March Monthly Specials 2023


Special #1    

 This month I am offering a reading/coaching special you won’t find on my website.  It’s Finding Your Right Path.  My Guides and I are offering it because we are seeing so many people who are confused, disillusioned, and in need of guidance about their future right now.  The social, political, economic and financial events we are living through have taken their toll.  Many people’s lives are in turmoil.  Some lost family and friends, homes and jobs.  Most have had their values, ethics and beliefs challenged.  Now the world is moving towards a ‘new normal’. What will that be? There is fear and insecurity as we all move forward now.  My clients are asking questions like, “Will I find a new job? If I can’t find the same type of work, what should I do, or, “Should I look for a home and a job in a different state or country?  Would I be happy there?  What about my family?” or “How will I pay my taxes? Will the IRS come after me?”, or “Will my loved ones and I remain healthy? “, or “Social and political differences have divided me from my family and friends.  Will we be able to reconnect?” or “Will we be safe?” Are you asking any of these questions yourself?

      It seems people, like you, are facing deepest fears and insecurities right now, and it’s time for the special type of guidance only my Guides and I can give.  I have always found it is in the midst of turmoil that the greatest opportunities for spiritual, financial and physical growth occur.  It’s possible for your greatest challenges to result in your greatest accomplishments.  My Guides and I have an important purpose to fulfill right now.  That purpose is to help you to find yours.  Let us lead you through this maze of confusion, helping you to identify your obstacles, find the best path through or around them, and create goals that will lead you to the success you desire and deserve.

    My Guides and I are here to help. Just sign up for any targeted reading on my website readings page and when my assistant contacts you to set up this reading/coaching session, just tell her you want the March special, Finding Your Right Path.  You’ll be amazed at how much easier life will appear, and how much simpler and obvious your path forward will be with the help of me and my Guides.

Special #2

    Anyone who purchases my March reading/coaching special will also be able to purchase my Psychic Protection Tips self-study course at half price! That’s right! I am practically giving you this amazing video program that will drip psychic protection tools and techniques to you for a full year and collect them in your own online library where they are yours to keep and review forever, because I know, that right now, they will help you to remain centered and fully focused on all the things that will improve your life, without outside interference!  When you book your reading/coaching session just tell my assistant you also want this great course at its 50% discount and she’ll tell you how to get started!  You can even give the course, and/or the reading, as a gift!

    Do you just want to purchase this great course, but don’t want the reading? CLICK HERE

Special #3
     Do you wish you could quickly and easily take a look into your own future, or that of a friend or family member?  I’ve been telling my students for years that the easiest, fastest way to do that is by learning to read the Tarot cards.

     I’ve got a wonderful video program that teaches this wonderful divination tool in simple, easy to learn steps.  The program will download into your own private online library, yours to have access to and to keep. There are 6 easy to follow lessons, each with their own video.  You also get access, via your library, to my private online Tarot Community where you can work with partners to swap free practice readings, and you can ask questions. My assistant and I monitor the forum and see your questions there.  Additionally, as a bonus, you get a digital copy of my very well-known “The Tarot Reader’s Workbook”. 
   I should add, that I’ve been teaching Tarot for 40 years.  Thousands of people just like yourself have learned Tarot from my classes and my book, and some have even gone on to become well known psychics and professional Tarot readers.  This class is that good.

     This self-study course is always available on my website for only $297!  But just for this month you can have the Beginner Tarot course that is the first class in my Tarot series, at 30% off. Don’t waste a minute.  Sign up now! Enter Code TAROMAR23 at checkout to receive this discount.

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