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Sandy's Editorial December 2018


Hello Everyone,

What is the gift you are giving to yourself this holiday season?

The Christmas Season is a time most of us seek to come together in sharing and gift giving with friends and family in a positive, supportive and loving space. It's a time we can set aside strife and our personal differences, and join together in happy, joyous reunion with the people we care about.

It's the perfect time to step back from the struggle of day to day life, and step into joy and love and harmony in a happy space we create for ourselves.

Even if you are spending Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hannukah, or whatever your holiday is, alone, or are separated from your loved ones, you can choose to celebrate it in reflective joy and harmony.

Let that be the first gift that you give yourself this holiday season. Plan time for yourself that fills you with joy and happiness.

Let your second gift to yourself be a moment of reflection into what you really want in your future life.

If you read my Psychic...

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Psychic Development Tip #3 , Positive Thinking and Self-Responsibility


Psychic Development Tip #3 , Positive Thinking and Self-Responsibility for December 2018

Tip #1 on The Power of Positive Thinking and Self-Responsibility

The power of Positive thinking is perhaps the most important thing you will ever learn. It not only affects the speed and success of your psychic development, it affects every aspect of your life!

Most everyone these days has heard of the 'Law of Attraction' and understands the concept that you attract what you think. But it's one thing to understand a concept, and an entirely different thing to put it into action! In our society today, maintaining a constant flow of positive thoughts is HARD!

Most of us are surrounded by negative-thinking people, and negative patterns of thought are contagious. But so are positive patterns of thought! That's why this series of tips on Positive Thinking, that begins here, is so important. When you change your own thinking, you change the world.

This positive thinking psychic development tip is...

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Happy Birthday Sagittarius 2018

Generally, things are always done and seen as big for Sagittarius. This year is no exception but even more so. Until this time next year everything you do, and touch will be size XXXL. This will also apply to your weight, the way you come across to others and anything that you manifest between now and next November. Oh yes, and if you get a traffic ticket for speeding, the fine will be more than doubled! Make sure that anything that you do or participate in has some modicum of modesty and the application of reasonable limits. This does not exclude the tendency for others to blow things out of proportion as relate to you. Keep a fairly tight reign on your output whatever it is. 

Your responsibilities have also expanded in scope. Although being frugal is not your strong point, keeping a tight reign on your expenditures for this coming year is a definite must. This not only includes money but also your energy output and anything that you might consider a possession or ability.


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December Astrological Predictions 2018


Healing comes from unexpected sources this month Aries. This could be healing that you are hoping to receive for yourself, or for a loved one. It's important to focus on staying tuned into your intuition all month long, difficult though that may be at times. Trusting your instincts will help you to avoid many potential fopahs this holiday season! Relationships and romance, children, and your creative and fun activities, are your priorities this month, pretty much in that order! As long as you remain flexible and stay in the flow this should prove to be a magical time for you and yours.

Take care of minor health issues immediately so you can fully enjoy your time this month. Meanwhile, in the back corner of your active mind is the career issue. You know something is coming, but not what or when. Look for a change that will bring greater responsibility but also greater possibility after the first of the year.

Yes, it will involve negotiation, and politics, and some...

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December 2018 Astrolights

We begin the month with Mars and Neptune conjunct in Pisces in the twelfth house.  This does not bode well for our ability to keep our impulses under control.

I expect the full Moon on the 22ndin Cancer to be a real doozey since Jupiter in Sagittarius, ruling both Sagittarius and Pisces, squares the Mars Neptune conjunction in Pisces. Whenever Mars and Neptune get together, there emerges a tirade of irrational actions.

By themselves, they create enough discord but with Jupiter augmenting the mix, the full Moon will be a hard influence to overcome. Since the Moon’s north node is in Cancer, ruled by the Moon, the best place for our attention will be in the activity of nurturance.

Since Jupiter is involved and with the combined added irrationality of Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces, we must guard against giving everything away under the expanded “demands” of compassion and must be wary of being taken advantage of by those who would attempt to make us feel guilty...

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November Special - Evolution of Consciousness

Announcing my newest class - 
My popular Evolution of Consciousness Workshop Series is now available as a 6-month self-study program!  
Each week for 6 months you’ll receive one or more information filled videos, each presenting material in a solid, down to earth manner, and presenting simple exercises and steps that can easily be used to master the material presented.
Each webinar ends with a powerful guided meditation that will help you enhance your spiritual development and personal evolution! Students have said these guided meditations are some of the best they’ve ever experienced, often allowing them to feel a true shift in their energy.
These webinars are amazing, hour-long sessions that I created and taught live over an 18-month period by student request.  
I cover topics ranging from my much talked about “Dark Forces” webinar that discusses and explores some of the darker...
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Psychic Development Tip #2 - Journaling

One of the best ways to enhance and speed your Psychic Development is by journaling.  We are all psychic.  But most of us are so used to just looking at something as ‘luck’ when we are in the right place at the right time to get a special reward, or a coincidence when a friend calls us at exactly the time we are getting ready to call them.  I call those things ‘psychic do-goods’.  


In my psychic development classes I always have my students start a ‘psychic do-good’ book.  That’s a journal where they record all of the things that happen to them daily that might be psychic.  Your journal might be filled with simple things like you and your best friend both showing up at a party wearing red, or with pretty serious things like you had an urge for a soda and stopped at a convenience store and found out later that if you hadn’t stopped you’d have been involved in a terrible car accident.  
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Sandy's November Editorial

Hello Everyone,
First off, I want to take a moment to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!  You may think of that as a USA or Canadian holiday but honestly when we celebrate Thanksgiving here, I celebrate it in my heart with the entire planet as my clients and students come from all parts of the globe.  
Thanksgiving is a VERY IMPORTANT HOLIDAY!  This November, make it a special one for yourself and your loved ones!
Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. Giving thanks is about showing gratitude.  Being grateful for the bounty life has given you is one of the first things necessary to create a positive energy flow.  The more you focus on what you are grateful for, the more the negative, unwanted things just drop out of your life and you begin to attract a flow of good, positive new things.  Gratitude is one of the most basic building blocks you need to have to start creating and then...
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November Astrological Predictions 2018

Sandy's November 2018 Astrological and Psychic Predictions


A rare month of introspection is ahead of you Aries. Your outward focus is on what you want, and specifically what you want from or for that person who is closest to you. Or perhaps it's on the person you wish to be closest to you. Saturn is about to cross your solar midheaven and that indicates a major change is coming into your life as a result of choices you are making now. Are you thinking of renovating your home, or of moving? Changing your job or retiring? Changing your relationship patterns with family members or friends? But you've got to face down your fears and insecurities to take the leap to get what, or who, you want. You've got to be willing to leave the things and Speople that no longer fit into your life behind. Can you do that? We are entering the Holiday season now, and for you, this years holidays will be a bit stressful. Take time to truly get in touch with what YOU want. That knowledge will...

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