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Sandy’s Monthly Specials for January 2024



  • I am offering my “What’s coming in the next 6 months” reading at a discount this month.  If you missed my “YAAG” Year-At-A-Glance reading, this reading special will more than make up for it!  Even if you already had your YAAG reading this year, this reading will be an excellent addition as it expands your insights into issues your YAAG reading may have only touched upon. It focuses, in-depth, on the concerns and issues that you’ll be dealing with over the next six months from whenever you have your reading. This is an amazing predictive reading that will help you get a handle on whatever is coming up in your life this year!  Your cost will only be $300!  
  • My “What’s Coming in 2024!” webinar video is available on my website now for $25. If you missed the webinar, you can still get the recording!  When I recently watched last year’s video, I was astonished at how accurate my...
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Editorial Videoblog for January 2024


Hello Everyone,

     Happy New Year! 

     Every year at this time, as we begin our year, I find myself energized by the excitement of beginning new endeavors, but also, I am very conscious of those things and people I will be leaving behind.  I feel a sadness for those friends and family members who’ve crossed over during the past year.  I feel regret about events and activities that for various reasons I need to shut the door on.

For me, the New Year is a time of beginnings…and endings.  As I begin the year, I like to do some little rituals. First, I work on letting go.  To do this, my first step is to meditate on or pray for those people who have passed from my life, and I send them love and well wishes for their future, whether they still remain in this realm or have crossed to the other side. 

Next, I write down an actual list of things from my life in the past year that I am ready to let go and...

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December Holiday Specials for 2023


Do I have a wonderful line-up of special offers for you and everyone on your gift list this year!  Here they are:

Offer #1

My Holiday Specials for December – 

This is the last month I am running my VIP Membership Drive this year!  After December 31st, you may still join, but you’ll miss out on the gift I want to give you.

Membership costs only $20 per month or $197 per year and allows you to enjoy all the privileges and perks of this amazing VIP program!  Right now, those who register between December 1st and 31st are going to get a very special gift from me!

My gift to you for becoming a VIP Member this month is my “Twelve Ways To Open Your Own Gifts” webinar, on MP4 video.  This is one of the most loved classes in my Evolution of Consciousness Video Series.  That 6-month long course sells for $297, and the individual classes are not available separately – except for this gift I am giving you now when you become...

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Astrological and Psychic Predictions Dec 2023


An Overview of December 2023 Transits and How They Will Affect You:

      First off, let me take a moment to wish you a Merry Christmas, or Hanukah, or Kwanza, or whatever other special days you may be celebrating this month, and a Happy New Year too.  Looking back, 2023 has been a difficult year for most people, so it’s going to be nice to top it off with what we all hope and pray will be a happy and wholesome month of celebration, with family and friends.

     The transits for December are interesting ones.  A grand cross in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will create a lot of activity and tension, but ultimately a lot of false starts and stops.  In family and other social activities, you can expect everybody to have different expectations and agendas, so your best bet if you are the host of a party is to expect the unexpected and go with the flow, knowing there will likely be last minute...

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Tarot Tip #12 – Reading the Court Cards as multiple people in your reading


Tarot Tip #12 – Reading the Court Cards as multiple people in your reading

     When I teach my students to read the Tarot, I begin with the Court Cards, as most people find those the most difficult cards to read in a spread, even after they have memorized their various meanings.

     In earlier Tips I’ve discussed how to read them if they are upright versus inverted, how to derive their meanings from the quality of the suit, and how to interpret them depending if they fall into a present, past, or future position.  I even discussed some of the alternative meanings when you are interpreting them as something other than people.

     In this Tip we’re going to go deeper, and get a look at some of the biggest stumbling blocks for many tarot readers.  That stumbling block arises from the fact that one Court Card can actually represent many different people in your client’s life. ...

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Dec Editorial 2023


Hello Everyone,

I am writing today to wish all of my “family” a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Of course, my family includes my friends, colleagues, students, clients, subscribers…my YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and all of my other Social Network followers, in addition to my traditional family.  So, my Love and Light and Holiday Cheer go out to all of you in the most joyous way!  But no, I won’t stop there.  My Guides and I send Peace and Love to all people and all Nations everywhere.

It is time to celebrate our differences and enjoy them as opportunities to grow.  It is time to set all of our weapons aside, be they physical, verbal, emotional, or take any other form.  It’s time to extend the Olive Branch of Peace to one another, including family members and friends as well as so-called enemies.  Let’s find that common ground that lets us relate in peaceful and respectful ways with all those we connect...

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Nov 2023 Astrological & Psychic Predictions


Nov 2023 Astrological & Psychic Predictions coming soon


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November 2023 “It’s Black Friday for the Month” Specials


November 2023 “It’s Black Friday for the Month” Specials

     First off, I want to wish you a Happy Halloween and a very happy Thanksgiving, wherever you live in the world.  In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, I have created some very nice monthly specials for you, that will be available all month long.  

    1) My first “Black Friday for the Month” special is something many of my clients waits for eagerly each year, to get themselves off to the right start in the New Year to come.  It’s my Year At A Glance, YAAG 2024 Reading Special!

     I am bringing this reading that I only offer at the beginning of each year in early this year, as so many people want to sign up for it that I am simply unable to accommodate everyone.  Spots are limited.  My YAAG reading will be on sale until spots fill up, but once the spots are taken, it will be taken down from my website.

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Tarot Tip #11 – Tips for Reading Inverted Court Cards


Many tarot readers only read the cards right side up, which is perfectly fine.  If that is your reading style of choice, skip this tip!

I have found that when you read the cards using both upright and inverted meanings, it often makes them easier to read.  The inverted meanings of the cards might be a bit more difficult to learn initially, but ultimately it makes your readings easier to do.

This tip is about how to read the court cards when they are inverted.  Using inverted meanings is especially powerful when applied to the court cards – that is, the people cards in the deck.

When looking at an inverted court card, you will have three different ways of reading the card.  One or even all of these options may apply.

Option 1 – The person depicted by the card using its normal upright meaning is ill.  If that is the way you choose to read this inverted card, you will also see several wands near it, and often the Temperance card that can be an...

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Editorial Videoblog for November, 2023


Hello Everyone,

     Here in the US, November is a month for Thanksgiving.  I want to share that energy of giving thanks with you now, wherever you are in the world.

     First of all, I am thankful for you, my faithful readers, clients, students, friends and relatives, for being in my life.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  During this month of Thanksgiving, I wish all of you the joys of community, of sharing the wonders your life has brought you, with your own friends and loved ones, and for being able to build new dreams and enjoy the fruits of those dreams already fulfilled.

     Here in the US our young children learn of the first Thanksgiving in this country, celebrated by Pilgrims joining with Native Americans. They shared that first Thanksgiving together in a celebration of camaraderie and joy, for both groups helped one another through good times and bad. 


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