planning month, and direct your energies towards your career and life goals and desires, you’ll soon be able to get that ball rolling.  Tiny steps forward now can create leaps later.

A great deal of your attention and energy this month will go to your work and your life-mate.  It may even be that you meet your partner through your work, or that you and your spouse or partner decide to form your own business.  Or if you already work together, you may be making changes to the business.  If you are in the process of moving your home to distant place, you may both be looking for work!  Both of you need to pay attention to your health, and also to creating the best working and home environment for your well-being.  This is also a great month to get a new pet!  Money and finances in general are a major emotional concern for you as well this month, and reviewing your career options and your talents, abilities and past work is a good idea.

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