PD Tip #25 - Identifying and dealing with Fear


This Psychic Development tip is an unusual, but very important one for everyone wishing to develop and use their God-given psychic abilities. It’s about identifying, controlling, and eliminating your fears, and why that’s so important for people wanting to develop and use their psychic skills.

First, it’s important to understand what fear is and does. Fear is a negative and disempowering emotion that causes your psychic energy field, or aura, to develop weakness and possibly even holes or tears, through which your life-force energy may escape or even be drawn out.

All psychics create energetic connections to the people they read or have strong emotional relationships with. If a psychic is in a state of fear when they read a client or spend time with someone they care about, their fear can easily transmit to and contaminate the person they are connecting with.

Conversely, if that person has vampire tendencies the psychic can end up feeling drained and lifeless by the end of their time with the person.

So you can see one big reason why it is so important for people who want to become professional psychics, or even who just want to develop their psychic skills for personal use or to help those they care about, to learn to identify and eliminate, or at least control, their fears.

If you are a fear-based person, this should be one of your first activities you focus on even before working on developing your psychic abilities.

Identifying your major fears is simple. We all have some. Just make a list of all the things that come to mind that make you fearful.  Then do the same thing with those fears that are more subtle or that you have perhaps hidden from yourself. It may take some time, even a few days, for them to percolate to the surface of your awareness. As they come to you, write them down too.

Often just the act of writing it down helps to draw a fear out of you. You may want to make a little ritual of reading each as you breath out the words and then burn what you’ve written to fully release it. Then for 66 days practice being aware of your thoughts and when they become fearful replace them with positive, uplifting thoughts to create a new habit of thought. (See my editorial for September, 2020).

If you are a fear-based person, or someone who has or does live in ‘victim-mentality’ or you know someone who does, I have a chakra-meditation MP3 on my website in the free section that will be helpful for healing the chakras (that is, psychic energy centers) and adding strength to the energy field, repairing it and any holes that may already have been created by fear.

Also, in my Psychic Development Level 3 program I have a ‘Childhood Fear Elimination’ guided visualization that will be helpful in identifying and releasing deep psychological fears, if you have any.  That entire program titled “The Anastasi System of Psychic Development Level 3: Tools and Toys” is available in ebook format on my website and my author page at www.amazon.com, and also as a downloadable MP4 video course on my website and those who join my VIP membership program have access to an MP3 downloadable version of that same program. 

I also teach the entire Anastasi System of Psychic Development program which has six levels, once a year beginning in January.  See my website at www.sandyanastasi.com for more details.

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