August 2022 Monthly Specials


Hi Everyone,

I have some great specials for you this month!

Special #1 –

I have heard your concerns, my friends.  Many of you are worried about your finances, and your jobs and careers during this difficult time and about how you will pay your credit cards and loans, make your house payment or rent, and even put food on the table.   There has recently been a sharp rise in the cost of living that is beginning to affect everyone, from increasing costs at the supermarket, to high prices at the gas pump, to higher charges for almost all of your activities in your day-to-day life. All of these stresses are forcing people like you to move ahead with major changes in their lives.  You may be even be considering a big change now. Coming changes for many people may include moves, marriages, divorces, career shifts, even massive life-style changes.  If you’ve been sitting on the fence about a major change in your life, my Guides and I can help. 

 It has become clear to me that my Guides and I need to offer a reading special this month that will focus specifically on these things as they are affecting your life now and for the next three months.  We all need the confidence and stability that foreknowledge can supply, and that is my gift that my Guides and I are glad to be able to offer to you.

     So, here’s my reading special for the month of August –

My Guides and I will use your astrology chart and tarot cards to look at changes and new things coming up for you during the next three months.  We’ll pay special attention to your finances, to shifts and opportunities in your home, work and career, as well as in the greater world around you, that may be affecting you.  We’ll touch upon your relationships too.  We will let you know where your focus is best placed and even help you with major choices by showing projected outcomes, so you can make it through these world and personal changes smoothly and end up in a better place in the future than you were in the past.  The cost of this reading will be only $250 and it will take just a half hour or so of your time.  My normal fee is $300, so I am offering you a nice discount on this session with me and my Guides.

This reading special is only available during August.  If you think this is for you, just sign up for my monthly special reading on my website and when my assistant contacts you to set up your appointment with me tell her you want the August monthly special. This reading is much more specifically focused on your financial and life situation.  Please don’t wait.  Spots for this reading are going to fill up fast!


Special #2 –

I am once again promoting my Tarot class this month. This brings a special opportunity for you if studying the tarot is on your bucket list!  If you sign up now you can get my online Tarot Beginner’s Course normally offered on my website for $297 at a 20% discount!  That’s $59.40 off! 

The reason I chose to create this particular special offer this month is I realize how important it is to just about everyone to be able to bring in extra money right now, and when you can do that and help someone at the same time it’s a definite win for everyone!  The tarot is the best way to do this, if you are either needing additional income, or are a stay-at-home mom.  I have known many people who have helped put food on their family’s plates by reading the Tarot.  Helping yourself by helping others is always the best success story!

 It’s easy to learn to read the Tarot.  When you get my program you get the video course stored in your own permanent online library, yours to keep forever.  The course drips out week by week, helping you to learn to read the cards like a pro in short easily learned classes.  Many people who have been unsuccessful with other programs have quickly learned to read the cards using this one!

Along with this special offer you are also getting an invitation to my online Tarot Community. It’s accessible right in your library, on my website or in the app.  It’s an active community that gives you lots of opportunity to ask questions and to practice on other people also taking the class. As a special gift to accompany this offer, all through August my assistant and I will be closely monitoring the community to answer your questions and give whatever guidance you need as you work through the online video program.  Before you know it, you’ll be a Tarot reader!  You’ll also soon be on the way to developing your psychic abilities, as reading the Tarot actually helps you to develop them! * Note that you do not need to be psychic to read the Tarot cards and use them to help others.

To sign up for the program at this great discount, go here and enter this discount code at checkout:  TAROT2022

Not ready yet?  Learn more about it here 

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