Tarot Tip #4 – Start Reading Now!


 The tarot is a learning tool, far more than just a tool for doing readings.  Many people get stuck when they are beginning to learn to read the tarot, thinking that they don’t know enough.  Maybe they haven’t memorized all the meanings of all the cards, or perhaps they haven’t mastered the particular spread they’ve chosen to read with. They think they have to know everything there is to know about the tarot, before they can read for someone other than themselves. 

     Please don’t get stuck in this pitfall.

     After 40 years of reading the tarot, I am still learning more about it every day, every time I use it.  I started reading the cards for other people within days of getting my first deck.  That’s not because I’m somebody special; it’s because I found the best way to learn the cards is by doing them.

     Honestly, all you need to get started is your tarot deck, and one or two meanings for each card.  Don’t be afraid to keep your guide book with you, and to consult it.  That’s how you will learn best, initially.  Pull a few cards and look them up.  Lay out a simple spread and look up the card meanings, and the card’s positions meanings.

     Read for yourself.  Read for any friend or family member that will let you practice on them. 

     I used to take my deck into work with me and read for my work-friends when we were on our breaks, or after work.  I’d take my deck into the diner at lunch and if the waitress was interested, I’d pull some cards for her.

     Don’t be afraid to tell people you are just learning and want to practice on them.

     You will be amazed at how many people are willing to be your guinea pigs.  People love to hear about themselves, and especially to play with the tarot.

     Remember, you learn the tarot best by doing it, not by memorizing it.  Have fun!

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