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Tarot Beginners Course

Study the Tarot with Sandy Anastasi and The Astrological Institute of Integrated Studies as they present this program in Tarot Reading.

The Six week course includes “The Tarot Reader’s Workbook” as a free download. Sandy teaches you how to read the cards in a way so easy and natural you will almost just absorb the knowledge.

You will learn about  the meanings of all 78 cards both upright and inverted, and how to do simple, accurate readings.

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Tarot Professional Level

In Tarot Part Two you learn to use the tarot to explore your and your clients spirituality, karmic lessons, life patterns, past lives, roots of emotional issues.

You will learn how to be a great tarot advisor and how to HELP your clients. 

You will learn how to do spreads like the Kabbala Tarot, the Astrological Tarot, the Complex Celtic Cross, the 8-card Karmic Cycle Spread and track karmic patterns from one life to another, right up to the current one.

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Kabbala Pathworking

This course consists of 24 magical and transformative sessions of in-person online guidance as you travel the Paths of the Tree of Life with Sandy.

Kabbala Pathworking is a life-altering major step in your own evolution.

Become more in-balance, connect with your Guides and your Higher Consciousness, uncover your unconscious and subconscious blocks and rise above them, change relationships and situations in your life.

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Evolution of Consciousness

Six Months of Study in the Evolution of Consciousness

 In this series of webinars, Sandy shares clear and defining steps that explain how our consciousness can awaken to higher levels of insight, understanding, and evolution. 

Each week you receive a new video to watch based on this pre-recorded series of the Evolution of Consciousness webinars created by Sandy Anastasi. 

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Psychic Protection

Welcome to 52 Weeks of Psychic Protection Tips with Sandy Anastasi

Each week for a year I am going to teach you a psychic protection tip that is easy and fun to use and that will immediately help to make your busy life much easier and more fulfilling! 

When you feel how much less stressful all of your life activities are when you protect yourself psychically you'll wish you'd learned psychic protection years ago! 

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Psychic Development

The Flagship Psychic Development Course with Sandy Anastasi

Sandy Anastasi has been successfully training students, teachers, and professional psychics worldwide how to open, develop, and master their psychic abilities for 30 years.

Study Psychic Development with videos and e-books for each level of the course with instruction from Sandy.Or you can  PURCHASE SELF STUDY VIDEOS HERE

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Astrology Art & Science

Join Sandy in this amazing eight week video course for an amazing introduction to Astrology with her book!

You'll learn the basic meanings of the planets, signs and houses from a psychological and family perspective while learning astrological interpretation!

This is a ‘wonderful’ foundation for anyone wanting to know more about the sun signs, planets, and houses. This is Part One (Beginner) of the Astrology Study Series.

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Astrology for Yourself

Wouldn’t you like an easy to use tool that gives you nearly instant insight yourself, as well as all the people you know?  This is a tool that anyone can learn to use.

It’s a tool that will help you understand the motivation and the very things that make the people you love and care about.

You don’t need to be an astrologer to take this. This is Part Two (Intermediate) of the Astrology Series. Part One (Astrology Art & Science) must be taken first.

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Mastermind Program

Sandy Anastasi offers her three session Mastermind video online course program for anyone starting their own psychic, astrology, tarot, New Age, metaphysical  or energy healing business. 

You will come away from Session 1 with a clear understanding of exactly what you want and with the beginnings of a business plan to build it. You will come away with the tools to start a successful business or to make the one you already have more successful.

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I hereby grant Sandy Anastasi Inc and any and all associates the unlimited right throughout the Universe to record my voice and photograph or videotape me at any time during  webinar/training/workshop/live events. In addition, I grant Sandy Anastasi Inc and any and all associates full permission to use my name, voice recordings, written words, voice and/or video testimonials, in any form of products, as well as in  sales and marketing materials both on and offline including, but not limited to, audio, digital, and/or physical products, and I grant Sandy Anastasi Inc and any and all associates the right to publish, distribute, and/or sell these materials in any form.



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