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Sandy’s Astrological and Psychic Predictions for March 2020

This month Sandy’s Astrological Psychic Predictions are available to read here on the blog.

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Aries -

This march promises to bring healing opportunities for many of your close relationships Aries.  You've been doing some uncharacteristic introspection and have come to understand that there has been both good and bad in all of those relationships that have caused you stress, and that you have contributed as much to the problems in the relationship as the other person has.  This realization brings you a major step closer to reconciliation, if that is your desire, and even more importantly,...

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Psychic Development Tip # 18- Telepathy Tip #4


I have known many powerful telepathic receivers who have gone through life feeling beaten and powerless in relationships with people whose words professed love and support but whose constant thought projection was undermining and demoralizing.

If you are in a relationship where you find yourself unable to stand up for yourself or you're always looking at your mate or partner for permission before taking any action, your receptive telepathy is at work!

You have telepathically already 'read' your partner's negative judgement of your desired action, so cannot take a step forward yourself without first obtaining agreement!

I call that psychic slavery, and it can be more controlling than having shackles around your hands and feet. When you realize it is your own telepathic receptivity holding you hostage it becomes easy to control. You no longer feel like you have to obtain your partner's permission for everything. In fact, you will now be able to recognize the thoughts that are not...

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Sandy's Feb 2020 Astrological Predictions

Aries -

This month a lot of your emotional focus will be on your money as well as that of others, on investments, and possibly even legal issues, Aries. There may be an action you've taken at another's suggestion that you regret and now have the opportunity to rectify. One thing is sure; whether you are asking for a raise at work, or setting up your Will, or meeting with your tax accountant, this month your emotions are running high and as your situation is clarified you will be quick to take action! Just don't be so quick that you don't think about where your actions will lead. Meanwhile, things regarding your career and your worldly aspirations and future goals are moving ahead nicely, and it's important that you don't get so distracted into the family and financial issues being presented to you this month that you miss some of the personal opportunities you've been planning and waiting for. One of the major distractions, especially if you're single, is going to be a romantic...

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February Monthly Specials 2020


Have I got two absolutely amazing special offers for you this month!

To me, February is the month to celebrate love, and especially the love between two people.

So my first offer is for a channeled reading by me and my Guides that combines five of my focused channeled readings into one special session that covers your ability to attract love (my regular focused reading #1), your ability to grow through changes with your lover (#5), improving communication between you (11), identifying and removing blocks to your relationship and it's growth (15), and help with closure if you've lost or separated from a loved one or perhaps are having difficulty leaving a past situation that's interfering with your relationship behind (#7).

This session with me and my Guides is sure to give you and your relationship a gigantic boost in a positive, growth-oriented way. It's only $250. That's the cost of each of these focused sessions if completed individually, and here you are getting all of them...

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Sandy's Feb 2020 Editorial


Hello Everyone,

This February I want to take special time out to send all of you my Valentine wishes for you to experience love and prosperity in all things, in your life, now.

It seems that love is something different to each person. For some love is all about feeling loved by others, for others it's about having someone in your life to give your love to. My friend, if love is either of those things to you, the loving nature within you is out of balance. You see, love is, no MUST, be a 2-way flow of energy. The person you love needs to return love back to you, or at the very least pass it on to another person, or the circle of love is broken.

Likewise, if someone is attempting to give love and caring to you, and you are not open or willing to receive it, the circle again is broken.

For the energy of love to flow freely, and grow, and the flow must involve giving AND receiving. You must do both. You must be capable of doing both.

Ask yourself, "Can I receive love? Do I allow myself...

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Astrolights Feb 2020

 February 2020 Astrolights

With all the eclipses finally finished we now have a solidified landscape for determining how we would like our career to progress. Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are all perched in our tenth house of career. Rules, who makes them, who breaks them and who ignores them are becoming increasingly more evident and important. Doing well in a career is no longer just a function of who does the best job and who notices it. Many more nefarious elements have taken over due to the lack of faith that people in general have evolved into feeling as a result of rampant corruption.  Those who follow the rules and try to do the right thing seem to be more the exception to the rule. This is a challenge to all of us to listen to our “better angels” in determining how we will act and respond to those of us who are left unanchored by our conscience.  When Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces on the 17th it will become easier to recognize how the landscape...

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Happy Birthday Aquarius

 Happy Birthday Aquarius 2020

Your unconscious is loaded for bear. Everything that comes to mind seems to be coming from a place that you have no direct access to. It’s like you’re in the flow but have no control over how it comes forward. This is a tremendous lesson in learning to let your intuition have the wheel. This is completely foreign to you and you resist at every turn. This causes tremendous pain and frustration. You must let go or you will burn yourself out through resistance.

What is it that you don’t trust about yourself? The mind is only a tool. Yet, you feel that it must be the vehicle in charge. Your sign is ruled by two planets: Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is connected to the logical, practical and earthy world. This has been your foundation for action for many years. But Uranus, which is the planet of intuition, is now in an earth sign and it must be given equal shares on how you run your life. Yet, you still struggle to make and see every...

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Are You Psychic?

Are You Psychic?

Click Here to take a test from Sandy Anastasi to test your psychic skills.

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Psychic Development Q & A Webinar


Psychic Development Q & A Webinar

Interested in studying Psychic Development with the Anastasi System of Psychic Development?  This course of study with Sandy Anastasi opens once a year in January.

To find out more, register for the FREE - SPECIAL Q&A FOR PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT on Jan 2, 2020 7:00 PM EST at:

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Sandy's Jan 2020 Astrological Predictions

Aries -
2020 Year Overview -
This year will be a year to focus on all of your relationships Aries.  In fact, the success, happiness, and satisfaction you experience this year will depend on how well you balance your relationships in all walks of life going forward.  You have a tendency to allow yourself to fall into the role of a victim, feeling like all the work and responsibility always falls on your shoulders alone, and perhaps it has in the past.  But the only way forward and out of that state is to begin to work with others which will require sharing, diplomacy, listening skills, and even arbitration.  It’s time to really take off your rose colored glasses and put your feet firmly on the ground.  Set boundaries where they are needed.  Be conscious of surrounding yourself with the ‘right’ people.  The right people are those you respect and see as achieving the life success you would like for yourself.  Your life has been...

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