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PD Tip #25 - Identifying and dealing with Fear


This Psychic Development tip is an unusual, but very important one for everyone wishing to develop and use their God-given psychic abilities. It’s about identifying, controlling, and eliminating your fears, and why that’s so important for people wanting to develop and use their psychic skills.

First, it’s important to understand what fear is and does. Fear is a negative and disempowering emotion that causes your psychic energy field, or aura, to develop weakness and possibly even holes or tears, through which your life-force energy may escape or even be drawn out.

All psychics create energetic connections to the people they read or have strong emotional relationships with. If a psychic is in a state of fear when they read a client or spend time with someone they care about, their fear can easily transmit to and contaminate the person they are connecting with.

Conversely, if that person has vampire tendencies the psychic can end up feeling drained and lifeless by...

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Sandy's September 2020 Editorial


Hello Everyone,  

This editorial is an unusual, but very important one. It deals with the importance of eliminating fear from your life, and therefore from your vibration.

Simply put, when you are fearful, your energy field, often called your aura, becomes vulnerable to invasion. The result is that you feel tired, weak, unhappy, and negative as your very life force is bled away from you, leaking out through the holes in your aura that fear created, usually to empower the very person or thing that you fear.     

As a clairvoyant I can literally see the darkness that surrounds a person who lives in fear. Often that darkness can become so pervasive that it actually fills the whole environment where that fearful person lives!

Those reading or hearing this who are not clairvoyant can still see the fear radiating from someone by the stooped way they carry themselves, by the new lines appearing on their face, by the way their gaze tends to dart furtively from thing...

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August 2020 Monthly Specials


Hi Everyone,

I have some great specials for you this month!

Special #1 –

    In my last Psychic Hour so many people were concerned about their finances, career, and the major changes the long economic shutdown, political unrest, and concerns over Covid-19 has created in their day-to-day lives, that it was clear to me that my Guides and I needed to put together a reading special that will focus specifically on these things as they are affecting your life now and for the next three months.  We all need the confidence and stability that foreknowledge can supply, and that is my gift that my Guides and I are glad to be able to offer to you.

    So here’s my reading special for the month of August –

    My Guides and I will use your astrology chart and tarot cards to look at changes and new things coming up for you during the next three months.  We’ll pay special attention to your finances, to shifts and opportunities in your...

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August 2020 Astrological Predictions

Predictions for August 2020

August is going to be a very busy month for you Aries. You may have figured out what your next step in your career, your family and home planning, or your relationship is, but this month you will find yourself in a stalled situation of your own making.  Midway through the month when Uranus retrogrades you will realize the only way to release the constraints you created is to do some work on yourself, starting with making the choice to move forward with your creative plans and ideas, even though some sacrifices will have to be made.  If you have children, this is a good month to put some energy into helping them plan their futures.  In relationships, to find joy and move forward you have to learn to give up control. In finances, your plans you thought fool-proof need some further scrutiny and revision.  In Career and home related situations, some big choices need to be made, and soon.  Use this month as your launch pad into...

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Psychic Tip #24 Replenishing Your Energy


 Most psychics are empaths, and most empaths are both sensitive to energy and also naturally disposed to help others when they feel them in need.   

Both of these tendencies cause us psychics to use more energy throughout the day than a non-sensitive person would. Without even realizing it we are reaching out to feel every environment we walk into.  We are subconsciously checking out the energy of the place and the people in it.  All that takes energy to do.  We are drawn to people and situations that need our help, and that also requires energy.  

  So what is a psychic/empath to do to conserve and replenish their energy?

Here is a simple set of guidelines that will help you conserve your energy:

    1 – when you reach out to feel an environment or person, be conscious that you have done that.  It should not be just an automatic action.

  2 – after reaching out to do your...

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August 2020 Editorial


Hello Everyone,

    People in my small community here in Florida are all talking about masks.  Who should wear them, when to wear them, where to wear them, even if wearing them is beneficial to you or someone else, or is actually, in fact, detrimental?
Well, I’m sure you’ll be relieved that I am not going to be one more person loudly proclaiming if it is right or wrong to wear a mask.  Of course, I have my own perspective, but I think you’ve already heard so much on this that my opinion is one more you don’t really want to hear. So, I’m not going to offer it.  What I will do, though, regarding the more practical aspects of mask wearing, is to ask you to do your own research before jumping to any conclusions the media or even your local government is telling you.  Whatever you decide will be right for you.  What DO YOU FEEL is right for you?

  Meanwhile, here are some of my thoughts about mask...

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Happy Birthday Leo 2020

Happy Birthday Leo 2020

Your intuition is in the spotlight right now. How much can you trust it? Will you allow yourself to be pulled into following the rules that everyone else has set up for you and others? Can you make your own decision free of recognition or approval seeking? These are questions that you must do a little soul searching to see if you’ve truly become your own person.

You’ve had a glimpse from March until July about what your upcoming responsibilities to yourself and others will be. Are you beginning to see that not everyone wants what you think they want? They want things from you that you can’t or won’t want to give them. Perhaps you should take a good look at what you are willing to give. It’s not always about being appropriate and following the rules. For some people, there are no rules. Status and social standing are on the way out. Advantage and possession are the ideal for the ill-mannered and uneducated. Pride is very much...

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August 2020 Astrolights

We have finished with the eclipse energy as of July 19. We now have a template for the issues that we will be dealing with for the next six months before the new eclipses. We also have a loaded tenth house with Moon, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. It opposes Mercury in Cancer and squares Mars in Aries. This is a T-square. The energy will be projected into the open end of Libra. This brings any issues dealing with political correctness to the surface. We will all be dealing with perspectives that posit us between what the public, our peer groups and family expect and now believe to be true and “proper” and its comparison with common sense and practicality. For almost all of us, this distils down to what we believe we should do and what is true for us and what others believe our responses and responsibilities should be toward them and the world. These decisions will be tough and personal and have far reaching effects on what follows. This will be a “deep...

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July 2020 Astrological and Psychic Predictions

Aries -
This month your focus seems to be exactly opposite what it was at the beginning of the year, as you rethink and reset many of your goals.  Home and family are very important right now, and you may find yourself discussing plans for expansion and growth regarding both, as you re-orient the career goals you envisioned at an earlier time. Career, travel, being in a position of advancement and personal growth are still definitely on your radar, but you are realizing that your personal growth must also include your home and family or they lose value for you.  This is a great month for planning a family, moving or renovating a home, creating a home office, putting old skills to work in a new career or other endeavor.  Follow your intuition, and know that now is the time to take action if you are to succeed in your desires.  Thinking before you speak or act is advisable as this month finds you very volatile, especially regarding finances.

Taurus -
This is...

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