September 2022 Monthly Specials


Special #1 -

My reading special this month is all about my Guides and I helping YOU to identify and find paths to work through your very deepest fears.  We all have fears, and we often bury them.  Buried fears can become debilitating, life-sucking cancers for many of us. Isn’t it time to deal with these inner demons once and for all?  Isn’t it time to bring your deepest fears out into the light where in the light of day they will lose their power over you?  Isn’t it time to find healthy methods for conquering them and ultimately letting them go?  I am loosely quoting from the book, Dune: “Fear is the mind killer.  There is nothing to fear except fear itself. I shall not fear.”

When my Guides and I did this work with my clients many years ago, I had several psychologists that would send their clients to me for a reading, then bring them the recording to review so they could shave years of treatment from their client’s healing process.  It’s that powerful.

     This reading special is only available during September.  It is not one of my normal focused readings.

If you think this is for you, just sign up for any focused reading on my website and when my assistant contacts you to set up your appointment with me tell her you want the September reading special.  Please don’t wait.  Spots for this are going to fill up fast because right now, this information and the help that my Guides and I can provide is so needed by everyone!

The cost is only $300, and it will only take a half hour or so of your time.  Isn’t that worth your freedom?

Special #2–                             


My VIP membership program contains a lifetime of audio classes and courses I’ve taught, including audio-only versions of my famous Tarot Reader’s program, my World-Renowned Psychic Development series, and my entire Astrology program that takes you from beginner to professional level! The classes available in my VIP Membership program, if purchased at their original price, would cost many thousands of dollars.  So why am I doing this? I really, really want you to learn and find as many answers and as much joy in studying metaphysics as I have!  

Please go to, and click on VIP.  

Read about all you get by becoming a VIP member, then scroll to the bottom of the page to find out how to become a member for an amazingly low price, right now!  

When you join during September you’ll receive a very special gift - I am gifting you with my video web-class, “Meet Your Higher Self”. This is my free gift to you just for joining!  

Already a member?

You can purchase the video, normally only available as a bonus video in my Evolution of Consciousness Video Course Series, for only $10!  This offer is valid only during September 2022.  

Contact Lisa to make your purchase!

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