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Happy Birthday Libra 2019


Pay attention to your urges and intuition. They will come through the body, especially, if you don’t pay attention to them. Also, health issues may pop up with seemingly no apparent cause. Just trace your steps back to when you first encountered them. Those circumstances will be instrumental to their manifestation.

Responsibilities at home seem to be building. But on the brighter side, your ability to handle things in a practical way is strong and your intuition on how to do things is equally as strong. Just make up your mind to do what is needed and trust your gut. It will all come out in the wash.

The energy required for your career and home responsibilities are both building. To prevent one from interfering with the other begin making lists of things you need to take care of in each domain. This will get them out of your head, put them on paper so you won’t forget them and permit you to think clearly without getting distracted by each during the other. You do...

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October 2019 Astrolights

October 2019 Astrolights

Our most potent aspect is the conjunction of Saturn and the south node in Capricorn. This is the trigger for many things hitting the fan right now. These are personal and public. What is unfortunate is that there is also complete confusion in terms of what values should be dominating now by virtue of Jupiter in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces.  With Pluto turning direct in Capricorn on the third, the confusion is growing. People who support the means justifying the ends are meeting head to head with people who believe the ends justifies the means. Think about this and let it settle in. Does how we handle ourselves outweigh the ideals we’ve been trained to envision for ourselves or vice versa? Do we follow the expectations of others (the law) or our preferred narrative? Even so, everyone seems to have a different interpretation of what the law is, even at the governmental level regarding the Constitution itself.  Many of us are at odds...

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Psychic Development Tip #12 - Empathy Tip #1


Empathy is one of your most powerful natural human abilities. Everyone has it.

Psychics work to develop and control it so well that it can become a true 6th sense. Learning to understand, trust, and interpret what you feel can give you acurate information and insight about the people in your world that is truly astonishing.

But to reach that point you've got to be able to stand strong under the onslaught of another's emotions, letting them wash over you, realizing they are not your own.

You will need to learn grounding and centering techniques that will help you to maintain the integrity of your own emotional space. You need to become so very in touch with yourself and the 'flavor' of your own emotions that you instantly realize when something you are feeling is not your own.

Throughout my long career teaching psychic development I have found that most of my students came to my classes to learn how to develop and control their psychic abilities because their powerful empathy was...

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September 2019 Astrological and Psychic Predictions

Aries -

The personal healing you are going through right now Aries may need to be put on hold temporarily as you turn your attention to helping someone else. This may initially seem like an unwelcome delay and frustrate you, but realize that the actions you take now to help and serve are going to pave the way to your personal healing and achieving what you want, later. A decision needs to be made. Strong action is needed. What should you do? A close friend or life partner will give helpful guidance as will a review of how things were going during July. If you kept your eclipse journal from June 18 through July 31st that will give you your best indicator of how to proceed now. In your career there is also a strong need right now for action, and you feel pulled between the needs of your career and your own aspirations, and responsibility to a family member, perhaps a mother or spouse. Don't miss the signs. They are all around you. There may still be resistance and you may need to...

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Sandy's September 2019 Monthly Special


I am offering a very special channeled reading for the first time this month to help you discover, understand, and find out how you are already using your inborn empathic ability.

My Guides and I will use astrology, tarot, and channeled insight to examine your current life situation and expose those areas where your natural receptive and/or generative empathy may be causing problems for you, or where it is being used as a positive asset.

We will help you to discover the best means for you to develop this ability to its fullest potential and help you to see some of the many ways you can use it to improve your life and the lives of others.

If you are in a relationship with someone, my Guides and I can tell you in what areas of your relationship you are the generative empath, and in what areas you are the receptive empath, and give you guidance regarding how to bring more balance to the relationship to make it healthier.

If your empathy has made you feel like a victim in your own...

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Sandys Editorial for September 2019


Hello Everyone,

I've been doing some deep thinking and getting a lot of big downloads from my Guides about a very important subject. The subject is empathy.

Specifically, I've been getting deep insights about the havoc this psychic ability we all have is currently creating in our society and in fact, all over the world. It amazes me that only now, when empathy is creating so many enormous problems, are psychologists and other scientists beginning to explore it as a human attribute we all have and need to recognize and learn to handle.

We psychics have always known how important empathy, and its sister ability, telepathy, is. Now it's time for everyone to recognize that these abilities are shared be everyone.

Frankly, our empathy is out of control right now. That's why my last few psychic development tips have been about recognizing and controlling your empathy.

It's important for you to accept that you have empathy and that you need to learn to control it - or it will control you.

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Happy Birthday Virgo 2019

What comes out of our mouths might not necessarily be what we’re thinking or want projected.  It may also come from an egotistical side. Remember also, a lot of what comes out of our mouth was begun within our early family experience. So, we also may have some surfacing memories from childhood coming up.

This is a good time to look at our career and see if it is in line with what we want to see about ourselves. This will also be a good time to look at those childhood memories and ask ourselves, is this anything that we thought we’d be doing? Do we feel ok with it? Or is it just something that falls in line with supporting ourselves? What do we really want out of life?

In a different vein, where does perfection fall in with our achievements and goals? Currently, there is a drive to redo everything until we believe it is the best that we can do. But please realize that when we keep revamping, redressing or “improving” what we do, we might be missing...

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September 2019 Astrolights

This month’s issues begin with a new moon in Libra and will mostly concern relationships and how we share our resources and deal with who and what we serve. We have a lineup of Mercury, Sun, Mars and Venus all in the sixth house in Virgo. We must first ask ourselves, who or what do we believe are necessary to serve?

If you’re in the helping professions, this question is easy for you. But you are among us ordinary people, we must first ask what it means to serve. Do we serve what people ask for, do we serve what we feel someone needs or are our actions and inactions just in their space that provides service.

I will cop out and say it is all three. It depends on how we look at our responsibility to others…if we believe that there is such a thing.

This month will help us to define what of this pertains to us personally. All these planets oppose Neptune in Pisces and square Jupiter in Sagittarius. This T-square opens into Gemini. The way this gets resolved is, you...

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Astrological and Psychic Predictions for August, 2019

Aries -

This entire year is about what you want to do with the rest of your life, Aries, and how to balance your needs and desires with those of your home and family. Everywhere you turn there is more responsibility yet less control. What do YOU want? Because the eclipse late last month has retargeted all these issues, you are feeling a lot of pressure right now to figure it out, to make those choices, to take that big next step in your life journey. You are like the butterfly coming out of its crysalis. You are ready to spread your wings and fly. But where fly to, and how to make it happen? Think back to the beginning of the year. What plans were discussed then? What ideas did you really resonate with? Right now your emotions are overriding your good sense so slow down, take time to have some fun and clear your head, and get back on track. A younger person - a family, close friend or colleage, is stirring things up. This could be good or bad! Also, there is emotional pressure from...

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Sandy's August 2019 Monthly Specials


I am offering two special 20% off discounts for you this month!

1) My Spotlight On Your Next 3 Months predictive reading uses astrology, tarot, and guided insights to focus on what’s coming up for you in the near future!

This Half Hour reading can help you move more confidently into the future you want. 

This reading is normally priced at $250.  Get it now at 20% off! Use Code 3MONTH20 at checkout to get this discount.


2) Everyone needs psychic protection, especially now when there is so much negativity and chaos in the world. 

Get my Psychic Protection Tips Course now at 20% off the already low price of $49. 

Why am I offering this crazy discount now? Because I want YOU to be safe, happy, and successful in all you do!

Use Code PPTCJuly at checkout to get this discount. 

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