September 2020 Astrological and Psychic Predictions

Aries –

It’s important to pay attention to the ordinary things, including health issues, this month Aries.  Things that have been hidden until now are coming to light.  Your solutions are in the details.  Take some time to go back over past situations that to relate to whatever you are concerned with, and consider them from a fresh new perspective.  This can be a month of great healing for you regarding your home, your health, your career, your finances, and even the health issues of another person you care a lot about.  If you have children this is also a good time to have some important conversations with them about things you’ve both been burying that have affected your relationship.  Take some extra time during the month to catch up with those special projects you’ve wanted to do, and don’t forget to spend some good quality time with yourself.  After all the hard work, that’s a reward you need!  Happy Fall!

Taurus -
Wow, Taurus, what a month September is going to be for you!  Just when you began to think things in your life were going to calm down, they are getting all stirred up again with an explosion of unexpected activities and occurrences.  Can you try to be just a little bit flexible, and a bit less of a perfectionist?  If you try to handle and resolve everything that is coming your way right now, you’re going to do a sloppy job with everything.  But if you don’t respond to the opportunities lining up for you, you’ll be sorry about what you’ve missed out on.  The trick is to allow yourself the flexibility to respond to everything coming your way, but not get deeply involved with anything that involves a lot of work or a long-term commitment.  It may take a while to identify your best options. A good analogy is to imagine yourself as a juggler, keeping all the balls in the air and moving is the way to juggle everything without losing a ball.  Then, while you are doing your juggling act, you can see which ‘balls’ are the ones you want to keep long term.  The only place you need to pay attention to the details right now is in health matters, and also in situations involving your children, pets or close friends.  There may be some hidden things there that could bite you if you aren’t aware of them.  Happy Fall!

Gemini -
You may feel a bit divided this month Gemini, as your life circumstances cause you to focus on work, home and family matters while your heart wants to travel and seek the adventure it craves.  You may feel like you are on a seesaw that has you balancing home and family responsibilities with work; every time you think you’ve got one side of the equation dealt with, the opposite end seems to need your attention and vice versa.  Engaging in a project or busines with your significant other or another family member can be enjoyable and release some of the tension.  If travel is part of that deal, well, your happiness will be through the roof.  Concern about a friend or relative that either travels a lot, is older, or lives a distance from you weighs heavily on your mind this month too Gemini.  Sometimes you can’t do anything but listen, even though that’s hard for you to do.  That seems to be one of your learning lessons for this month.  Something you’ve been working hard on and really want is coming to fruition this month too Gemini. Even though the results aren’t what you expected, still pleasure in the accomplishment.  Happy Fall!

Cancer -
Communications are extremely important this month Cancer, and somehow, clear communication seems particularly difficult to achieve all month long.  The problem is that every discussion seems to turn into an emotional one that you lose control of.  It’s important to put things into writing, first, when you can, so that you can go over them and make sure you are actually saying what you intend to.  Likewise, if you hear something you think is negative, hold your anger and ask the person to repeat and define what they just said.  This problem is most likely occurring with your spouse or partner, but honestly it could affect your communications with every person in your life.  If you think of this as an opportunity to grow and explore yourself, looking inward with objectivity will provide you with some good insights.  On a more positive note, if you are a writer or teacher or speaker, this will be a wonderful month for you to explore all sorts of creative opportunities both on your own and with your students or audience.  Business opportunities are also all around you, but because of the communications issues this month either hold off on signing any legal documents, or have your attorney read them over first.  Happy Fall!

Leo -
Old opportunities, partnerships, and dreams are returning this month, and some of them may be ready to bear the fruit they were incapable of bearing the first time around!  This is a great time to start your own business, or write that book, or get to work on your latest moneymaking project.  You are especially creative right now, so putting your ideas and dreams on paper and developing them will come easily.  It also seems like right now, the people, help, and support that you need will be easy to attract.  Just be careful to do background checks and whatever else is needed to make sure those you are dealing with are honest.  If you are thinking of a trip or a move, now is a good time for that too, and even for finding a good property or home to invest in.   Don’t be afraid to look back at past options.  Remember, some good ones are returning!  In all business dealings it’s important to get the right legal advice, and also to have all contracts reviewed by an attorney.  This is especially important regarding all kinds of loans and other circumstances where you might be involved with investors or even friend’s or family member’s finances.  If you are in financial dealings with your children, even though it feels uncomfortable, it’s also important to get that advice and protection right now, for them and for you.  This month some interesting things may also be disclosed to you, concerning a close friend, spouse or partner, or female relative.  Happy Fall!

Virgo –
This is your month, Virgo!  Happy Birthday!  Health matters are all around you this month, which may not be a bad thing, as you are a natural healer, and could readily use this energy to augment your healing abilities or further your career in the health field!  But if you aren’t using your energies in the health field right now, it’s likely that health issues are popping up for you, your spouse or partner, or an older relative, most likely female.  It’s important to take care of these, but don’t be too quick to act because there may be tests and evaluations required to uncover hidden issues.  Also, some problems can be drug related or related to environmental issues.  You are also likely to be uncovering things concerning your partner or spouse, or their family, that may be a bit disconcerting.  Now is NOT a time for action.  Rather, it’s the time for one of the things you do best – investigation.  This is a wonderful month for you to develop your skills with empathy too.  Trust yourself.  One last thing to watch out for where self-trust is important – it’s likely that you will encounter an addiction problem this month.  Trust your gut about it, and deal with it the way that works best for you.   Happy Fall!

Libra -
Directing your focus inward and doing some deep soul searching is not the norm for you Libra, but this month you are likely to be doing your fair share of it!  Your intuition and empathy are increasing rapidly, and with them, you are gaining a new insight into the world around you, your daily life and home situation, and the people in your life, that is new to you and requires inner processing.  It’s as if a veil that has been over your eyes is lifting.  Will you be happy with the world you see, or not?  How you handle all this gives you an opportunity for personal healing as well as healing relationships with others.  On another note, take some time to be with your children or your fur babies this month, if you have them, or at least let your own inner child come out to play a bit.  Unleashing that part of yourself is very important right now.  A travel opportunity, or a chance for a move of your home or your job, possibly health related, is going to come up this month to.  How you handle that is very important as it sets the stage regarding how you will relate to important people in your life going forward. 

Scorpio -
Communications with friends, children and fur babies if you have them, and your significant other or relationship partner are very important this month.  If you are a writer or use the internet to work remotely from home things should explode into activity for you this month.  Earth energy is flowing well for you right now so positive opportunities relative to health issues as well as business options for you abound.  If you interested in games of chance or investing, this month is extremely important for you as there are many dynamic opportunities.  Pay attention to the details.  Communicate them clearly and concisely, but use your intuition and insight. Cold analysis can get you into trouble, but too much empathy and emotion can tip the scales too far the other direction too.  The trick is to try to create mental and emotional balance combining intuition and mental skills.  Time spent at home during the month will be enjoyable and valuable. It’s a great time to set up your meditation room or to join a meditation class or a Yoga class or even a martial arts class.  Likewise, traveling, especially by yourself, would be good for you.  You are finding your own company, as well as that of good friends, enjoyable this month.  If you are single, it’s also a good time to meet your soul mate.  Just don’t be to picky or you’ll scare that special person away!  Happy Fall!

Sagittarius –
Your career and possibly a job change or even a promotion is on your mind this month Sagittarius.  If you have children there will be some important communications coming from one or more of them concerning their careers as well.  This month you are receiving the special gift of clarity.  Clarity concerning your job, your home, your relationship, your children and pets, your family, your health, the health of other family members, and more.  Write down what you observe, what you experience, and save it to look back on.  We only rarely get moments of clarity like you are getting now.  You’ve got a lot of choices and decisions to make in the next few months; what your perceptions are telling you now will be helpful in making those decisions.  Meanwhile, your communication skills, on all levels, are off the charts right now.  Be aware that right now your emotions carry a force and focus they don’t usually have, so angry words can actually hurt someone physically.  Likewise, once said, they cannot be drawn back.  So thinking before you speak is a good idea Sagittarius, even though it doesn’t come naturally to you.  That’s especially important at work.  Don’t give voice to your plans until you are ready to act on them. Financial windfalls look to be coming your way if you play your cards right.  Be patient and let the power of your intuition guide you.  Happy Fall!

Capricorn -
You have had a lot or responsibility on your shoulders all year Capricorn, and this month is no exception.  However, there will be some potentially big financial opportunities coming your way, so stay alert so as to not miss them. There are also travel opportunities and even a possible move that could be of financial benefit.  Perhaps the travel I see will be work related?  Or working with someone long distance over the internet?  Communications with someone who lives a distance away are very important to some irons you have in the fire right now.  Stay on top of them.  Things right now can turn on a dime, as they say.  Double check all the data you find, and check out people’s stories as well.  There is deceit around you right now.  Trust your intuition if it tells you someone isn’t forthright with what they are telling you.  Your financial future and your wellbeing could depend upon your ability to tell fact from fiction. On another note, a close confidante may be sharing the information you are telling them, so if something is important or secret, it should stay secret and not be confided.  Overall this should be a good month for you Capricorn, with your earth energy flowing freely and drawing those things you want to you.  It’s a great time to embark upon a new project, a new business, even a new financial plan that honors your dreams and your boundaries equally.  Happy Fall!

Aquarius –
This is another emotional month for you Aquarius, but the focus is changing to include more about your financial and work situation as it unfolds.  You understand it is time for a change.  You are, however, afraid of repeating a pattern and making the wrong change.  Or worse still, letting someone else’s actions and decisions lead you into chaos.  Your powerful emotions are understandable, but you do need to get them under control and learn to use them as a compass point directing you towards what feels better and warning you about what feels worse.  That way you are in control, not your emotions, and yet you are using them to better your situation.  A move of either your job or your home is likely.  If it doesn’t happen this month, you will probably at least be thinking about it or even planning it.  If you let your mind lead, you’ll realize that you do have good clarity regarding your personal and family requirements, and even your financial situation going forward.  It may not be exactly what you want right now, but it is something you can see clearly and you can build on it.  The only thing that could really throw you off track now is a person whose powerful emotions affect you deeply.  Don’t allow that.  Stand up for yourself.  Happy Fall!

Pisces -
Relationships and relationship issues are on your mind this month Pisces, in both good and bad ways.  There is a lot of communication happening, which is good, but there are also a lot of things you are still unwilling to see, let alone discuss.  Right now, is a great time for gaining clarity, so if you can, get your ego out of the way and listen.  You don’t have to agree.  But it’s only by listening that you can gain the other person’s perspective.  Remember, all knowledge has some use.  Understanding in this case can activate a very nice flow of energy for you that will help you financially and build friendships and relationships with those whose help you may require.  Your intuition is strong at the moment, so listen to it as you make decisions right now.  Going forward into the month things are going to get very emotional for you and you will not have the clarity you’ve got right now.  It’s a good idea to take notes.  Write the things you need to know for future decisions down right now.  You’ll be glad you did.  If you are into doing a little introspection, now is also a good time to do that.  Likewise it’s a good time to honor your practice of meditation, and if you are in any kind of therapy, now is a great time to get some important breakthroughs.  Happy Fall!

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