Sandy's Editorial – September 2022


Hello Everyone,

As I began my editorial this month it was my intention to talk about the Fall Equinox, and why it is so important, especially this year.  There will be a dark moon on September 23rd, and Mercury, planet of communication, will be exactly conjunct the Sun.  This will be accompanied by a grand trine in the earth signs with Uranus, planet of technology and higher communications in the solar house of higher communication.  It also happens to be conjunct the north node, opening the door to spiritual growth as well as technological expansion.  So, of course, my Guides suggested it’s more important, right now, to talk about what’s happening with communication than to talk about the Fall Equinox.  Who knows, it may be one and the same.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that as communications in our world have grown and expanded, our world has become progressively more complex and often confusing. I’ve often pondered how we all expected that the advent of technology and AI would simplify our lives, but for most of us that hasn’t happened.  We’ve all experienced being stuck in a telephone answering system far longer than it would have taken a human to simply pick up the phone and answer our question.  We’ve all felt the dehumanizing effect of having to put all of our medical information in an electronic portal before our doctor would see us.  Some of us have experienced our car not starting for no discernable reason, and after a tow to the local garage a computer engineer has to reset the electronics before we can get on the road again.  We need to learn to use a new program on our telephone or computer in order to shop, to register for social security, even to file our income taxes. Every club we join, educational institution we study with, business we shop at or work for has its own website and app.  We need special knowledge to set up our telephone, television, home office, vacuum cleaner, microwave and other appliances, or we need to call in special technicians to do all this for us.  Have you ever stopped to count how many hours a week you spend figuring out how to use technology so that you can live the life of luxury you wish for?

What happened to the ease and simplicity we were promised?

This is not a rant, although it may seem like one.  You see, all of this technology is computer generated.  That means it affects communication.  Because of technology our world has become very advanced very quickly, we are living our lives at top speed, and our minds are being pushed faster, in many cases, than they are capable of going.  People are getting burned out, and many are dropping out. It seems that as we move through this Equinox, critical mass regarding technology has been reached.  Human minds can do no more, and so we must rely more and more heavily on AI.  It will be very interesting indeed to see what new forms of communication and what new technology is released as we approach the end of this year.

Meanwhile, the onslaught of communication is gradually causing us all to be more discerning regarding what communications we allow into our consciousness.  Many of us are turning off the TV, or just main stream media and many social networks.  We are beginning to be the masters of our own minds once again.  We are learning to limit our time on electronic devices, to filter our email and phone calls, and to be tougher skinned regarding all those people who want to sell us something, need our financial help, want us to join their cause. 

It seems that we have all been pushed to our limits, and beyond, and so we are beginning to shut out the outside voices and instead listen to our own heart and our own inner voice.  This is good. We are beginning to live our lives again.

This is all part of our growth as a species.  Ultimately, we must return back to ourselves, finding peace and wholeness there, to regain our humanity and our love for one another.  That will require letting AI do what it has been designed to do.  Only then will we be able to create and live that life we’ve all envisioned.

You are all aware, for the most part, that we’ve been moving through a war of communication on many levels at the same time.  Conflicts with the media, also within our governments, within belief systems, the educational system and more, are out in the open now for all to see.  But what, and who, do you believe?  Who is right?  What is right?

The only way you can answer those questions is by looking within, not without.  Your inner self knows your truth. 

Remember, machines themselves are not evil.  Computers and AI are not evil.  But the people who design and use them might be.  The people that those engineers work for might be.  We are at a critical time in our evolution.  To move forward from here we need to rely more and more heavily on machines and computer AI that can do what we cannot.  But to trust that future, fail safes must be put in place, that ensure that the technology we have come to rely on more and more, will not be used against us.

I firmly believe that one of the reasons our planet is in such turmoil right now is that this ‘war’ must be worked through, so that we can safely evolve.  We must all be awake and aware and responsible for all our actions, never being afraid of truth and honesty whether we look at ourselves or another.  That’s the only way we can protect our future.

Thanks for staying or reading until the end.  I welcome your feedback!

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi

Response to this editorial.....

"This is brilliant. What an editorial and so timely. You capture the collective consciousness so accurately.This resonates with me on many levels and lately I've been engaging in more grounding, pleasant and healthy activities. I found myself, reading more from actual books that I have to turn the page and use a bookmark. I hung the laundry outside on a clothesline for the first time in many years. And I made a few little treats from scratch. All fun and enjoyable. A little escape from the tech.Thanks for your insights! Have a great weekend".  Peace, Pete


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