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Sandy's Editorial for July 2019


Hello Everyone!

I am writing from the beautiful Elara hotel in Las Vegas where we have come to celebrate Father’s Day and my birthday this year.  It is great to step back for just a moment and catch our breath before diving back into life.   

This is a special time with the 4th of July and the start of my new Kabbala Pathworking class on July 10th just around the corner.  Exciting times indeed.  You can read more about those things on my website and as a newsletter recipient you’ll be sure to get the inside scoop on everything that’s coming up in Sandyland.  I promise.

In this moment of reflection I find myself looking back at a dynamic, eventful first half of the year, for us all.  Personally I’ve been faced with challenges that included many health issues for the people I love most, and keeping up with a swiftly growing business, client, and student base.  I owe deep thanks to my small team for helping me make that...

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Psychic Development Tip # 10 - Meditation


This psychic development tip is about meditation.  In several earlier tips I mentioned that mediation is very important in your psychic development, and in fact is it’s cornerstone.  My next few tips will help you to achieve deeper and better meditations and reap all the benefits that go with that.  If you already know how to meditate you may want to skip these, but even experienced meditators may pick up a few good tips!

Meditation involves learning to still your mind and control it, and your thoughts.  Once you really understand that concept, it’s easy to understand why meditation is so important for aspiring psychics, channels and mediums to learn.  After all, we all know now that we create our world with our thoughts!  And in my last few psychic development tips you learned how easy it is for thoughts to be transferred from one person to another (telepathy).  Do you really want to do that unconsciously?  Of course meditation...

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July 2019 Astrolights

 We begin July with one of the most important eclipses of our lives and of our country. On the 2ndwe have a solar eclipse in Cancer and on the 16thwe have a lunar eclipse in Capricorn.

In its most materialistic meaning, Cancer rules home, real estate, food, and our personal roots. In a less obvious sense, Cancer rules tradition, family, and what and how we nurture what we value in our lives. In also a mundane sense, Capricorn rules authority, government and what we produce in the eyes of the world. In a more subtle meaning, it’s all about how and what we structure in our lives and the recognition of the patterns we create.

We are at a crossroads.

We can either allow ourselves to become obligated to be the providers for the world, or we can invest in our own growth without feeling the responsibility to give away what we have earned to those who have no idea of the cost of our earning what they demand of us. Feeling this responsibility is at the core of political...

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Happy Birthday Cancer 2019

 Knowing what you want might be a bit difficult now. Be careful of basing it on what others want or expect of you. You’re not here to make life easy for others, although you can if you choose to. You are here to develop and grow in a way that contributes to your own happiness. If you get caught up in believing that you are here to make life easier for others, you will be distracted from living your own path. Follow your heart NOT your learned obligations.

Your urge to action will, now, almost always take you to issues involving you home, family and security. The key word to attend is security. But the objective is nurturance. Better to look at things in terms of expansion rather than in terms of preserving. Unevolved Cancers generally run their lives in terms of what will produce a consistency in the support and nurturance that they receive from the outer world.

Evolved Cancers look at life in terms of what they can add to a person or project that will grow a process of...

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Astrological and Psychic Predictions for June 2019 - Sandy Anastasi

Aries -

This is a great month for healing miscommunications with friends and siblings, and for making some changes in your financial budget and spending habits that will go a long way towards repairing those credit card problems! If you have been thinking of making a career change or opening your own home-based business, it's a good month to move forward with those things too! This next few years will be filled with financial ups and down so setting up a budget you can live with personally as well as with your mate and regarding business affairs is a very good idea, and now is the perfect time to do that. Don't miss this opportunity to sit down with your mate, spouse, or business partner, and flesh out your future together. You need to both be on the same page! If you enter into a business agreement right now, or are thinking about renovating your home or even buying a property, expect some major unplanned and unexpected issues to occur along the way. Putting a little extra money...

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June 2019 Monthly Specials


Hello Everyone!

I am happy to announce TWO monthly specials I'll be offering this June, as a Happy Birthday to myself! I'm a Gemini, born June 20th.

* Please note that monthly specials may only be purchased by ordering them through my assistant Lisa at [email protected]

My first monthly special is for those lucky people who are signing up for the Pathworking the Kabbala program I am offering that starts July 10th, and if you are one of those folks, I want to take just a moment to welcome you.

You are about to embark upon the greatest journey of your life, the journey of self-discovery and expansion of your awareness to levels you'd never thought possible.

I am excited to be your personal guide on this journey, and it begins with this offer:

I am creating a special mentoring session for current Kabbala Pathworking students during which my Guides and I will help you to discover all of the Paths and Sephiroth on the Tree of Life that will be the most important for you, and why.

To do...

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Psychic Development Tip #9 - Telepathy Tip #2


Psychic Development Tip #9 - Telepathy Tip #2

As your psychic abilities begin to unfold, so does your ability to both recognize and utilize your telepathy.

Have you ever been listending to the words someone is speaking to you, and 'known' they were not true? If you were experiencing this recognition through your empathy it would feel like a sense of repulsion or even a feeling of 'yuck!'.

When you get that 'knowing', or sometimes even hear words in your mind that are contradicting what the other person is saying it's telepathy. Sometimes it's hard to separate your own thoughts from the thoughts you are receiving from the other person, but with practice it gets easier and easier.

As I told you in Psychic Development Tip #8, there are two types of telepathy - the generative, sending telepathy, and the receptive, receiving telepathy. When you experience the thoughts the other person is actually thinking, that is the receptive telepathy at work.

It is potentially an invaluable aid in...

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Sandy's June 2019 Editorial


Hello Everyone!

Have you ever had a panic attack? If you have, you’re not alone.

An estimated 6 million Americans alone are subject to them occasionally. It doesn’t matter if you are rich, poor, healthy or sick, or even what religion or race you are. Anyone can have a panic attack. Believe me, if you ever have one, you will know it, though no one truly knows what causes them.

I do know something about having panic attacks, as I am occasionally subject to having one when driving with someone.

I’d like to tell you about a recent experience I had with a panic attack that my Guides helped me work through in a very unique but effective way. I was calm and relaxed in the front passenger seat armed with my hat and my earphones playing calming brainwaves and taking deep belly breaths, my three favorite preventive measures) when a car suddenly zipped from the right lane, two lanes over, through the 10 feet of space between us and the next car, and continued across the...

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June 2019 Astrolights

June 2019 Astrolights

On the 3rdthe moon becomes new in Gemini. In addition to the usual communications cautions we also have “travel advisories.” This is due to the fact that Uranus is still in Taurus in Gemini’s 12thhouse and with the moon moving into square with Neptune in Pisces for the next couple of days, we need to be much more cautious about being in a hurry in our daily short distance travels. We will have a tendency to be not quite as observant as we should be. Uranus’ presence in Taurus will make the result, undoubtedly, more tangible.

As Jupiter in Sagittarius makes a closing sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) to Uranus in Taurus on the 6th, our task is to reconcile our current circumstances, unexpected or otherwise, with the values that we want to see manifested. Uranus’ sojourn into Taurus is a lesson in recognizing and adapting those outer circumstances with our vision of ourselves and to come to accept them as a direct result of the forces...

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Happy Birthday Gemini 2019

Happy Birthday Gemini 2019

Your urge is to act, yet you’re used to talking and thinking itthrough before you do.Or is that just delay tactics? Old patterns die hard but sometimes you just mustlet go for a while to free yourself from being trapped in the ruts we find security in.

Granted, Gemini and your ruling planet Mercury are founded on mental movement and communication, but Mercury and Gemini are also based in allmovement and fluidity: mental, emotional and physical.Talking about a planned action from every possible direction is no substitute for doing what is needed.It’s time to get off your duff and put your money where your mouth is!

The support you give and get from your significant other and those who inhabit your circle of influence has been solidifying and showing you tangible places for and origins of support.With all the planets that have moved into earth signs, actions are most certainly speaking louder than words. What is down to earth and practical must...

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